Elmo Birthday Table Decoration

Elmo Birthday Table Decoration – Sam’s birthday is a few days after Christmas. So every year there’s always a little “Yeah, what are we doing for Sam’s birthday?!” when all the Christmas decorations are in place. Since my birthday is on Christmas Day, I am sensitive about not letting her birthday get lost in the holiday chaos. Even so

I try to throw together my own special party at the last minute with really easy DIY projects and inexpensive decorations. This year I thought Sam might want to do a Paw Patrol because we’re so into that phase. So I was surprised when he suddenly asked for “Elmo cake” and he never flinched. This is good news for me because Elmo is much easier to recreate than the whole Pup team! If you have an Elmo lover in your house (and it hasn’t been long!) I’m going to show you some easy Elmo birthday ideas that we used this year!

Elmo Birthday Table Decoration

Elmo Birthday Table Decoration

If you go to Amazon or Party City and search for Elmo, you will quickly see it

How To Throw The Ultimate Elmo Birthday Party

For 1st birthday parties. I usually “research” my party anyway, but I was a little surprised that the Elmo napkin, balloons, etc. are “baby”. I quickly decided to use the little monster colors (red, black, orange and white) for our party theme. This approach not only allowed me to use things

Elmo Birthday Table Decoration

Of all the 1st birthday stuff, though, it gave our Elmo party a more… erm… “mature” feel. Perfect for a 3 year old!

I only purchased 1 Elmo design from the Cricut Design space library (Waving Elmo #M4063E below) and used it in a variety of ways. I then gathered the basic red, orange, black and white party supplies to tie the whole theme together.

Elmo Birthday Table Decoration

Sesame Street Cake Topper Elmo Cake Topper Elmo Party Decor

Streamers | Party buckets | Balloon #3 | Foil balloon | Large plates | Small plate | Polka dot napkins | Elmo party hats

ADVICE! With Party City, you can order online and pick up in store, even with balloons! This is a great way to save time walking around the store and get what you need!

Elmo Birthday Table Decoration

The result is a really fun and novel yet cool ELMO birthday screen! I’ll never forget Sam coming downstairs and seeing his party for the first time: “This is my Elmo party! It’s beautiful!”

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Decoset® Sesame Street Cake Toppers, 3 Piece Birthday Topper With Elmo And Cookie Monster

Remember, time was of the essence here. I actually pulled this party together in just one day…including my trip to the party store. Here’s what I did!

Elmo Birthday Table Decoration

For almost every party, I create themed centerpieces that we can use in the space. I think they’re a quick and easy way to bring any theme to life, and I’ve detailed my tried and true formula here.

This time I paired my favorite Party City bucket with a face Elmo graphic (cut from vinyl and glued directly to the buckets). Then I cut out 3 or so pieces from black, red and orange cardboard and glued them to the buckets (wooden kebab skewers) with the red paper.

Elmo Birthday Table Decoration

Pretty + Pink Elmo Party Ideas For Girls

There were 3 more scattered around the tables. For all the snacks, I dug through my cupboards for orange and red items, including our mixing bowls and paper soup bowls! All treats were colorfully themed: Cheeze-Its, strawberries, mini Oreo cookies… and leftover bacon candy!

Speaking of this Elmo face (we took it from a larger Elmo graphic), I used it everywhere!

Elmo Birthday Table Decoration

All birthday presents were wrapped in red paper. Then I cut out some more vinyl faces (same as the red buckets) and glued them to the gifts. Not only did our current stack stay on topic, but they also served as oversized decorations on their own!

The Party Wall: Chef Elmo Play Kitchen Birthday Party

The red tablecloths and centerpieces brought a holiday theme to the adjacent kitchen and family room, but it was really festive through the back window!

Elmo Birthday Table Decoration

The main focus of the entire display was this very large Elmo that I cut out of poster board. I have a full tutorial on how I made this big Elmo.

