Fake Flowers Table Decorations

Fake Flowers Table Decorations – Artificial flower arrangements with decorating tips and tricks are the focus of this post. I used the finest silk fabrics to create the realistic looking centerpieces you see here! While we all love fresh flowers, sometimes having them in our homes is not possible or practical. Today I’m sharing one of my favorite ways to style artificial or fake flowers to use as table centerpieces.

While fresh flowers are beautiful, you can achieve the same “wow” factor by using large fake flower arrangements.

Fake Flowers Table Decorations

Fake Flowers Table Decorations

It is hard to believe that these flowers are artificial! TIP HERE for my favorite secret source! I am quite proud of this DIY artificial flower arrangement because it really looks so real.

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When planning my daughter’s recent wedding reception (see this post HERE), flowers are often a focal point of a wedding reception. I wasn’t sure if the color scheme my daughter and I envisioned would actually come in fresh flowers. Various table ideas were set up around the house to give things a feel. Living across the country, Google spreadsheets and iPhone messaging were our best friends!

Fake Flowers Table Decorations

Although we ended up using the fresh flowers shown below for the tables, I would have been totally comfortable with faux! We used the fake flower arrangements I’m sharing today all over the house and everyone thought they were real.

That’s actually a valid question. If you want to flaunt a fake flower arrangement, you need to have an action plan to clean it.

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Fake Flowers Table Decorations

Lesing Artificial Silk Rose With Vase Fake Flowers Wedding Flowers Bouquets Arrangement Home Office Party Centerpiece Table Decoration (pink)

The easiest way to clean them is to have some warm water and soap on hand and just gently wipe the leaves and stems to remove dirt.

Since they’re not real, you’d think they’d last forever, right? But that’s just not the case. The life of artificial flowers is about 1-2 years and it just depends on where you keep them in your home.

Fake Flowers Table Decorations

Let’s start with the flower containers I use. They are vintage chinoiserie orchid pots from an estate I went to a while ago and the blue and white are perfect for so many flower colors!

Lesing Artificial Silk Rose With Vase Fake Flowers Wedding Flowers Bouquets Arrangement Home Office Party Centerpiece Table Decoration (white)

Due to the shape of the pots, they are intended for plants (orchids) and are not ideal for artificial flower arrangements. Centerpieces on the tables should be kept low to facilitate conversation and are practical for this reason.

Fake Flowers Table Decorations

The easiest way to keep your fake flowers vibrant is to keep them out of the sun. Sunlight fades leaves and flowers faster than anything else. So if you think about removing them from the light when they don’t need to be there, their colors will stay bright for much longer.

If you need to cut the stems of the fake flowers, you will probably need to use wire cutters to accomplish this. Simply trim them to match the vase of your choice. Also, be careful when cutting the wire.

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Fake Flowers Table Decorations

Fake Flower Arrangements Make Them Look Real Diy

So set the table, mix the candles and gather three centerpieces close to each other. I could finally see my vision come to life!

We used the dishes for a breakfast brunch the day after the wedding. Also, since I use faux…hard to believe, but the plates are paper (from Sophistiplate) and the cutlery is plastic! At our brunch everyone loved these!

Fake Flowers Table Decorations

See how easy and beautiful it can be to make your own DIY flower arrangements? All you need is a bit of creativity and some pretty fake flowers!

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