Fall Thanksgiving Table Decor With Wooden Boxes

Fall Thanksgiving Table Decor With Wooden Boxes – A roundup of 25 year-round ideas for decorating wooden boxes, plus a few additional uses for one. A list of inspiring ideas to see!

Okay, so I’m a little obsessed with wooden boxes! I love them and think you can use them in so many ways.

Fall Thanksgiving Table Decor With Wooden Boxes

Fall Thanksgiving Table Decor With Wooden Boxes

They are thrifty and easy to make. I’ve been looking for ideas on decorating wooden boxes on Pinterest, so I thought I’d share my findings with you.

Fall Table Decor Ideas That Will Be The Hit Of Your Party

Check out my tutorial on building a wooden box (here) and making burlap signs (here) to change the look of the box each season!

Fall Thanksgiving Table Decor With Wooden Boxes

Here’s a roundup of my favorite ideas for decorating wooden boxes! Click on the pictures to go to their sites.

Use the wooden box to hold silverware for dinner with guests. You can place it on the table or sideboard. Replace the sign with burlap for other times of the year or don’t use it!

Fall Thanksgiving Table Decor With Wooden Boxes

Easy Diy Thanksgiving Decorations — Best Decorating Ideas For Thanksgiving

There are so many great ideas for the holidays. A rustic wooden box adds just a little charm to your table as a centerpiece or as an easy DIY Christmas decoration.

I would love to have this on my Christmas table. Click here to read about Far Above Rubies.

Fall Thanksgiving Table Decor With Wooden Boxes

Love the poinsettia?? Click here for a bright and beautiful decoration by Andee Layne. Easy and elegant! (You can always make felt poinsettias from my tutorial here)

Gorgeous Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas To Add Holiday Elegance

Another easy and festive way to fill the wooden box from The North End Loft. Check out their site here.

Fall Thanksgiving Table Decor With Wooden Boxes

Do you have cones?? Spray some paint and add some green. Beautiful! My Hydrangea Home sells them here.

Plant some of your favorite flowers in it! (Sorry, the link is bad, but I like the picture!)

Fall Thanksgiving Table Decor With Wooden Boxes

How To Make A Table Box

You can use it as an herb garden with spring flowers! Check this out here from Pretty Handy Girl.

I love the flowers in this beautiful centerpiece by Karin Lidbeck. Click here to check out their site.

Fall Thanksgiving Table Decor With Wooden Boxes

I love the simplicity of this box from some of my favorite bloggers over at Shanty 2 Chic. If you haven’t checked out their site, visit here.

Simple Thanksgiving Table Decor

Hydrangea is one of my favorite flowers! Here is my wooden clothes box painted with chalkboard paint. See it here.

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Fall Thanksgiving Table Decor With Wooden Boxes

This is a lovely wedding centerpiece but would be easy to recreate! See it here.

I found a few other really cool things to do with wooden boxes that I thought I’d share! Can be used as a tool bag as in these.

Fall Thanksgiving Table Decor With Wooden Boxes

Best Diy Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas And Decorations For 2022

Use it on your bar to hold drink mixers—think mint leaves, blueberries, olives, cucumbers, and other herbs.

To do this, I added paper markers on a board so my friend could write on what was in the jar. See the tutorial here.

Fall Thanksgiving Table Decor With Wooden Boxes

I could go on and on, but these are some of my favorites. I’ll let you know what I decide to do with mine each season. How do I use one?

Farmhouse Style Autumn Toolbox Table Decor Stock Photo

Thanks for stopping by! If you want to save these ideas for later, you can pin them now if you want!

Fall Thanksgiving Table Decor With Wooden Boxes

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Creating the perfect porch decor is a must for every homeowner, and one of the best seasons to do so is fall. There’s nothing like walking down the street and seeing pumpkins, hay bales, and gorgeous flowers laid out for everyone. But creating a porch display that’s visually interesting can take some effort, so we want to make it easy with these DIY fall wooden crates. Not only are they easy to build, but they add height and dimension to your porch display. As an added bonus, they can be moved inside for the winter and serve as storage.

Fall Thanksgiving Table Decor With Wooden Boxes

Centerpiece Ideas For The Dining Table You Can Make In Minutes

Cut your pieces of wood to the correct length and sand each edge of your wood with a piece of 80 grit sandpaper. We have provided the ratios we used, but you can cut them to whatever length you like.

