Elmo Birthday Table Decorations

Elmo Birthday Table Decorations – A few days after Christmas is our Sam’s birthday. So every year, it’s always a bit of a “wow, what are we going to do for Sam’s birthday?!” Once all the Christmas glitter sat down. Along with my own birthday on Christmas Day, I’m wary of his birthday getting lost in all the holiday confusion. So though

At the last minute, I tried to pull off their special party with really simple DIY projects and creative decorations. This year, I thought Sam would love the Paw Patrol Party because we felt so confident about it. So I was surprised when he asked for “Elmo Cake” and it didn’t strike a chord. This is really good news for me as recreating Elmo is easier than the entire pup crew! If you also have an Elmo lover in your house (and not for long!) let me show you some easy Elmo birthday party ideas we used this year!

Elmo Birthday Table Decorations

Elmo Birthday Table Decorations

If you go to Amazon or Party City and search for Elmo stuff, you’ll quickly see what it is

Sesame Street Birthday Party

For 1st birthday parties. I tried to “curate” my party favors in some way, but I was a little surprised at how “stacked” the Elmo napkins, balloons, etc. were. I quickly decided to use some monster colors (red, black, orange and white) for our party theme. This method does not allow me to use the content

Elmo Birthday Table Decorations

More than all the 1st birthday stuff, but it gave the Elmo team a more…umm…”mature” feel. Excellent fit for a 3 year old!

I just purchased 1 Elmo pattern from the Cricut Design Space library (Waving Elmo #M4063E seen below) and used it in a variety of ways. I collected red, orange, black and white party favors to pull off the whole theme.

Elmo Birthday Table Decorations

Elmo Birthday Party! Brought To You By The Letter C And The #2!

Water Distributor | Piles Party | #3 Balloon | Metal balloon | Large plates | Small Plates | Dot Napkins | Elmo party hats

Advice! Party City allows you to order online and pick up in store and order balloons! It’s a great way to save time playing in the store and get what you want!

Elmo Birthday Table Decorations

The result was a very fun and fresh, but scary ELMO, birthday show! I’ll never forget when Sam came downstairs and saw his party plan for the first time: “It’s Elmo’s party! It’s great!”

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A Sesame Street Elmo Birthday

Remember, time is of the essence here. In fact, I put this entire party together in just one day…including my trip to the party store. Here’s what I did!

Elmo Birthday Table Decorations

For every party I throw, I create some table centerpieces that we can use in the space. I’ve found this to be a quick and easy way to bring any theme to life, and I’ve broken down my tried-and-true process here.

This time, I combined my favorite Party City buckets with Elmo’s face painting (cut from vinyl and firmly glued to the buckets). Then I cut 3 groups from black, red and orange cardstock and attached them to the bucket (on wooden skewers) with red paper.

Elmo Birthday Table Decorations

Elmo 3rd Birthday Party Balloons Decoration Supplies Third Sesame Street

3 more spread around the table. For all the snacks, I’ve been rummaging through my cupboards for oranges and reds…including our mix and match paper sauce! All the treats are in a color theme: Cheez-Its, Strawberries, Mini Oreo Cookies… and a bunch of other Christmas candies!

Speaking of this Elmo face (again, pulled from a great Elmo photo), I used it everywhere!

Elmo Birthday Table Decorations

We wrap all birthday presents in red wrapping paper. Then I cut some other faces out of the vinyl (like the red bucket) and we stuck them together with the gifts. Our current collections are not only in theme, but they also work as great jewelry on their own!

The Party Wall: Chef Elmo Play Kitchen Birthday Party

Red tablecloths and centerpieces bring the festive theme into the kitchen and family room, but it’s really the display along the back windows that makes it all festive!

Elmo Birthday Table Decorations

The highlight of the whole show was this extra large Elmo cut out of the chalkboard. I have a full tutorial on how I made this great Elmo here.

They’re a great way to make your space colorful and on-theme for just a few dollars!