A great way to add color and theme to your entire space for just a few bucks!

Elmo Birthday Table Decoration

Girly Elmo Party With Tassle Garland

I originally ordered this large Elmo balloon. But when they went to blow it up, they found their entire warehouse was defective and all the balloons had holes in them. I decided to buy a large red balloon and add another vinyl Elmo face. I did end up getting the cute Elmo balloon display I wanted for Sam, but for a little cheaper!

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SHE! About the “Elmo cake” that Sam keeps asking about? It doesn’t get any easier than lots of red frosted circle cake layers (you don’t have to make it yourself, it’s OLD red and tastes good too). I used Oreos for the eyes, black sprinkles for the mouth, and red frosting with a big flower tip for all the hair on the sides.

Elmo Birthday Table Decoration

Apart from thinking we were too loud when we sang Happy Birthday, Sam had a really great third birthday! We kept it for a few days because he loved it so much and was so upset when they finally cleaned it all up.

Orange And Red Elmo Party Table

I think this party was one of my favorites. I not only loved the unusual color scheme of Elmo’s birthday party, but also how easy it all came together. I’ve thrown huge parties for kids in the past on prep and project days. This time I made a large Elm, party buckets and vinyl face stickers in just a few hours. After Sam went to bed we spent about 30 minutes setting up tables and making darts. Sam’s reaction the next morning (and the day after that and the day after that) confirmed that it really doesn’t have to be big, fancy and complicated to be special… but some special details: An amazing Elmo party Elmo’s little love. The following is from my very wonderful client Cecelia. He had an idea for an Elmo party and it was so much fun helping him turn it into a very unique character party. Cecelia beautifully crafts everything you see here, including the desserts. I understand that you will soon start accepting clients for those on the other side of the world! Thanks for sending your photos, Cecelia!

Elmo Birthday Table Decoration

This dessert table has a lot of details – from the Elmo-shaped oreo truffles to the beautifully crafted candy twists and macaroons that match the red and aqua colors perfectly.

I love how creative Cecelia got with all the printables – she used scrapbook paper to make the pinwheels and invitation tops to make these adorable Bloombox centerpieces.

Elmo Birthday Table Decoration

Ideal Set Up

Thanks for checking out my Elmo birthday post. See my entire collection of birthday articles, plus get birthday ideas from Michelle Stewart, Liz Kohl, Tammy Mitchell, Randi Dukes, and Maria Leeson.

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Paula Biggs is a professional party planner, DIYer, and owner of Frog Prince Paperie, where you can find hundreds of party and craft ideas. You can also shop for birthday supplies, printables, and accessories at Frog Prince Paperie’s Etsy shop.

Elmo Birthday Table Decoration

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Elmo Birthday Table Decoration

Eliana has been obsessed with Elmo for a while, so an Elmo themed party was perfect. Below are some small party details, our Elmo themed decorations and decorations that are perfect for almost any celebration. I also linked our previous parties at the end.

For more information. In addition, some featured items and features have been editorially reviewed.

Elmo Birthday Table Decoration

Elmo Table Decoration Table Centerpiece Kids Birthday Party Supplies Decorations Cookie Monster|party Diy Decorations|

I recommend plates, glasses, tablecloths. The characters stood a bit casually on the party set decorated with banners and balloons, but Eliana didn’t notice. The party kit includes a cake topper. He also likes the pink Elmo shirt and ended up replacing it. I’ve linked them all here (and below are some of our party supplies that we use for almost every party and work for any theme):

The party was for family only, but during recess, Eliana gave each child a bag containing an individually wrapped Mini Melanie “3” cookie and a Play-Doh pop.

Elmo Birthday Table Decoration

Themes for our previous parties have included dinosaurs, emojis, spring flowers, circus and rainbows (we’re celebrating her second birthday at home and Eliana’s big sister), all of which are easy to put together.

Elmo Themed Sweets Table

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