Entry Table Decor With Hurricane Lamps

Entry Table Decor With Hurricane Lamps – The most frequently asked question we get in our inbox is ‘how do I style my console table?’ Here’s our guide to setting up a console table or side table layout.

First consider the shape of your table. If it’s angular, rectangular, or square, we recommend softening it with rounded edges or a curved mirror. An alternative to mirrors is wall artwork with soft, irregular edges. I must say that we usually lean towards using mirrors over consoles and sideboards as they add light and a sense of space but if there is a mirror elsewhere in the room then wall art pieces are another great option.

Entry Table Decor With Hurricane Lamps

Entry Table Decor With Hurricane Lamps

For round-edge consoles or pedestals, the opposite holds true and these can be paired with square or rectangular mirrors or artwork.

Vintage Hurricane Lamps

Next is determining the size of the mirror or artwork on your desk. This should not be more than 2/3 two thirds the size of the table below. This will prevent it from overloading your console layout.

Entry Table Decor With Hurricane Lamps

First, measure the space between your mirror or canvas and your desk. A piece that hangs too high can look out of place. As a guide, hang the bottom of a mirror or canvas 6-8 inches above the table top.

The size of your table will give you a good guide on how to adjust the height of the table top. If you have a large table, say over 1.5 meters, then you can place a lamp at each end especially if, like me, you like symmetry. Alternatively, place a large, single-ended lamp that is equal in height to the vase or vice versa.

Entry Table Decor With Hurricane Lamps

Parquet Console Table

A console or side table smaller than this will look perfect with one tall accent, whether a vase with flowers is placed in the center or a tall lamp/tornado is placed at one end. If you disconnect a lamp or storm, place this at the far end from the room’s entrance.

There’s no denying that we love a simple back-neutral color palette, but a dash of color will always add warmth to your table. Shades of green are the easiest way to introduce color using real or fake potted succulents and stems. This can change with the season.

Entry Table Decor With Hurricane Lamps

Books also provide an opportunity to add subtle color to your table. Likewise the small framed artwork in captured color on the back of your console brings focus and interest to the scheme. Books are also a great way to break up the colors on your desk. For example, if you have a wooden table and want to place wooden accessories on it, use a book as a table stand to break up the colors of two similar tones as shown here.

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If you’re really afraid of color, use the ones above to bring depth by adding grays and earth tones.

Entry Table Decor With Hurricane Lamps

Texture is often overlooked when planning how you will place your piece. Without texture your table plan can look flat and lifeless. Many of the ideas mentioned will add texture, including plants, flowers, and frames. Look at your collection and ask yourself ‘do they all have a flat surface or a similar texture’. It’s important to include a variety of textures, whether it’s a vase or lamp base with an irregular shape or a rough stone edge. A held back frame, sculptural pieces or a simple bowl of moss will bring your console table to life.

It goes without saying that the console tables we see on Instagram look great but if you are anything like me, my console tables are usually home to my letters, keys, water bottles and kids shoes! Whenever we design a space, functionality is a key consideration. Unfortunately, our homes aren’t Instagram-worthy 24/7 so it’s important to meet our practical needs as well.

Entry Table Decor With Hurricane Lamps

Dining Table Decor Ideas: 10 Tips For Beautiful Tablescapes |

If you have space under the console, use this as a basket to store shoes, schoolwork and the like! On your table use an accent bowl or plate that will hide keys and letters or perhaps a box or jar of choice. The gleam of crystals in the light brings a sense of romance and charm to any room. A rainbow of colors splashes across the surface when light hits the lead crystal, similar to how it affects a perfectly cut diamond. Whether your tastes range from traditional to ultra-modern, a quality crystal chandelier will instantly brighten up almost any room décor.

Decorating with crystals isn’t difficult, and it’s not limited to a bunch of tiny crystal animals or ornaments locked in a glass case. Functional pieces of beautiful, sparkling crystal feature in all manner of items, including crystal chandeliers.

