Fairy Garden Table Decor

Fairy Garden Table Decor – I am very happy to join this group! Planning my daughter’s birthday every year makes me so happy! I don’t know where the time went, but she turned 7, and we celebrated with the garden center with a magical garden party where each girl created her own beautiful garden.

Blakely loves to garden (she takes after my mom) and since her birthday is in the spring, she is so excited to get her friends over for a garden party!

Fairy Garden Table Decor

Fairy Garden Table Decor

This might be one of my favorite party girls. This is great for her age because girls love to create something they can take home, and they love learning about gardening too!

A Fairy Garden Birthday Party: Everything You Need To Throw A Whimsica

Last year, it was 2020 🤪, we just had a small party at home for his 6th birthday. While he only has 7 friends this year (I love the theme that allows kids to choose friends based on their age), he is still very excited to be able to make birthdays again!

Fairy Garden Table Decor

I really love creating a beautiful and whimsical garden theme in our dining room. I wanted the girls to feel like they were having “lunch in the garden” with their friends.

Check out all the photos and details below. I’ve tried to answer all of the party questions below, but if you have any questions, leave a comment, and I’ll do my best to answer them!

Fairy Garden Table Decor

Enchanted Garden 7th Birthday Party

For the Blakely Enchanted Garden Party, we decided on a lavender and green theme. All the greens and purples were so pretty, and I think the session was magical! Walking into this room is so beautiful!

First we made a simple table runner with lavender gingham flowers to match the raccoon trim. At the top we roll out the green fox mass runner that I saw during the Easter season.

Fairy Garden Table Decor

To create our beautiful centerpiece, we added Miss “fairy” houses, topiary, lots of flowers and a beautiful lavender cake to match our copper whisk cake theme. I really like the little fairy door on the cake. very beautiful!

Fairy Garden Tablescape For Spring

I have a topiary on my porch so I recreated it just for this party. I always recommend “stocking” your home for things you can reuse for chairs. We put in lots of pretty flowers and butterflies to tie it into the garden theme.

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Fairy Garden Table Decor

The setting is my favorite detail. We reused the hay chargers my mom and I made for her first birthday (made from a fake hay rollout at Home Depot).

On top of each lawn charger is a simple lavender plate, flower head, napkin and terra cotta bowl. Placed in each box we have pots, packets of flower seeds, and garden labels that we use as “place cards”.

Fairy Garden Table Decor

The 50 Best Diy Miniature Fairy Garden Ideas In 2022

On the back of each chair, I added flowers, butterflies and roses to my little box flowers (from Ballard Designs). I’ve been using them all holiday season, and I love repurposing them for this party!

Around the chandelier, we made a flower design. I have a custom chandelier over the table so we used the chandelier arms to hold the hanging greenery, flowers and butterflies.

Fairy Garden Table Decor

Not much research has been done on this, like first hanging a green tree and then filling it with colors of flowers and butterflies. Then we tweak and adjust until we’re happy. I love the magical garden feel it gives to the party! It really feels like you are sitting in a beautiful garden, even when it is raining. The sun did show up at the end of the party though!

Use These 10 Plants To Build Your Fairy Garden

The boxwood letter necklace is one we’ve had for a while (from Grandinrode) and we decorated it with some flowers and some pink gingham ribbon!

Fairy Garden Table Decor

One of my favorite things is the arch that my mom and I made for the welcome at the girls’ party!

We collected lots of greenery in various shapes and sizes (mostly from the hobby store but some from Michael’s and Joan’s) and placed them around my entryway. We added colorful balloons and lots of little butterflies throughout.

Fairy Garden Table Decor

Children’s Party Ideas: Fairy Party

We also added in two moss butterflies that I recreated from his first birthday, they are 8-9 years old so I’m very sad that there is no room, but let’s have a two-hole sale for similar items. Crafts open spring!

Similar to the flower chandelier design, we just randomly put flowers and balloons until we like how it looks. Then we were covered in butterflies! Lots of butterflies!

