Elle Decor End Table Rory

Elle Decor End Table Rory – April Gargiulo, founder of Vintner’s Daughter and avid collector of all things vintage, pursues design as much as her burgeoning skincare brand. “I like pieces that have a story,” she says. In her elegant William Wurster-designed retreat in San Francisco, meticulously curated interiors aren’t just beautiful—they highlight and honor the place each piece comes from. Before launching her now beloved skincare line, Gargiulo had a background in furniture design. She is able to bring her expertise in both design and nature-oriented skin care to an organic home space that values ​​design over color; Luster manipulation. With a soothing palette of beiges and browns, her home is a calm and relaxing retreat centered around her family. “Color riots are not my thing,” he explains.

While Gargiulo describes her aesthetic as “on the more basic side of modern,” her home feels equal parts lived-in and elevated, a stunning piece that showcases her passionate love of Italian design. Coming from a family of collectors, she has developed a skillful approach to vintage sourcing – collecting items that are decorative but also serve a purpose. “All the collections I’ve used are really not for show,” he says. Now, Gargiulo has partnered with Cherish, a popular online source of vintage home goods, to curate an entire collection inspired by her SF roots.

Elle Decor End Table Rory

Elle Decor End Table Rory

In honor of this thrifty collaboration, we had the chance to talk about Gargiulo’s top tips for styling a retro-filled home with a modern sensibility.

Elle Decor Rory 2 Drawer Side Table, Quick Ship

April Gargiulo: I love pieces that have a story and background. Craftsmanship is really important to me and I love hunting for vintage additions. I wear a lot of vintage clothes and jewelry.

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Elle Decor End Table Rory

How does your background in furniture design help inform the way you approach your own interiors?

AG: As a result of working in the design world, I have a deep respect for the designer’s intent—the cultural framework around the work and the technology available at the time of the original design. For me, this understanding brings greater appreciation.

Elle Decor End Table Rory

Brown & Blue Seahorse Table Lamp

Your house was built in 1938. It’s full of vintage finds. How do you make a space feel contemporary with all the vintage elements in mind?

AG: Our house has evolved over time—five years, actually, and it’s still a work in progress. When we moved, I was pregnant with my second daughter and my business was just getting started. I didn’t have time to give our home the attention it needed. For the first three years we ate off the outdoor dining table!

Elle Decor End Table Rory

AG: William Wurster designs incredibly well-crafted but unattractive houses. This is the principle we follow at home. It’s not about everything coming from the same era, it’s about everything being associated with the same philosophy of quality and craftsmanship.

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AG: Vintage adds instant life and character to your home. Plus, if you ever don’t like something or change your mind, you can always sell it on Chairish.

Elle Decor End Table Rory

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Elle Decor End Table Rory

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Elle Decor End Table Rory

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