Fall Festival Pie Table Decorating Ideas

Fall Festival Pie Table Decorating Ideas – Happy autumn! Fall is just around the corner, so now is the perfect time to start planning your harvest celebrations. With all the delicious food, fun events, and back-to-back holidays, fall is full of reasons to celebrate.

I threw a pumpkin harvest party with three style options for Halloween and Thanksgiving. So, read on for all the details and the best fall-themed party ideas to celebrate the coziest (and pumpkin-tastiest) time of the year!

Fall Festival Pie Table Decorating Ideas

Fall Festival Pie Table Decorating Ideas

To keep things simple, we’ve designed a versatile harvest party setup that pairs well with three partywear-inspired themes we’ve had in mind. If you want to recreate something similar, we recommend the same fall color scheme for the backdrops, decorations and floral arrangements. I stuck with shades of orange for the most part, but threw in some neutrals like gray and brown to add some dimension.

Party Themes & Ideas

For a decor that is both Halloween and Thanksgiving approved, I opted for fake pumpkins and bunches of harvested wheat. These Orange Honeycomb Pumpkins are great because they come in great sets of different sizes. We recommend scattering some the length of the banquet table, then layering the rest with larger harvest decorations.

Fall Festival Pie Table Decorating Ideas

If you think balloons are one-time decorations, think again! We try to reuse balloons as much as possible, so Sara from Pop Park City helped us pick up an orange balloon garland from a retro Halloween photo and give it new life. Toned it down a bit, tied in some new colors and more: the perfect background for Halloween balloons!

Our first Halloween Harvest Party Idea is AWESOME! This theme is perfect for a pumpkin carving party or a Halloween costume party for kids. To begin with, we recommend placing a cloth table cover in neutral tones. This grid pattern tablecloth is one of our favorites because it pairs perfectly with any fall tablecloth.

Fall Festival Pie Table Decorating Ideas

Creating A Waldorf Inspired Autumn Rhythm

Then add plenty of fall accents to your banquet table. I used pumpkins and fall flowers, but candles, apples, or fall leaves are also great ideas.

Shawn from Flower Bar Co created this stunning arrangement using seasonal flowers in shades of orange, white and deep purple. Refreshing fall florals are a must for harvest-themed celebrations, so consider displaying a few arrangements on the table.

Fall Festival Pie Table Decorating Ideas

Dried bouquets are another great option for the fall holidays, in fact, you can even dry your arrangement after Halloween for a Thanksgiving table!

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Diy Wheat Décor Ideas

Our picks for party favors are these Halloween-themed pumpkin napkins and plates. I paired them with this fun witches broom dinnerware set and vintage Halloween mugs. This is the perfect setting for a harvest celebration!

Fall Festival Pie Table Decorating Ideas

Baked goods seem to taste even tastier when there’s a chill in the air, so we suggest serving something sweet at your fall party. I opted for a Biscoff Butter Cake with Pumpkin Topping and matching cupcakes made with this awesome kit.

If you want to take things up a notch, incorporate your treats into your Falloween fun. Get the fire going and grab some morels, or grab some caramel apples for a little decorating party! Because as we always say, the more excuses there are to eat all the fall snacks, the better!

Fall Festival Pie Table Decorating Ideas

Fun Themes For Fall Door Decorations

A Halloween party without costumes is like pumpkin pie without whipped cream—you don’t necessarily need it, but it makes it even better. We love the idea of ​​staying on theme and dressing up as cute harvest creatures and woodland animals. After all, whooo wouldn’t want to wear this cute owl costume?

It only takes a little trick to make a pumpkin party full of glamour. We love the look of mixing classic fall decor with spookier elements, so we’ve added some boho witch themed party supplies to create your next tablescape.

Fall Festival Pie Table Decorating Ideas

I basically kept it the same but changed the dishes and added some Halloween decorations. Can you believe those flowers are the same ones we used before? The spooky bucket I put them in actually turned them into an enchanted witch bouquet.

Best Fall Festival Games Ideas

For dinnerware, we recommend keeping the flatware and simply replacing this pumpkin dish and matching cauldron with this copper lattice mug. Put it all together, alakazam – and you have a hexa-tra special witch themed party arrangement!

Fall Festival Pie Table Decorating Ideas

Now that Halloween is covered, let’s move into Thanksgiving party territory. If you follow in our footsteps and stick to harvest-themed decorations for your Halloween party, repurposing them for Thanksgiving is as easy as pumpkin pie!

