Engagement Table Decorations Persian

Engagement Table Decorations Persian – This past weekend I was hired to shoot an engagement party. I actually met with Tina and Fabion a few months ago to find out all the details about the event, but last weekend was the big day. The months of planning this engagement party really showed. From the moment I entered the venue, I was impressed by the effort that went into decorating the room where the engagement party was held. The couple told me it would be like this, but it was even more than I imagined. would be!

I found myself in a rather hectic scene as people prepared for the event. It was to be expected. If it’s not intense, things probably aren’t going right. I found Tina doing her makeup at home. In fact, her entire family spent time doing makeup and hair during this time. These types of shots are great to shoot, so I went to town to shoot shots of the makeup artist doing the girls’ makeup.

Engagement Table Decorations Persian

Engagement Table Decorations Persian

Also had to photograph Tina’s stunning dress for the party. He told me I could pick it up and bring it wherever I needed to go to get good shots. I took it into the main event room (shown above) to see some photos… but I found the home window works just as well or better. I love the dress in the previous shot though. It appears to be placed against a mirror, but is actually an interior window that overlooks the main entrance of the room.

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Of course, in addition to the dress shots, I also had to shoot the shoes. Luckily, Tina had lots of nice pillows and throws on the couch. I just took her shoes and tried to put them on at the best possible angle to make them look good. I was satisfied with the results achieved. I think the gold shoes go really well with the background colors.

Engagement Table Decorations Persian

As I mentioned earlier, the main room was fully decked out for the engagement party. On every table were beautiful plates and silverware with gorgeous decorations. Here was a shining heart of gold, but on other plates were silver eggs. There were sparkling swans on the dessert table and there were eye catching things everywhere you looked.

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When Fabiona entered the room, he arrived with a group of boys. They had prepared a sketch to enter the room. The picture showed Fabiona getting engaged to Tina. It was a lot of fun and the guys were really good at it.

Engagement Table Decorations Persian

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Tina walked in and stunned everyone with how great she looked; his post was definitely spot on. Tina is not shy and she came with confidence and energy. She definitely lights up a room when she walks into it.

Fabio and Tina made everyone happy with the ring. The skit was a great idea and a perfect way to introduce the special couple. I think more couples should consider doing something like this at their weddings. it’s a lot of fun.

Engagement Table Decorations Persian

With Tina and Fabio now in the room, the party can officially begin. One of Tina’s favorite things to do is dance…so there was…a lot of dancing! Dinner was a little late, so the couple decided to start dancing right then. The guests were more than happy to oblige and joined in.

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Check out these stunning cakes! I have never seen cakes like this. Each cake is wrapped in a hard shell that is decorated with jewels. They were so big.

Engagement Table Decorations Persian

Before Fabio and Tina could cut the cake, an entourage of women taunted them with a cake knife. They had to be patient as the woman followed with the knife needed to cut the cake.

Eventually they took a knife and entered the cake. And of course they fed each other slices of the delicious cake when they got their pieces.

Engagement Table Decorations Persian

Backyard Persian Wedding — Diego And Liza Photography

After dinner and dessert it was time for more dancing to celebrate the engagement. I had so much fun at this wedding and I think Tina and Fabiona made me want to try this special day for them. I have never been to a Persian wedding and I was very grateful to be able to join this wedding as their photographer. As you know, I love being able to learn about new cultures and traditions through myself. work as a wedding photographer. This week I want to share with you some traditions of the Persian or Iranian community. These traditions date back to Zoroastrianism, a pre-Islamic Iranian religion dating back to 1000 BC. From the 5th century What is really impressive is that the ceremony itself has remained more or less the same as it was in Ancient Iran, and the same traditions are preserved among the many ethnic groups and religions present in this culture.

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As in many cultures, preparations for a Persian wedding take place long before the actual ceremony. Khastegari, or courtship, is the first step in the traditional betrothal process where a man and a woman begin courting each other. When it begins, representatives of the groom’s family visit the bride’s family so that both parties can get to know each other. The groom’s family often brings flowers and the women give gifts of tea, fruit and sweets. Families will continue to meet and when they see that the relationship is serious, they will allow marriage. In modern Iran, Khastegari is a unique formality where families meet and parents can share their thoughts about the engagement. The families agree to the marriage and its terms are soon followed by the Baleh Boran, where the couple publicly announces their engagement. The groom’s family gives the bride a gift, usually a ring, to convince her that she should accept the proposal. Then the Namzadi ceremony or official engagement celebration takes place a year before the wedding and takes place at the bride’s home. The couple and their families start planning the wedding and decide on the Mehr/Mehrieh or “gift of love”. During this ceremony, the bride and groom exchange rings. The Namazdi ceremony is followed by Shirin Khoran, where guests eat Iranian desserts such as bāmiyeh (light doughnut balls), Nān-e berenji (rice flour cookies), chocolates, ājil (nuts and dried fruits) to wish the couple “sweetness”. : in your future together. Later, a few days before the wedding, both families participate in the Jahāz Barān or Tabaq Barān ceremony. The bride’s family sends the gifts to the groom’s house, where the men of the groom’s family dress in ceremonial, traditional clothing and carry the gifts on the bride’s head on flat dishes called tobacco.

Engagement Table Decorations Persian

The bride and all the women of the family start preparing for the official ceremony a day before it takes place with Hana Bandhan. Here, the dry henna provided by the groom’s family is broken into pieces in a silver or copper vessel by a woman whose parents are alive and still happy with each other. A veil decorated with red flakes is placed on the bride’s head, and women circle around her, singing hymns and folk songs about henna. A happily married woman mixes henna with water, then puts it on a tray with candles and places it in the middle of the room. Depending on the circumstances, the bride may receive henna first before the other guests or last after all the guests have left. Henna is usually applied to the hands, but if the bride wishes, it can also be applied to the bride’s hair or legs. Coins or gold are placed in the hands of the bride before henna is applied. The same woman who kneaded the henna puts it on one hand of the bride and a young girl on the other. A close friend of the bride stays with her after the ceremony until morning.

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The ceremony is rich in symbolism from the beginning of this culture. The groom sits on a stool or “wedding table” filled with items to remind the couple of their faith and commitment to each other. She faces the guests in the mirror to see her reflection and the two lit candlesticks that represent the eternal passion of the bride and groom. The bride walks down the aisle accompanied by her mother and father and sits on the left side of the groom. The couple sits under one umbrella or shawl held by several unmarried women of the family so that they are united under one roof. The waiter, almost always an older man, begins reciting verses from the Koran. In modern, non-secular weddings, official documents are often signed in advance

Engagement Table Decorations Persian

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