Pro tip: If you don’t have a table saw or table saw, go to your local hardware store and get the lumber you need to size. If necessary, ask the staff to cut it to your size. Step 2:

Fall Thanksgiving Table Decor With Wooden Boxes

Then use two pieces of wood to create a fixture at a 90 degree angle. This will create a frame that will allow you to position the other pieces of wood correctly. Place your first 10-inch wood in the top corner of the frame. Place a piece of wood or other divider next to the 10-inch piece, then add another underneath. Continue doing this until you have lined up three 10-inch pieces.

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Fall Centerpiece, Farmhouse Decor, Fall Tree, Tiered Tray, Mini Book S

Create a side brace. Take your 9 1/4 wood and slide it over the top of the 10 inch pieces. Nail them in place with 1 inch nails. Insert two nails for each piece for an extra secure finish. Now that you have a small palette, repeat the same process to make the other piece.

Fall Thanksgiving Table Decor With Wooden Boxes

Now it’s time to take your 24 inch long pieces of wood to connect the side posts. Connect the 24-inch board to the 10-inch piece and nail it. One attached, flip the board over and attach them to your other small palette. Finally, make a box by closing the last 324 inches of wood planks to the bottom. You should now have a bottomless chest.

Make the base. Sand the 12″ x 24″ board with 3M sandpaper, then seal with Minwax Ployurethance Clear Satin. You are then free to paint the table in whatever color you choose. We settled on a beautiful palette of burgundy and mustard yellow.

Fall Thanksgiving Table Decor With Wooden Boxes

Creative Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas

Pro tip: For a more rustic look, try our scratch paint technique. Use a piece of 60-grit sandpaper and scratch the surface of the paint until the natural wood texture and color appears.

You miss the wood on the chest. We used Minwax Espresso stain color, but you can use anything that complements your porch decor.

Fall Thanksgiving Table Decor With Wooden Boxes

Add the base by placing the painted side up on your crate. Line up the corners and nail it in place with your nail gun and 1-inch nails. Now that it’s complete, it’s time to install your porch decor!

Easy To Make Fall Table Decorations

You can resize the pieces of wood to create wooden boxes of different sizes or make multiples of the same size. Complete the decor with holiday pumpkins and gourds and seasonal flowers. Show us how you’ve styled your fall DIY wooden crates by connecting with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest! Decoration for fall? A front door wreath, some signs and some centerpieces on your kitchen island, coffee table and other places will help you create an environment that will welcome everyone. Get more fall beauty with these awesome leaf centerpieces! Autumn leaves bring all the wonderful colors and impressions of autumn, they are super easy to achieve – you can just gather some outside, forget about your autumn depression and immerse yourself in these shades!

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Fall Thanksgiving Table Decor With Wooden Boxes

A basket of fake pumpkins, berries, leaves and a rust colored candle in a rusty crystal candle holder is very rustic and cool

A beautiful and natural fall centerpiece of green flowers, fall leaves, pumpkins and gourds and thin, tall candles.

Fall Thanksgiving Table Decor With Wooden Boxes

Cottagecore Thanksgiving Table

Bright rustic autumn centerpiece of orange roses, autumn leaves, white pumpkin and vase wrapped in white bark

Chic autumn forest centerpiece of wood slice, deer antlers, autumn leaves, cup with blueberries, flowers and leaves

Fall Thanksgiving Table Decor With Wooden Boxes

Autumn centerpiece on a wooden box with pine cones, berries, autumn leaves and candles in glass candle holders

Dollar Store Holiday Table Decor

A fall farm centerpiece with fall leaves, acorns, fake pumpkins and lights is very cozy

Fall Thanksgiving Table Decor With Wooden Boxes

Charming southern autumn centerpiece of a tree slice, soup bowl with leaves, pinecone, moss ball and pear

Simple and natural fall centerpiece of a clear vase with fall leaves on a wooden slice

Fall Thanksgiving Table Decor With Wooden Boxes

Best Rustic Wooden Box Centerpiece Ideas And Designs For 2022

A simple fall centerpiece from a glass jar with wine corks and fall leaves on the branches can be done quickly

A tall glass vase with a white pumpkin and bright autumn leaves is a very easy arrangement for a bold look

Fall Thanksgiving Table Decor With Wooden Boxes

What’s great about leaves is that they are so simple that you don’t need to decorate them – just place them in pots or vases and the centerpiece is ready, basically it’s a perfect natural and modern centerpiece for many occasions. If you need to, you can keep the leaves – there are lots of tutorials to try, or just go buy some fake leaves that last a long time and you don’t have to worry about your center. Mix it with pumpkin, acorn, artificial vegetables and fruits – it will be very traditional and cozy. You can also choose a natural centerpiece of real pumpkins, leaves, fruits and vegetables

Leaf Centerpieces For Fall And Thanksgiving Décor

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