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Entry Table Decor With Hurricane Lamps

A solid crystal chandelier accented by antique brass and a custom fabric pattern brings light and life to this dreamy setting.

Stylish Dining Room Decorating Ideas

When most people think of crystal lighting fixtures, they think of large ornate chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Because of this, some people may shy away from crystal as a decoration tool, simply because they believe the material is pretentious or old-fashioned. Nothing could be further from the truth! Decorating with crystal chandeliers is stylish, contemporary and not at all stuffy, in fact crystal chandeliers can be fun!

Entry Table Decor With Hurricane Lamps

Add extra dimension and light to the room. Now, you can double it down by placing a crystal chandelier and a pretty arrangement of pretty pictures, accessories, and flowers in front of the mirror.

At , we offer crystal chandeliers in a wide choice of styles: traditional, contemporary or modern, to match any décor. Some elegant accent lamps with crystal finishes; others are made almost entirely of glittering crystal.

Entry Table Decor With Hurricane Lamps

Centerpieces For Your Dining Room

The introduction of lead oxide into glass to make crystals seems to have originated well before 1400 BC, the earliest known age of a fragment found in Nippur, Mesopotamia. Since then, mankind has been working on perfecting the process of making crystals. Today, decorative lead crystal is available in percentages ranging from 18% to 38%. The higher the percentage of lead in a crystal, the more light is refracted as it passes through it.

Let your personality shine by adding a crystal table lamp to your favorite room. Place two on either side of the buffet table in your dining room. A few of them on the fireplace or coffee table can really dress up your living room without being unpleasant. The bedroom is romantic when you place a sparkling chandelier with crystal accents on the dresser or bedside table. I’ve even seen this glittering lamp displayed so stylishly in a bathroom, it’s so simple!

Entry Table Decor With Hurricane Lamps

Keeping your crystal chandelier clean and bright is easy. Just use a soft cotton cloth to remove dust. Avoid using wax, polish, harsh cleaners, or any cloth with a scrubbing surface to avoid scratching or dulling the surface of your crystals. With a little care, all your crystals will continue to shine on the pink flowers, baskets, and greenery creating an inviting spring sketch on the ornate console table in the entryway.

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How To Decorate A Console Table For Christmas

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Entry Table Decor With Hurricane Lamps

Hello friends and welcome to the February Pinterest Challenge! We’re a group of home decor bloggers who take on monthly challenges and each do their own spin, hosted by Cindy at County Road 407. I love how Cindy mixes old and new decor for her vibrant Spring console table!

If you’re new here, I’m Cindy too! I have loved decorating our home for the past five years. I’m Canadian born, currently living in south Houston, Texas…yeah, my hair has never been more curly, haha! If you are interested in reading about our family’s journey across the two countries, you can click here.

Entry Table Decor With Hurricane Lamps

Fall Table Decor Ideas

We are currently in another transition as Mr DIY has recently been made redundant. We are praying for our possible next steps and even a career change, so many changes around the corner! Did I mention our youngest high school graduate in May? I live in a state of constant prayer because we trust God to provide everything in its time. I know we’ll end up in a great place, waiting and not knowing (where I’m not in control) is so hard!

In the five years we have been in Texas we have made this house a great home. Some of my most popular DIY projects:

Entry Table Decor With Hurricane Lamps

I would love it if you took the time to see our house! But let’s get back to this Pinterest Challenge!

Diy Table Decorations That Look Great Year Round

It may still be winter, but spring is definitely on all of our minds! Our inspirational image this month is a Spring Sketch, inspired by this image from my friend Leen on Sand Dollar Lane.

Entry Table Decor With Hurricane Lamps

Leen’s home is decorated in a beach theme (she lives near the beach in North Carolina), and her Spring sketches reflect a beachy feel, with pale blue glass and sand-colored decorations. If you

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