Evening In Paris Table Decorations

Evening In Paris Table Decorations – Paris is known as the city of love, one of the most romantic places in Europe. Famous for its amazing art, art galleries, and of course, the Eiffel Tower, Paris is a truly one-of-a-kind destination. So, don’t you want to bring the magic of Paris closer to home by hosting your own Paris themed party?

You can transform your next party with delicious French cuisine, a Parisian playlist, and a backdrop of the Champs-Élysées. You and your friends can take it a step further with a French-inspired fashion dress code. Perhaps fantasize about your favorite painting from the Louvre Museum or a classic mime.

Evening In Paris Table Decorations

Evening In Paris Table Decorations

Paris parties are great for all kinds of events including birthday parties, baby showers, and for connoisseurs of all things French. Your party guests will be saying oh-la-la from the moment they arrive.

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What’s a party without a soundtrack? You can have a DJ play some French beats for your Paris themed party. If you prefer the vibe of this quaint French cafe, go for a pink martini or the lovely tunes of Sympathetic Secrets of Fishing by Jeremy Moir. For a more festive celebration, Stromae is always a great choice.

Evening In Paris Table Decorations

Another option for music for your party is a live band. There is nothing like the sounds of instruments that sound perfectly together. Your live music can come from French-inspired musicians themselves or from cover bands who can tailor their skills to suit your celebration needs.

Photo booths are a great way to transport you and your guests to Paris! With the help of Paris-themed backdrops and festival props, you can create unforgettable photos with a French feel. Most boutiques will leave you with souvenir books that will contain all the memories of your theme party in Paris.

Evening In Paris Table Decorations

One Night In Paris Complete Theme

Cafes are often cozy places and are a great choice for those who want a more rustic view of Paris. The homely feel and neutral decor will allow you to create the Paris themed party of your dreams.

Other cafes may provide additional outdoor spaces that can be decorated with overhead fairy lights, guest musicians, proper French-inspired cuisine, and more. For those who dream of seeing Paris in the sun, cafes are always the best choice to replicate that feeling.

Evening In Paris Table Decorations

Maybe you go to the web of that good restaurant in Paris. Many restaurants in the United States are inspired by French and European architecture, offering a sense of glamor that can be matched with your favorite French-style decor. A French restaurant is a solid choice to ensure your event looks, feels and tastes French.

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Steps To Set A Beautiful Dinner Table Like The French

When it comes to drinking, France has it all, and especially its capital. From cocktails to beer and wine, you are simply spoiled for choice. There are many French cocktails that you can easily make at home as well. These include some classic French 75s, French Martinis, Mint Grape Mimosas, and French Connections.

Evening In Paris Table Decorations

Pro tip: Hire a bartender to handle the cocktails so you can sit back and enjoy them like a true Parisian.

France is perhaps best known for its wine as it is produced throughout the year from north to south. Some of the most popular wines in the country include Merlot, Bordeaux Red, Burgundy, Rhône Valley, and of course, Champagne. No matter where you’re hosting your Paris-themed party, chances are you’ll find great French wine and champagne at your local store.

Evening In Paris Table Decorations

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It would be a crime not to have delicious French-inspired art at your party. You will be surprised to know that many regular restaurants in the United States unknowingly offer a lot of French dishes. For more sophisticated parties, dishes such as beef bourguignon, coque au vin, potato dauphines, and quiches are excellent choices.

Sometimes, finger foods are the way to go. There are many street markets in Paris that offer a great range of different cooking styles to suit everyone. Some classic French-themed finger foods include cheese gougries, which are basically cheese puffs, French toast, and French onion filo.

Evening In Paris Table Decorations

Sweet treats are a must at a party in Paris. Set up a Paris-themed dessert table with a small selection of famous Parisian desserts like mousse and chocolate, opera cake, Paris-Brest, crème brulee, and of course, macarons.

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What’s a Paris themed party without the right lighting? Fairy lights overhead provide a special touch to create a romantic and inviting atmosphere that reminds people of a cozy cafe in Paris.

