End Table Christmas Decorations

End Table Christmas Decorations – I love sharing unique Christmas decorations with you and here is my latest. This is Deb’s side table. He loves it when I throw everything with decorations. ???? I am serious. He really did and he said it too. I received this Santa photo and antique frame last year from one of the ladies who saw our story on Instagram. I really liked it, so I knew I wanted to do it again this year.

I wanted a tall mirror hanging above this side table because it’s twice as bright when you put a tree in front of it. ???? This is a trick I like to use every year. I put a cute picture of Santa in front of my vintage mirror. And then added my runner to the side table. This runner is one I made a few years ago from an old piece of fabric and some old fringe I had in my stash. I also think the edges are hot glued. ???? It lives on after all these years. I put a stack of old books in front of the picture to give my candle some height. See tips below… I purposely added a broken blossom scented candle to an old crockery bowl. ???? I like the shape. And then added my Santa that I just bought this year to the mix.

End Table Christmas Decorations

End Table Christmas Decorations

Tip: I doubled up the wax bag of the glass jar and cracked the glass with a hammer. I carefully clean the glass with a paper towel and then place my scented candles in an old bowl, tin, etc. When the candle burns out, it will come right out of the butter knife. Or you can run it under hot water.

Christmas Home Decor Tour — We Moved! Visit Ashleyburk.com

I found this Christmas tree years ago at TJ Maxx so I doubt it is available anymore but it is one of my favorites. I put them in a basket to add some texture to this side table. And, I added these adorable clip-on twinkle candles that I found at Pottery Barn this year. They are very cute and even come with a remote control.

End Table Christmas Decorations

And, this is my simple vintage Christmas side table decoration. I always hope you get some ideas for your own decor when you stop by my site. I know that when I search Pinterest and Instagram I get to combine my ideas, so I hope the same for you.

If you need any other ideas for Christmas decorations, I have it all in one place. Click here to see everything I’ve shared, including some posts from our old house. Everyone is really freaking out about Christmas decorations this year, and I’m no exception! I made my decorating plan and checked it twice. However, I find that the coffee table sometimes takes a back seat to the decorative train. If Christmas coffee table decorations are an area you struggle with, read on for some tips and ideas to help you out.

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End Table Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decor Ideas {simple And Easy}

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Every month, my friend Cindy from County Road 407 issues a “Mission Impossible” challenge to recreate a pin from Pinterest.

End Table Christmas Decorations

We bloggers then take it upon ourselves to put together a look inspired by originality. Don’t you want to see inspiration now?

Christmas Living Room Ideas To Get Your Home Ready For The Holidays

If you’ve been coming to Virginia Sweet Pea from my dear friend Paula, you’ve already seen the beautiful presentation of this challenge. Isn’t vintage coke crate coffee table decor so charming?

End Table Christmas Decorations

Our muse this month is Jennifer at The Grace House Interiors. Jennifer shares a tour of a beautiful Christmas home filled with rustic farmhouse touches, including this vintage crate vignette.

I love the Magnolia “Chip and Joe” crate with its seasonal textures. The carved Christmas tree and mixed berries are perfect in their simplicity.

End Table Christmas Decorations

Coffee Table Decor Ideas That Add Interest + Style

With Jennifer’s key elements in mind, I created a similar centerpiece using items I already had (or made). Then I filled it with some other home decor accents for a complete coffee table look.

For my coffee table, I decided to make a trio of items, a little busier than usual. (I think I’m feeling a little “over the top” with the Christmas spirit this year.)

End Table Christmas Decorations

My overall theme for the coffee table is a rustic/wildland vibe, so I incorporated a lot of natural elements into my display. Let’s tackle each of these decorating ideas that I have in mind.

Modern Traditional Christmas Living Room

Last month I shared a tutorial on how to build a tiny wooden house. If you have a collection of items or a special accent to highlight, a glass clutch often fits the bill.

End Table Christmas Decorations

What I love about cloche domes is that they invite visitors to take a closer look. It’s a scene within a scene.

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In the spirit of this month’s challenge, I wanted to add a crate decorated for Christmas to my vignette. In a previous post, I talked about how I styled the coffee table tray decor by putting together complementary items.

End Table Christmas Decorations

Sleigh The Celebrations At Ikea’s Christmas Shop!

This wooden box was a gift from my late mother-in-law to my husband. I love the groove and texture of this box and the easy latch on the front.

Tip: Partially fill a box or crate with wrapping paper, newspaper or raffia to add height and stability.

End Table Christmas Decorations

After I filled the box about halfway, I added a small sheet of cedar to my wooden tree.

Rustic Christmas Decorations 2022

Tip: Add a touch of greenery to your coffee table decor for a pop of color, and mix real and faux stems.

End Table Christmas Decorations

I cut a new wooden tree on the band this year that my husband designed. Others buy shops. Can you guess which one I made in the picture above?

To finish off the center piece, I added some fake pine sticks, frozen berries and pine cones. So fast and easy!

End Table Christmas Decorations

How To Style The Best Christmas Coffee Table Decor

You’ll notice, to draw attention to the display, I made sure the trees were taller than the other coffee table accents. I also repeated the same berry stems on my Christmas tree in the background.

I often find that adding a small decorative sculpture to the coffee table makes the room feel more welcoming and comfortable. My deer sculpture adds the perfect finishing touch to my woodland scene.

End Table Christmas Decorations

Red decorations and books also add a little pop of color to the scene. A coffee table always feels complete with some literature to enjoy.

Simple And Chic Spring Coffee Table Decor Ideas

Supporting the entire coffee table display is a repurposed Christmas table runner. This helps break up the texture of the wood and complements the neutral sofa, bringing the entire piece into harmony with the room.

End Table Christmas Decorations

Don’t forget there’s even more Christmas treats to enjoy on this tour! Next stop was Rachel at the Ponds Farmhouse. She specializes in decorating beautifully with crates!

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End Table Christmas Decorations

Trendy Christmas Decoration Trends For 2022

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Essential cookies are necessary for the website to function properly. This category includes only cookies that ensure the basic functionality and security features of the website. These cookies do not store any personal information. During the holiday season, you can transform your living room into a stylish space by adding a Christmas coffee table centerpiece to your table to give your guests something to do.

End Table Christmas Decorations

When accessing a coffee table, it’s important to combine and balance different elements, including texture, color, height and finish.

Christmas Dining Room Decor

One of the best things about Christmas decorations is that they themselves give off a festive atmosphere.

End Table Christmas Decorations

You can make your coffee table the focal point of the living room by carefully arranging a series of eye-catching and visually appealing vignettes.

Your coffee table can be decorated for the holiday season by adding miniature Christmas trees, metal balls, Santa figurines and stockings to the arrangement. While light sources such as lanterns, candles and fairy lights will give your decor a warm glow, using electric lighting will not.

End Table Christmas Decorations

How I Am Transitioning Decor From Fall To Christmas On My Coffee Table

If you want your color to be more lively and colorful, you can also add natural materials like pine trees, flowers and plants.

When you want your display to have a unified look, don’t forget to group smaller items together on trays, bowls, baskets or runners.

End Table Christmas Decorations

You will find great inspiration on how to arrange a beautiful table in your living room with these Christmas coffee table decoration ideas.

Christmas Decorating With Plants & Foliage

A collection of candle holders and a Christmas tree made of bleached wood are included in this stunning centerpiece. Bunches of artificial plants in color

End Table Christmas Decorations

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