End Table Decorating Tips

End Table Decorating Tips – Do you have a side table, coffee table, or end table that needs a makeover? Don’t know how to make tables look the same? Eliminate distractions and decorate your word tables like a pro! Bring loads of style to your rooms with these simple, stylish looks and my 5 decorating tips!

Hello friends! Today I’m sharing 5 tips on how to decorate accent tables like a pro and taking you on our family adventure!

End Table Decorating Tips

End Table Decorating Tips

Decorating word tables can be very difficult. By using baskets to store loose items and repeat the color statement in the room to give your tables a purposeful look!

Awesome Diy Side Table Ideas

Tip #1: Add a shallow basket to your coffee table to house your TV, accent your decor, and add texture and color to your room. Here I used a rattan basket that matches the color of our wooden floor (don’t forget to specify the colors of the room to show the ‘artist’!). I put a few of my decorative books that I always flip through in a basket and put a white plate full of moss spheres on top of it. Moss adds a beautiful shade of green (I love the shade of emerald green!). I also added a ceramic jar and gold octagon patterned paper.

End Table Decorating Tips

Tip #2: Add flowers – live or artificial! Adding flowers to your tables is a great way to dress them up, adding softness and “life” to your room! This vase of tulips is a fake arrangement (I usually use fresh tulips, but my local stores were out of them by the time I shot this!). It’s perfectly fine to use artificial flowers as long as they look real – and most artificial flowers these days are real! I always like to place my vases on top of a book or two – it makes it look more harmonious with the table.

Tip #3: Add two lamps to the side table to add lighting to the room and add height to create a separate space in the open plan home. Our family room and dining room are open plan. I created two separate sections and divided the rooms to make them look better by adding this table behind our sectional sofa. Two crystal sconces add lighting here (there is no overhead lighting) and help separate the sofa from the family room and dining area.

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End Table Decorating Tips

How To Style A Two Tier Coffee Table

Tip #4: Find a side table with tall objects like this dogwood flower vase. Adding a tall vase softens the corner of the sofa and makes the wall art a fun and welcoming group. If you have a table lamp, that works too!

Here’s a picture of our TV in our family room – I’ll show you how to decorate the TV next time!

End Table Decorating Tips

Tip #5: Adding a beautiful console table to the wall of the stairs is a great way to dress up this difficult space! When decorating the console table, make sure nothing gets into the ladder or it will fall! Add a vase of budding branches or flowers, display artwork, and add a basket or two under the bottom shelf to store pillows and throws! Make sure you use two small baskets or one tall one to fill the shelf space.

Unique Coffee & Side Tables To Save Your Boring Living Room (+ Rules To Make Them Work Together)

I added a Parsons quilted chair (with cushions and throw) and a garden stool to go down for a comfortable place – the chair and garden come out if we need extra space and an extra table for company!

End Table Decorating Tips

Did you like my 5 tips on how to decorate tables in style? Share what you think in the comments below!

If you have decorating questions and are stuck decorating your home – email me! I offer online hairstyling tutorials – check them all out here! Have a great day everyone!

End Table Decorating Tips

Tips For Choosing A Side Table

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Heather is a designer and owner of an interior design and lifestyle website. Heather offers online design services 5 rules for creating great living room ideas + the best products to make it beautiful and functional.

End Table Decorating Tips

A few weeks ago I asked you all on Instagram and the Bless’er House Decorating Group what you wanted to see here on the blog this year and some of you said you stumbled upon ideas for decorating tables, how to make shelves, how to choose the right carpet…

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Coffee Table Decor Ideas And How To Style Them

When it’s not one of those things that comes naturally to you. (I’m often late too, actually.)

End Table Decorating Tips

So, I’m going to break down the steps to make every little part of decorating your home as easy as possible and hopefully just a guess.

Every week or two I plan to look at one part of the house and break it down into a whole list. I am very happy and hope this helps! Because I’m kind of a geek about it.

End Table Decorating Tips

Best Coffee Table Decorating Ideas And Designs For 2022

The other day I had a little freshening up in the living room, so I thought I’d figure out how to make the end tables look like a starting point.

I’m not a licensed interior designer by any means, but I’ve spent YEARS learning everything I can, so I’m just sharing what I know. (And during the holiday break when I was visiting the mountains of NC with my mom, I found these tables that I couldn’t wait to decorate, so…)

End Table Decorating Tips

(Did you know that 3 is the “magic decorating number”? It makes the most beautiful transitions. Seriously, try this number on everything: a dresser, a dresser, a shelf. It works. It’s not a number, you want

Unique End Tables That Add The Perfect Living Room Finish

This number works for “groups” as well. In the picture above, a frame placed on top of a pile of books is treated as one group.

End Table Decorating Tips

Most of the time, I only need coasters and a table lamp as essentials, and other things can be decorative that don’t need to be functional.

I like to include a plant in a flower pot or vase to add color, texture and “life” to what might otherwise seem like a flat vignette on a side table.

End Table Decorating Tips

End Table Decor Ideas To Complete Your Home

If you have two objects of the same height on the table, lift one up so that it vibrates. Lots of books or books on the coffee table make great coasters.

Whenever you create shelves, countertops, or any other type of vignette, place things in a triangle shape. “Visible triangle” is the main secret of the stylist.

End Table Decorating Tips

I really like the Philips Hue White bulbs. They’re not too yellow, but they’re not too white, and they work with Alexa and Google Assistant if you want to make your bulbs “smart.”

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How To Decorate A Coffee Table (15 Styling Ideas And Tips)

I like to have one of these to store small things that end up on our desks like knick-knacks, jewelry, etc.

End Table Decorating Tips

Choose non-seasonal fragrances so you can use them year-round and don’t have to worry about storing them once the season is over. Tips for decorating the capsule. 😉

We usually have extra pacifiers and naked barbies, but that’s all you need to keep your decor looking good.

End Table Decorating Tips

Glass Coffee Tables That Bring Transparency To Your Living Room

Not at all. It’s fine to match the furniture to your living room if you want, but the end tables in the room add interest to the traditional furniture.

The table should be within two inches of the arm length of the sofa, not higher and not less than two inches. Side tables aren’t just for coffee or holding your favorite watch. If you want to make a statement in your home or transform your living room like a pro, you should add a little decoration to your side tables. This is especially true if you are planning an event where you want to show off your style.

End Table Decorating Tips

Creating good ventilation can be difficult, especially if you want to make the most of the space that your table has to offer. Here’s what we did to find the best ways to decorate these small tables. Check out what we want below!

How To Style A Family Friendly Coffee Table

Lighting is the bread and butter of the space. This is why most interior designers will tell you that you can’t go wrong with adding extra lighting. To make this idea work, it’s usually best to stick with smaller lamps with a shade that avoids over lighting your area.

End Table Decorating Tips

A standard table lamp can work, but honestly, small, statement lamps work best with this choice. If you are a fan of neon signs or cool “touch” lights, now is the time

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