Fall Hand Turkeys Paper Table Decorations

Fall Hand Turkeys Paper Table Decorations – I’m rocking some awesome Stampin’ Friends today! If you are joining me from another blog, welcome. I hope you will check out my projects and then move on. A full list of designers and links can be found at the bottom of this post.

This month we are all sharing projects related to gratitude. I have an idea for a thank you card full of textures. Plus, I have a fun DIY table decoration you can make for your Thanksgiving.

Fall Hand Turkeys Paper Table Decorations

Fall Hand Turkeys Paper Table Decorations

If you want to see exactly how I made this beautiful thank you card full of texture, I have a step by step video tutorial for you.

Effortlessly Upgrade Your Home With These Easy Fall Decorating Ideas

I used the Celebrate Sunflower stamp set and Sunflower dies for this clean and simple card design. I also used the Harvest Meadow patterned paper.

Fall Hand Turkeys Paper Table Decorations

I cut the outline of the flower and leaves from basic White cardboard. I cut the back from patterned paper. I glued the white outlines to the patterned paper backgrounds.

I liked the white color so much that I decided to try the same design with a Sahara Sand and Soft Suede base. Who do you think you like?

Fall Hand Turkeys Paper Table Decorations

How To Get Your Table Linens Clean For The Holidays

This is a fun DIY table decoration for Thanksgiving that would be a great craft to do with the kids or make yourself. You can write someone’s name or add a thank you note on the white strip. Clothes can be stuck on a napkin or just sit on the table.

I made these fun turkeys last year too. I just updated it with Harvest Meadow patterned paper for this year. You can watch this video I made last year to see how to put the pieces together.

Fall Hand Turkeys Paper Table Decorations

Thanks so much for stopping by today! I hope you will take a few minutes to click through the entire blog to see all the wonderful creations. If you need any of the supplies for my projects come back here after you are done, click the button for the supplies list.

Easy To Craft Fall Leaf Centerpiece

If you need anything to create these cards or table decorations, click the buttons above to see the complete supply list for the project. Then, mark the items you don’t need and click the “Add to Cart” button.

Fall Hand Turkeys Paper Table Decorations

I love spoiling my clients! Get a FREE tutorial with every order. Plus, don’t forget to use this month’s Host Code on the next screen above the pink “Pay” button to earn Frequent Buyer Points toward FREE stamps. An all-too-familiar Thanksgiving scene: You’re (still!) toiling in the warm weather. in the kitchen in your apron, try whipping up a batch of potatoes while you add the finishing touches to your Thanksgiving feast. No doubt your culinary genius will impress your family, but kids don’t cooperate during a last-minute emergency. Sign crying:

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Before you turn to silly technology, try pulling out a few sheets of white computer paper, plus a pack of washable markers, and challenge your restless crew to create these simple homemade turkeys—the easiest of the easy Thanksgiving crafts for kids. We have conveniently compiled the exact step-by-step guide below. What if you have extra buttons, sequins, feathers, pom poms, stickers or glitter in your arts and crafts closet? Put that bird out – we sprinkled glitter on the hat buckle and stuck glue on the guard’s eye.

Fall Hand Turkeys Paper Table Decorations

Fall Door Decorations

Another genius mom trick: You can turn their masterpieces into subs to make the perfect Thanksgiving table settings. Simply have each child write their name on their drawing, then push them to show some independence and proudly set up the children’s table while they draw. Tip: You may want to consider upgrading to thicker cardstock for a Plasmat project. It’s more robust and can go the distance from lunch to dessert. Kiss, swallow!

Below are step-by-step instructions for making this cute thank you craft. You can also watch it in the video above.

Fall Hand Turkeys Paper Table Decorations

Take a fresh sheet of white computer paper and draw the outline of your hand with a sharp pencil. Tip: Unlike me, you may want to remove the bracelets and bling for smoother lines!

Thanksgiving Table Setting Tips From A Few Of Vogue’s Favorite Tastemakers

Yes! Follow your hand. Now draw a line to separate your “feathers” from your turkey’s body.

