Eucalyptus Decoration For Thanksgiving Table

Eucalyptus Decoration For Thanksgiving Table – Thanksgiving is a special day to gather with friends and family. Make your Thanksgiving table feel extra warm and simple with simple decorations like white pumpkins, eucalyptus, antique candlesticks, and book covers. This table is classic and budget-friendly!

Hello dear friends! Today I am excited to share with you my kitchen designed for Thanksgiving. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen bits and pieces of this table during our Thanksgiving decorating journey, but I’m excited to share a few more tips and photos. Grab a cozy mug of coffee or tea and get started. it!

Eucalyptus Decoration For Thanksgiving Table

Eucalyptus Decoration For Thanksgiving Table

For this tablescape, I really focused on my basic decor pieces that I already had. Some of my go-to items are blankets, books, greenery, and candles (these brass ones from Goodwill were only a few bucks!).

Fall In Love With These 7 Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

For my centerpiece, I used my own trio of white pumpkins. You’ve probably seen them around our house this fall and I’m excited to decorate them again for Thanksgiving! You can also use a pumpkin or a basket of fresh apples or pears for an inexpensive centerpiece.

Eucalyptus Decoration For Thanksgiving Table

Finally, let me tell you a secret…it’s a silver plate filler from the Dollar Tree! (Granted, they were only a dollar!) I love the standout plate fillers at other stores, but I didn’t have a huge budget for Thanksgiving decorations, and these offered an elegant yet inexpensive solution.

You’ve probably noticed that my Thanksgiving table features one of my favorite decorative items, these DIY book covers! In my lesson, I told how you can decorate them, and this is just another option. They add an unexpected and wonderful touch to the classic tablescape.

Eucalyptus Decoration For Thanksgiving Table

Elegant Thanksgiving Table Setting With White Pumpkins

I also used the bookshelves for a pop of color for my desk. Again, the books on the schedule may seem a little unusual, but I needed to fill in the space to be creative and I think it worked! Don’t be afraid to experiment with unexpected parts.

Finally, I wanted to share again that these beautiful botanical prints are a tutorial from Lauren at Blesser House. I am so inspired by Lauren and her creative way with her makeup. If you haven’t visited her blog yet, pop over and say hello! I

Eucalyptus Decoration For Thanksgiving Table

I think kitchens can feel a bit cramped at times, at least to me! We don’t have a rug right now because of baby life, but I’ve found that adding a few pillows and a blanket warms the space and makes guests feel welcome.

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Three Easy Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Eventually I wanted to add texture in here with a jute rug, but right now the bug brings color and play to this room and rides its cozy coupe around the table, so no rug for now.

Eucalyptus Decoration For Thanksgiving Table

One final way to add warmth to your Thanksgiving table is with a table runner. But let me tell you another secret – it’s actually a bargain blanket from Walmart! I doubled it before putting it on the table.

Thank you so much for stopping by today guys! I hope this post inspired you with some ideas to make your Thanksgiving table look classic, creative, and cozy (it didn’t go as planned, but the English in me couldn’t help it!) You What are you doing for Thanksgiving this year? Do you have your own decorating tips?

Eucalyptus Decoration For Thanksgiving Table

Artificial Eucalyptus & Greenery

And if you’re interested in the sources of some of our kitchen products, like tables and chairs, I’ve shared them at the bottom of this post.

Thanks again for stopping by! To stay up to date on my decorating adventures, subscribe to my email list on the side or bottom of this page, I’m not all down right now, but I’ll be sending out inspirational posts every week! Take a tour of our Farmhouse Thanksgiving Decor. Pumpkins, fresh eucalyptus, grain sacks and neutral color themes are on our farm tables this year. Our farmhouse table decor this season is simple and full of natural elements. We don’t really have a big Thanksgiving dinner here at the farmhouse. This is one of those amazing […]

Eucalyptus Decoration For Thanksgiving Table

Take a tour of our Thanksgiving Farmhouse decor. Pumpkins, fresh eucalyptus, grain sacks and neutral color themes are on our farm tables this year.

Creative Ideas For Thanksgiving Table Decorations

We don’t really have a big Thanksgiving dinner here at the farmhouse. It’s one of the amazing advantages that neither my husband nor I, who were born there, have ever moved more than a 20 mile radius in our entire lives.