This lovely tablecloth was up for grabs again, but this time I hung a fall wreath on the front. While we’re using it here as a Thanksgiving decoration, this wreath would look amazing at any lavish Halloween party. Even better, incorporate it into your fall home decor and make it an appearance at every fall party!

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Fall Festival Pie Table Decorating Ideas

Easy Diy Thanksgiving Decorations

For a heavenly harvest table, we suggest lots of patterns and pumpkins. We love this brown flower tree and how it gives off a rustic farmhouse feel when paired with these Pumpkin Gingham Doilies or these Champagne Bandana Doilies.

When it comes to the perfect Thanksgiving dinner plate set, there are so many great options that we can’t recommend just one. We chose to alternate bamboo and checkered pumpkin dishes – a great idea if you can’t limit yourself too.

Fall Festival Pie Table Decorating Ideas

The pumpkin face mugs from our Halloween table look cute here too, so I placed them next to adorable copper mugs. I then finished off the scenery with some orange and gold flatware, surprise pumpkin balls and festive turkey hats (of course!)

Best Fall Activities Near Me

No new dessert ideas needed, as cakes and cupcakes look (and taste) just as delicious without decorations. But if you want to decorate, it doesn’t hurt to add another cake topper or a set of candles, especially if your celebration is a fall birthday party!

Fall Festival Pie Table Decorating Ideas

We hope all this fall talk has gotten you excited for harvest time! For more inspiration, check out our other Halloween party ideas and Thanksgiving party ideas. From our holidays to yours, happy fall!

In addition to offering the best party supplies and ideas, Bonjour Fête also offers an affiliate marketing program! Commissions are paid on Editors’ Choice products purchased through our affiliate links on your site apply now! With the cooler weather, ever-changing colors, and fun traditions, there’s a lot to love about fall. Hosting a fall festival is a great opportunity to connect with your community, and we’ve got plenty of ideas to make it an outstanding and memorable event.

Fall Festival Pie Table Decorating Ideas

Easy Spring Decorating Ideas

From pumpkins to kids’ activities to food, we’ve broken down 77 fall holiday ideas. I’ve even included some car trunk or treat decorating ideas. Feel free to browse, save this post for later, and leave other thoughts and wins you’ve experienced in the comments below!

Pumpkins are a must for any fall harvest party. From decorations to games and treats, here are some ideas to keep your pumpkin theme going.

Fall Festival Pie Table Decorating Ideas

When it comes to outdoor fall festivals and harvest parties, the sky’s the limit with clever activities, games and other ideas to entertain and engage guests.

The Fiercely Precise World Of Competitive Table Setting

Calling all princesses and superheroes! Kids (and many adults) love the chance to dress up in fun and creative Halloween costumes. Here are some ways to encourage everyone to dress up.

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Fall Festival Pie Table Decorating Ideas

Music sets the mood, so here are some fall festival ideas to get the party started. Whether you have live musicians, a DJ or just a great soundtrack, music can bring an environment to life.

It’s not a party without food – there are plenty of great food options for fall themed events. Here are some creative fall party ideas to consider.

Fall Festival Pie Table Decorating Ideas

Pumpkin Patch Birthday Bash For A Fall Themed Birthday Party

Will your teenager still be excited to attend the Harvest Festival as a family? With these fun games, they’re sure to have a blast (although we can’t guarantee they’ll admit it).

If you live in an area with unpredictable weather, fear not! You can still adapt many of the fall holiday games and activities on this list to an indoor setting. This will include:

Fall Festival Pie Table Decorating Ideas

Your fall festival is an excellent opportunity to share the gospel and teach biblical truth. Here are some creative ideas to do just that. Consider some of the games and activities listed above and adapt them to include Bible verses or references to scripture stories, such as:

Best Fall Dinner Party Menu Ideas

Finally, the ideas covered in this post can all be included at Trunk or Treat events as well as fall festivals. So we wanted to share some of the best Trunk or Treat car themes we’ve come across.

Fall Festival Pie Table Decorating Ideas

Fall is a wonderful time of year and celebrating the season is so much fun! We hope this list inspires you to throw an incredible fall festival for your community. Be sure to share other great ideas with us in the comments below!

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Fall Festival Pie Table Decorating Ideas

Fall Home Decor: It’s Time For Autumn’s Cozy, Warm Colors & Textures

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