Fall Table Setting Decor

Fall Table Setting Decor – When you think of fall, you might think of delicious (yet healthy) weekend meals and fall-themed cocktails that will brighten up any dreary fall day. And when it comes to hosting gatherings and parties with family and friends for Thanksgiving dinner (or just to celebrate the new season), you can’t miss out on setting the table with a Thanksgiving centerpiece. If you’re looking for more seasonal focal points, we’re sharing fall centerpieces that you can easily create on your own or even with a group.

Arranging a fall centerpiece to match your fall DIY decor doesn’t have to be a stressful or time-consuming experience. Our roundup includes simple options that require minimal materials, such as fruits and dried wheat arrangements. We’ve got mini moss gardens, painted pumpkins, and a three-tiered pumpkin stand (and if you don’t like the mess that comes with painting or carving, these no-cut ideas will turn your pumpkins into something cute, spooky, or fun).

Fall Table Setting Decor

Fall Table Setting Decor

So if you want to entertain guests in your dining room, consider these decorating ideas that will highlight your tablescape. And for more DIY ideas (especially for the holiday season), check out these Thanksgiving crafts for adults that double as fall decorations. Not to mention these elegant yet spooky Halloween placemats and centerpieces.

Quick & Easy, Diy Fall Table Decor Ideas

Pick apples, peaches, oranges and more of your favorite fruits to use as a focal point on your table. Place them in clear glass vases and wrap them in colorful ribbon for an extra festive look.

Fall Table Setting Decor

This blogger used confetti, Mod Podge, a brush and spray paint to decorate her mini pumpkins. To recreate the look, use different colors for the design, then arrange them horizontally on your table (or stack them on top of each other to save space).

Not only is this project super easy to DIY, but it’s also incredibly attractive and edible. The tower was made with styrofoam cones and foil, while kale was used as green on the outside.

Fall Table Setting Decor

Fall Table Setting Ideas

Turn a collection of antique vases into a focal point by filling them with faux acorn branches and berry stems.

Place tea lights on small plates and add several sets along the center of the table. Place fall-colored faux leaves around the edges of the plates for a pop of color.

Fall Table Setting Decor

Bring nature indoors with a mini garden that sits on top of the glass fruit or cake stand. Add earthy elements, such as smooth or rough stones, and include small flowers for a pop of color.

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Ideas For Setting A Neutral Fall Table

Dried flower arrangements make great table decorations – not only because of their ability to be used for a long time, but because they are just as beautiful as the real thing. Use dry wheat slices, tie them with ribbon and place them in a clear glass vase. Weave in a base full of nuts and greens to add a holiday theme.

Fall Table Setting Decor

For this craft, start by hollowing out your pumpkins. Use a variety of sizes and stack them together in the center of the dining table. Glue gooseberry branches inside the holes, making sure to twist or bend them to the desired length. The orange Chinese lanterns are also autumn themed.

Fill a wide glass jar with peanuts, pecans, almonds, tangerines and berries (real or faux). Then place your votive candle on top inside the glass. Berries and tangerines are a fresh touch, while nuts give an earthy tone to the decor.

Fall Table Setting Decor

Gorgeous Summer Table Decorations

Use a mix of fake and real pumpkins as a centerpiece (consider including a pumpkin). Place a wreath of leaves underneath, weaving them through the space between the fruits.

Pumpkin painting is a fun fall activity for everyone of all ages. To recreate this design, spray paint your pumpkin white. Trace the leaves of the fruit and outline them with paint, before adding color to the interior.

Fall Table Setting Decor

For this creative DIY center you will need three serving trays (of different sizes). Use pumpkins as a stand, with the largest on the bottom, the medium in the middle and the small on top. Then place the fun treats on platters for guests to admire and pick at.

Beautiful Gold And Copper Fall Table Setting

These painted autumn mason jars will fit perfectly into any farm decor. This blogger painted mason jars with chalk paint, wrapped pieces of burlap around them and used hot glue to hold them together. Flowers complete the look, making this a vibrant and fun Thanksgiving idea for beginners.

Fall Table Setting Decor

Take it from blogger Chrissy Horton – gingham and knit rugs can easily work year-round. Just switch out the flowers to stick with the fall theme.

Leave it to designer Erin Gates to prove that a neutral palette is far from boring. Here, a seamless mix of beige and rich brown creates a sophisticated table.