Fairy Garden Table Decor

Before the girls enjoyed lunch and cake, they went to the craft store to pick out a “fairy house” or wooden bird house! After they ate, the houses were dry enough to put them in their gardens.

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Enchanted Fairy Garden Party

We had just enough rain the day of the party that we decided to have our plants on the porch instead of in the garden. The girls couldn’t think of anything, and they had so much fun planting flowers!

Fairy Garden Table Decor

After planting on the balcony, the girls add their beautiful house to their garden and start having fun decorating the garden!

I went to a few craft stores and dollar stores to get lots of fun rocks, gems, mini fairies and more to decorate their yard.

Fairy Garden Table Decor

Bangbangda Miniature Fairy Garden Accessories Outdoor

We sent all the girls home with all their gardening tools, including these little ones, so they could water the flower gardens!

It was a magical day of friends and fun for our “little” girl. I can’t believe it’s 7, and I really don’t know where the time goes! Soon, we will be celebrating our Ivy’s first birthday (mind you, I am very excited about the theme).

Fairy Garden Table Decor

If you are taking care of your beautiful flower garden, I hope you have found a lot of inspiration in the garden, and leave questions below, and I will do my best to answer them! Looking for DIY garden ideas? Here are 15 little beauties that can add a lot of fun to your landscape.

Eden’s Enchanted Fairy Garden Third Birthday Party

This detailed DIY fairy garden is built into a wall holder. And look for small bridges, patio furniture and driveways.

Fairy Garden Table Decor

Who said fairies can’t go camping? This DIY fairy garden uses a camper, Adirondack chairs, and even a boat for a different kind of fairy garden.

Similar to a doll house, this cute DIY garden house is made of logs and has multiple levels with walkways and stairs. And small stones and flowers complete the beauty. Check out some great home decor items you can buy.

Fairy Garden Table Decor

Five Fanciful & Fun Fairy Garden Ideas

This DIY fairy garden has a gnome house nailed to the side of a tree. And remember the small steps that lead from the tree to the house. Then, visit our favorite flower garden.

Stone in an old wooden bucket as a foundation for a fairy garden. To get a good result, you can make a small water as a house and don’t forget the mushroom tic-tac-toe game on the side.

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Fairy Garden Table Decor

This beautiful DIY garden uses raised beds for the foundation. And it also has a church, a gazebo and a chicken run! Then, check out other awesome fairy garden supplies.

Centerpiece Ideas For Any Wedding Style

Grab three flower pots and you’re on your way to a multi-level DIY fairy garden. And use some wood tied with thin wire for walkways to connect each surface to the outdoor garden.

Fairy Garden Table Decor

This beautiful DIY garden made into a terrarium is small enough to live in. So find containers and use succulents, moss and African violets that all work well in terrariums.

Check out the backyard theme in this DIY fairy garden. And there’s everything from miniature DIY fairy garden furniture, planters, bicycles and even a small water feature.

Fairy Garden Table Decor

Adorable Diy Fairy Garden Ideas

Welcome to the DIY Outdoor Fairy Garden Home Village! Each of these houses has its own style, with small details such as the front door.

This gnome is sleeping in his beautiful garden. And use some netting to make a hammock and twist it into two sturdy balls to recreate the look of this and other garden gnome ideas. Or take a look at 12 really tough lawn ornaments.

Fairy Garden Table Decor

Try your DIY garden around the backyard pool. And it’s small seating area and lots of plants are well maintained to complement the beautiful lake view.

Fairy Birthday Party

An old box, even a tire, can be a perfect box for DIY garden decoration. And this container garden has easy-care succulents for green plants, making it one of the best container garden ideas that are easy.

Fairy Garden Table Decor

Bring your DIY fairy garden to the tree! Use some rocks and stones to walk. And you can add small lights as shown here for a beautiful outdoor garden.

Don’t leave broken flowers or anything like that because you can get them back. This cute DIY fairy garden uses lots of clay pots to create a multi-level fairy garden. And use plants that grow slowly and complete the look with a small fairy house and mirror

Fairy Garden Table Decor

A Pretty Garden Fairy Birthday Party

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