Fall Hand Turkeys Paper Table Decorations

Or don’t! We traced our “turkey” with a brown marker, then used colored pencils to have fun with the feathers. Blue? You bet!

Using the makers, draw two small turkey legs with a wing and toes on the turkey’s body.

Fall Hand Turkeys Paper Table Decorations

Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas For Around Your Home

Stick one on if you have them, otherwise a simple black dot with a marker will do the trick.

Draw on the stick and trace with red and orange markers. Then impress your friends by knowing what those turkeys are called.

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Fall Hand Turkeys Paper Table Decorations

Draw with a black marker, draw a glue line for the buckle, sprinkle with glitter and shake. Your masterpiece is submitted!

Best Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Meaghan Murphy Content Director Meaghan B Murphy, Content Director Known for her high energy, fun personality and SUMMER lifestyle, Meaghan B Murphy is a certified fitness professional, hacker, author, editor, podcaster, entertainer and Penguin-Random House mom. 3 (plus a fur baby!) excited to reimagine Woman’s Day as a fully loaded content director. It’s a special time of year to give thanks and prepare holiday meals… what’s not to love? Inspire little ones with this fun turkey craft! This is a perfect decoration for the mantle or the Thanksgiving table itself!

Fall Hand Turkeys Paper Table Decorations

Choose your colors for the turkey tail! You will need 2 sheets of each color. Set the brown aside for the head and body of the turkey.

Flatten the paper to the desired layer height, then cut. Fold all the construction paper sheets, 2 of each color, back and forth like an accordion. Using a glue stick, glue the matching colors together to make one long folded sheet.

Fall Hand Turkeys Paper Table Decorations

Easy Fall Crafts For Kids And Parents (do Them In An Afternoon!)

Decorate your layers by drawing on them or using a bingo dabber. You can fold the paper sheets again and cut the top corner for a pointed feather look.

Fold your decorative layers back into a fan shape. Add a piece of tape to the bottom of the fan to connect both sides.

Fall Hand Turkeys Paper Table Decorations

Draw a circle for the turkey body on brown construction paper (you can use a jar lid as your base). Fold the bottom of the circle so that it has a straight edge – this will be a ridge to attach your turkey to the base. Then draw and cut out the turkey leg shape for the head and neck. Draw a heart shape for the wand on a piece of red construction paper and a triangle of yellow paper for the beak and cut them out.

How To Make A Hand Turkey — Easy Hand Turkey Drawing Tutorial

Add double-sided tape to the top of the jar lid. Be sure to keep the smallest fan in the center and on the front of the lid. Then add the larger fans to the back.

Fall Hand Turkeys Paper Table Decorations

Tape to the lower edge of the turkey’s body or use double-sided tape. Attach to the front of the cover.

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Fall Hand Turkeys Paper Table Decorations

Thanksgiving Crafts, Diy Ideas, And More For Kids And Adults

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we are so excited! We love everything about this time of year, from the cold weather to spending time with family and of course, the delicious food.

Plus, they’re a fun way for kids to get involved in the holiday preparations. So grab some paper and some paint and let’s get started!

Fall Hand Turkeys Paper Table Decorations

If you’ve never done handshaking arts and crafts with your kids, you’re in for a real treat.

Fall Crafts For Kids

Trace your child’s hand onto your chosen color of cardstock (these will be the turkey feathers) and cut them all out.

Fall Hand Turkeys Paper Table Decorations

Looking for Thanksgiving fun and learning for your kids? Look no further than this Thanksgiving entertainment package! It’s packed with 79 pages of Thanksgiving themed worksheets, dot printables, family activities and more. It’s a perfect way to get your kids excited about Thanksgiving and help them learn all about this special holiday. So don’t wait – grab your Thanksgiving printable pack today!

The first page is for home use with 1-2 children. All pieces are on one page and must be printed on white cardstock. Once it’s printed, you’ll cut out the pattern, trace it onto the color paper you need, and then cut out a second time.

Fall Hand Turkeys Paper Table Decorations

Thanksgiving Pattern Images

The great thing about using this template is that you will save your colored paper so you can use it for future projects. The downside is that you have to cut

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