Fall Table Setting Decor

Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas

If you’re obsessed with interior design, this Chinoiserie painted pumpkin is the idea for you. To enhance the look, pair the centerpiece with dishes in the same style.

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Fill the autumn table with a festive display of white wreaths placed on mini pumpkins. Let a table runner that has a mix of orange shades serve as the finishing touch.

Fall Table Setting Decor

For a striking nature-inspired look, place tall orange branches in a vase inside a glass jar. Discuss the tablecloth to ensure that the autumn centerpiece really stands out.

Fall Table Setting Idea (jewel Tones And Eucalyptus)

Leave it to stylist and interior photographer Alyssa Rosenheck to make the filler look as good as the flowers. Recreate the unexpected yet elegant arrangement with a simple Israeli ruscus.

Fall Table Setting Decor

Bring the inviting feel of your indoor dining table directly outdoors. To complete your table, hang a tall arrangement of greenery with lanterns. Add cushions and patterned rugs to the seats to create a cozy atmosphere.

Instead of settling for a traditional vase, get creative and make one out of a basic pumpkin. Try enhancing it with gold studs for a trendy look.

Fall Table Setting Decor

Autumn Table Tips: How To Set A Table For Fall

Why not use a pumpkin as a vase? Fill it with succulents of your choice for a fun and unexpected display.

Turn mini pumpkins into pots to display your favorite flowers, such as dahlias, buttercups and mums. To make them, carve out your mini pumpkins as you normally would. Then cut off the bottom of the water bottle and slide them right into the pumpkins, so they act as vases.

Fall Table Setting Decor

There’s nothing like taking a walk on a crisp fall day to enjoy the changing leaves. Bring the same mood into your home with an art leaf filled with all the beautiful fall colors.

Beautiful Black White Buffalo Check Farmhouse Fall Table Setting Tips

Arrange a rustic centerpiece with tree trunk-inspired wooden plaques that can be painted orange for a fun look.

Fall Table Setting Decor

There’s no reason why collectibles, like salvaged shredders, shouldn’t be part of your table setting. When placed next to candles, they are brilliant for adding charm to an autumn table.

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Fall Table Setting Decor

Fall Table Decor Ideas Inspired By Our 2017 Fall Color Palette

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3 easy ways to update a WFH setting made for from Good Housekeeping for Created by Good Housekeeping for Philips Hue Set a beautiful table for a fall party with our decorating ideas with pumpkins, candles, flowers, corn and more.

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Fall Table Setting Decor

White pumpkins surrounded by bittersweet vines and placed next to an orange rolling table make a striking table setting.

Cool Fall Table Settings For Special Occasions And Not Only

Vibrant dahlias in carved mini gourds delight settings. (We used a candle cutter – a small tool that removes candle-sized pieces from fruits and vegetables.) Insert a votive holder as a “vase” for water and flowers. For the centerpiece, a row of cake stands hold up pumpkins decorated with silhouettes of paper leaves. Download our free silhouette tutorials and templates below.

Fall Table Setting Decor

Create a beautiful table display that shows the spread of the season. Cylindrical vases filled with birdseed provide a sturdy base for the branches from which the small pumpkins hang on pieces of twine. Between the vases, carved gourds hold both candles and berries. Complete the look by arranging berries, cones, pumpkins, branches and moss around the vases.

Large windows let in plenty of sunlight to showcase the bright fall colors in this Michigan farmhouse. Tall glass vases on the table show autumn’s bounty – pumpkins, gourds and autumn branches – while farm-inspired cutlery continues its theme. The contents of the vases can easily be replaced with seasonal decor to suit entertaining needs.

Fall Table Setting Decor

Fall Table Decor

To create a low centerpiece that encourages conversation even across the table, group fall-colored pillar candles of varying heights atop a wooden cutting board. Finish the look with dried oranges, autumn pumpkins and sweet licorice. To coordinate the place settings, place a leaf on top of each napkin and tie a velvet ribbon around the center.

Simple grouping of seasonal items and colors brings autumn to your table. Orange and white pumpkins plus yellow chrysanthemums in a sunny yellow container create an eye-catching centerpiece. Pick up some of the squash for extra flavor.

Fall Table Setting Decor

Make a simple harvest centerpiece with wheat and dried corn. Start by filling a bowl with floral foam. Place the wheat stalks so that they extend around the edges of the foam, then top with corn on the cob. For place settings for special occasions, attach a name card to an extra set of flasks on each plate. Autumn

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