Eucalyptus Decoration For Thanksgiving Table

Families from both sides walk no more than 15 minutes in either direction. In fact, our biggest challenge during the holidays is making it affordable for all family functions on both sides. A wonderful challenge indeed.

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However, I love playing around with seasonal decor in our farmhouse kitchen. The big old handmade table that my husband and his grandfather built together is just begging to be photographed once a season.

Eucalyptus Decoration For Thanksgiving Table

Farmhouse Thanksgiving Table Decor

I teamed up with two of my amazing bloggers who also shared their Thanksgiving table decorations. Read till the end to get the link to their homes.

I just brought the pumpkins we had left over from our Fall Home trip. Jarrahdales and delicious pumpkins have already given way to pumpkin smoothies, smoothies, quiches and pumpkin pancakes. Read all about him here.

Eucalyptus Decoration For Thanksgiving Table

I love the fresh eucalyptus I got at Trader Joe’s for a great price with its natural green color.

Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

I have been eyeing hyacinth tablets from world market for some time now. I finally got something. They add a beautiful natural texture to my Thanksgiving table on the farm.

Eucalyptus Decoration For Thanksgiving Table

And since I definitely never get tired of blue, I added these linen towels.

The entire centerpiece sits on top of a simple grain sack table that I made from thrift store fabric.

Eucalyptus Decoration For Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving Table Decor Thanksgiving Centerpiece Eucalyptus

Sticking with my usual drinks, I brought the Wide Mouth Pint Mason Jar that we use all the time.

We just added these wooden farmhouse side chairs to our farmhouse tables. We only used the chairs my husband made once, but I thought it was time to add some chairs to the side. More space and a better place to install a booster seat. Just stick it out with about five little kids living on a farm. Looking for simple and elegant table decoration ideas for Thanksgiving? This floral centerpiece combines green and dusty coral pumpkins for a non-traditional fall table.

Eucalyptus Decoration For Thanksgiving Table

I’ll admit that I’m struggling with inspiration this fall. Everyone was putting out pumpkin and turkey and I could just change my pillowcases. Then in one night the temperature dropped by 40° – literally! It was in the 80s when I went to sleep on Sundays and woke up in my 40s. And I feel like I’ve got my fall mojo back.

Blue Teal Cream Pumpkins Thanksgiving Table Decorations White Tableware Brass Stock Photo By ©artrecphotography 308363844

I’ve now displayed pumpkins in at least four rooms and I’m on the fourth floor full of pumpkins…you can’t stop me! And the timing couldn’t be more perfect, as I’m once again teaming up with my friend Lori from DesignThusiasm for a Style + roundup – sharing all the inspiration you need to entertain this fall. Welcome if you stop by Maison de Cinq! Obviously, Sheila and I are both Francophiles and makeup lovers, but I also think she’s an absolute friend and I’m so glad you’re here! Don’t miss the rest of the tour at the bottom of this post.

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Eucalyptus Decoration For Thanksgiving Table

As I mentioned, I’m finally inspired to play around with fall decor, but that doesn’t mean I’m still not embracing my non-traditional fall colors. This time I decided to go with dusty sage and soft corals and I was pleasantly surprised…

), but suffice it to say, rose and eucalyptus have always been my favorite combination, and they certainly didn’t disappoint this time.

Eucalyptus Decoration For Thanksgiving Table

Five Pro Tips To Decorate Your Thanksgiving Table

I mixed more muted colors with both silver and gold, using my favorite gold flatware and a mix of my grandmother’s and china…

And even bring a mirror with a golden ring for the wall. I really love the modern look of this mirror against the traditional French dining room furniture (which was my great grandmother’s; you can see how I updated it here). This room has felt more traditional than the rest of my house for quite some time; I love when a short episode of “Home Shop” leads to a better flow!

Eucalyptus Decoration For Thanksgiving Table

I think the key here is to combine your favorite colors, a bit of pumpkin and some mixed metals to make the simplicity both interesting and elegant.

A Modern Thanksgiving Tablescape

I hope you enjoyed my first fall inspiration… now I’m going to try to do that promised centerpiece tutorial. In the meantime, be sure to visit Settings for Four for the next stop on the tour! No matter how you choose to celebrate this holiday season, these simple and elegant Thanksgiving table centerpiece ideas will bring your family and friends together in style. We have collected a collection of inspiring ideas

Eucalyptus Decoration For Thanksgiving Table

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