Evening In Paris Table Decorations

For more sophisticated events, elegant chandeliers and light fixtures will never let you down. If you prefer an underground Parisian disco vibe, you can’t go wrong with the colorful LED lights that invite locals to dance the night away.

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The tone of your party will play a big role when it comes to choosing an outfit. For a fun event, you can dress up as a classic Parisian mime and put your acting skills to the test. For classier Paris-themed parties, why not take inspiration from the city’s Art Deco scene? Most of the clothes you see in movies like The Great Gatsby were born in 1920s Paris. Don’t forget, berets are always in style.

Evening In Paris Table Decorations

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Every party needs a color scheme. He helps put the party together and puts every detail together with ease. Look no further than the blue, white and red colors of the French flag for this event in Paris. You can fly the French flag using overhead string, table runners, confetti and more.

France, and Paris in particular, is famous for its amazing artwork and architecture. Why not bring that sense of refined culture to your Paris themed party? You can print copies of some of the city’s famous paintings and sculptures, including the Mona Lisa, Eugène Delacroix’s The Leader of the People’s Liberation, and Venus de Milo Alexandros of Antioch.

Evening In Paris Table Decorations

For great celebrations, why not decorate your event space with the Gallic rooster, the national bird of France. This bird can be found on many famous buildings and on the uniforms of the country’s sports teams. You can also include fleur de lis in Parisian decorations.

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What is a party without processing? They are conversation starters and can be used in photos that will be cherished for years to come. These props can decorate classic French messages, represent world-famous buildings, and more. These props can be used with photo booths or placed on tables for guests to choose from.

Evening In Paris Table Decorations

You Can Too 27 Grinch Party Ideas to Score the Fairgrounds with a Golf Themed Party for Your James 17 Country Club Themed Party Ideas 6 Thanksgiving Themed Ideas to Impress Your Guests Halloween Themed Kid Awesome Guide to Showers 19 Coco Themed Party Ideas In this post: Looking for ideas for a Paris themed party? These basic DIY pieces and French-style table decorations are just the thing to get you excited for a spring event. ⇒

I am very blessed to be blessed, so when my friend Cathy asked me to help style and organize the decor for an event she was hosting, I jumped at the chance.

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Evening In Paris Table Decorations

Rose Gold Eiffel Tower Centerpiece. Parisians Theme Decor.

To be clear, the concept and design were all yours, but I was happy to lend my input and energy to the creation of the Ballroom in April in the center of Paris.

The event was a business meeting, but the decor was a pleasure. Depending on the time of year, Catechists held the theme in Paris in April and each table was covered in a different concept, all related to the chosen theme and all put together by our small DIY team.

Evening In Paris Table Decorations

Since this post covers a lot of photos, I’ll be brief in my explanations, but feel free to ask any questions in the comments below if you want to know more about how any of the original parts were made.

Evening In Paris

One of our favorite ideas involved tight French dresses presented on mannequin forms. The French maid above was sultry and sad, wearing pearls and feathers and accessorizing with a lace parasol and a festoon mask.

Evening In Paris Table Decorations

Most of the tables were decorated with fake flowers and pink votives, some scattered with pearls and feather fans. French boxes were everywhere, used for height or to decorate the edges.

The tables were mainly floral, but each one had its own special meaning. Above, a champagne bucket serves as a vase and sits on a circular wine tray, surrounded by other decorations.

Evening In Paris Table Decorations

Carousel Baby Shower

No Paris theme is complete without the Eiffel Tower (they actually had many) and a wine rack displaying bottles of wine with French labels on top.

In addition to felt sculptures, we also used thread heads, here dressed in a ballet theme, with tulle tutus and ballet slippers.

Evening In Paris Table Decorations

This same event had a Mardi Gras theme last year. If you’ve seen this post, you may remember garden spray. We brought this idea back to very Paris, with the words “April in Paris” around the base.

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Evening In Paris Table Decorations

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