Elle Decoration Bedside Tables

Elle Decoration Bedside Tables – When designers describe themselves as “colour experts,” we often think they’re referring to bright, bold colors—magenta, emerald, cyan, and on-trend electric hues. Others combine to create a maximal, decadent space. However, color experts also know how to appreciate small differences in color and tone that the untrained eye can easily overlook and take with them.

Enter rooms with neutral tones as often as rooms with vibrant colors. Here, Dering Hall’s leading designers, experienced in craftsmanship, reveal how to achieve an elegant, color-rich neutral space.

Elle Decoration Bedside Tables

Elle Decoration Bedside Tables

“The kitchen with a neutral color palette is a calming environment to spend time there and the neutral colors make the food and the people in the space look great.

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“Warm wood tones, rich metal finishes, and textures have inherently pleasing depth—ideal for the center of the house. I often use flexible quartz slabs for the countertop and backsplashes, many of which feature crystalline waves in beige, dark brown, gray, and green.Bleached walnut and sawn oak are two of my cabinet finishes, combined with Pale white walls and rustic stone floors.

Elle Decoration Bedside Tables

“To add warmth and interest to the walls, I like to use plane plastered plaster finishes with different sheen and textures, depending on the style. I don’t. I’m afraid to mix metals and I use a combination of stainless steel with copper or brass tones to create contrast and stand out in a neutral color palette I recommend luxurious natural materials to make the look. a more dynamic color palette – for example, I use accents in ruffles, parchment or straw, or larger items like a scrap leather table or a smoky bronze mirror.”

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“I add strong patterns, contrasting tones and textures, which make all the difference – and create a beautiful, sophisticated space.

Elle Decoration Bedside Tables

Toughflex 5 Tier Storage Shelves Stand (white)

“My favorite neutral is rainbow white. My favorites include Mountain Peak White from Benjamin Moore’s OC collection. It’s just a hint of green. I also like Glacier White, which has a hint of green. a hint of gray and mayonnaise is a nice color for a nice white kitchen.I also really like the quality of the dark brown – it’s very warm and earthy and can be modern and sophisticated or dark and inviting. moody. For example, Benjamin Moore River Reflections is a very versatile, timeless, classic and practical color. It pairs well with many palettes.”

“A neutral color scheme is often based on a layered composition of subtle and deep colors. It helps to keep an eye on each color individually so that the eye has enough contrast to distinguish the different layers. I usually add texture with darker elements selected, but sometimes with metallic accents. Plants or single colors are another way to create bright accents.

Elle Decoration Bedside Tables

“When it comes to bathroom design, I like to think that less is definitely more. I prefer a neutral palette because it helps create a calming environment, a place to focus when getting ready to enter. morning or relaxing in a soothing bath at the end of the day.”

Elle Decor Rory French Grey 2 Drawer Side Table

“I usually like to treat colors as neutrals, choosing colors with complex or rich pigment/saturation. In this case [pictured above], the custom olive green with high gloss stands out, timeless and sophisticated, however, the White by Benjamin Moore Dove and Vanilla Milkshakes are my go-to for neutrals – not too grey, not too creamy, not too glaring, just right.

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Elle Decoration Bedside Tables

“It’s important to observe light several times a day. All colors, especially neutrals, can look completely different in different areas of a room at different times of day. Also, consider the furniture and materials in the room, as metals can reflect light, furniture can cast shadows on walls, and fabrics can absorb light.

“One of the most successful ways to combine neutrals is to use multiple shades in the same tone and then mix the finishes to create visual interest. The walls have a high degree of intensity. high-gloss or high-gloss ceilings create depth and dynamic reflections, allowing light to shine in. If you don’t want to stand out too much, use eggshell finishes or flat on walls with a finish. glossy, satin or glossy, window and door trim panels to give architectural details a sophisticated look.”

Elle Decoration Bedside Tables

Modern 2 Drawer Nightstand And Side Table With Storage

“In my designs, fabrics and textures are just as important as the color palette. Since I wanted to keep the palette light in a neutral space, I wanted to add more texture by adding different fabrics. to give depth to the overall design Boucle, wool, sheepskin, linen – you name it, I love it accent color.

“I’m also a colorist. I like layering cream and white with different textures and textures. It adds depth and interest to a design.”

Elle Decoration Bedside Tables

“Neutral palettes are the perfect choice for rejuvenation, revitalization and relaxation. They work as a great backdrop for beautiful furniture, artwork and accessories, allowing details to pop. The neutral palettes are all we need when we have really impressive architecture, as it requires very little extra help.

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Corrigan Studio® Gillette 2

“I like cream, light, warm gray or cool beige as neutrals. You say potato, I say potato, right? ​The exposure of the room – direction and amount of window/light – and how How you intend to use the room, as well as how you want the room to feel, plays a huge role in choosing the right color for a particular room. one of the neutrals we chose for its subtle, sophisticated tones and warmth. Farrow & Ball’s School House White is always stunning too.”

Elle Decoration Bedside Tables

“To make a design interesting, I use texture, contrast…and more! I like to create depth through rich textures and contrasting finishes. Although I can never pick just one favorite neutral, Benjamin Moore does a great job arranging the off-white fan blanket.For cool neutrals, I like Gray Owl, for cool neutrals. warm neutral, I would choose Edgecomb Grey.

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Elle Decoration Bedside Tables

Elle Single Metal Bed

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