Elmo Birthday Table Decorations

Sesame Street & Elmo Themed Birthday Party

Originally, I ordered this giant Elmo balloon. But when he went to break it open, he found that they were all intact and all the balloons had holes. I decided to get a big red balloon instead and added a vinyl Elmo face. Finally, I still got the cute Elmo balloon display I wanted for Sam but a little cheaper!

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Oh! And about the “Elmo cake” that Sam asks about? It doesn’t get much easier than layers of cake with lots of red frosting (no need to make your own, it’s bright red and good too). I used Oreos for the eyes, black sprinkles for the mouth, and red frosting with a big flower tip for all the hair on the sides.

Elmo Birthday Table Decorations

After thinking we were too loud while singing “Happy Birthday”, Sam had a wonderful 3rd birthday party! We kept him for a few days because he loved it so much and he was so upset when it was cleaned.

Theme Elmo Sesame Street

I think this party is one of my favorite things to put together. I love the color scheme for Elmo’s birthday party, but I love how easy it is to put together. I’ve done big parties for kids before, with days and days of planning and activities. This time, I made a giant Elmo, party buckets, and vinyl stickers in just a few hours. After Sam went to bed, we spent about 30 minutes setting the table and making the streamers. Sam’s response the next day (and the day and the day after) proved once again that it doesn’t have to be big, beautiful and complicated to be special…small is preferable. In the spirit of tickling, make sure your birthday party is an animated Elmo show. From decorations to games, start a theme in a way that your little guests will enjoy something created just for them. After all, it is important to attend their birthday party with their favorite characters.

Elmo Birthday Table Decorations

The world of Elmo’s Party is a fun place. Full of passion and charm, this lovable red character wants to be in everything. It’s up to you to incorporate as much of Elmo’s spirit as possible into your birthday party.

We hope you’ll find enough interesting Elmo birthday party ideas here to create your own original party.

Elmo Birthday Table Decorations

Payton’s Second Birthday! {sesame Street} — Anna Grace Photography

The success of this interesting table layout is a big compliment to Elmo with the bright color. A chevron print dress is the perfect backdrop for this fashion show. Creating a birthday cake is instantly attention-grabbing and gives little ones a bird’s-eye view of their favorite friend. Candy is also a big deal, with colorful pails full of sugary treats.

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Creatively decorating the table allows for the most effective access to it. Here, Elmo’s bright colors are mixed and matched to their best advantage. The tablecloth, chair covers and centerpieces work together in perfect harmony.

Elmo Birthday Table Decorations

To add a feminine touch to Elmo’s birthday party ideas, think pink. Incorporating pink poms, a polka dot tablecloth and balloons in a loud shade will add a girly vibe to the overall look.

Easy Sesame Street Party Ideas

Sesame Street Risers add dimension to your table to bring party food to a whole new level. These flyers are created with paper wrapped diaper boxes and decorated in Sesame Street style.

Elmo Birthday Table Decorations

Transform your party table with a backdrop that turns a plain wall into a decorative party piece. This creative table uses colorful tablecloths covered in Sesame Street characters for an eye-catching design. Another easy retro idea is to use Sesame Street posters around colorful balloons.

Tell friends and family it’s time to celebrate. Get Elmo’s birthday party ideas starting with colorful invitations and invitations.

Elmo Birthday Table Decorations

Keeping Up With The Kiddos: Sidney’s Elmo Birthday Party

All you need is a wreath, balloons, flower pins, a cookie monster and of course Elmo. Place the balloons on top of the garland until it is completely covered. Connect with Sesame Street characters and hang out.

Balloons can play an important role with this party theme. This kind of interesting display makes it easy for young children to recognize their beloved friend from a distance.

Elmo Birthday Table Decorations

Adding personalized items to your party decorations is a quick way to announce your party theme. Here, balloons are a great way to add some Elmo personality to your party with little effort and money.

Girly Elmo Party With Tassle Garland

This banner will add a creative twist to your Elmo birthday party ideas. It’s simple, but it says a lot.

Elmo Birthday Table Decorations

Using a selection of cardboard, vinyl,

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