Farm Wedding Table Decorations

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The word “rustic” means something different to everyone. Some couples may picture a western-inspired wedding in a meadow, while others envision an intimate setting on a farm. One person envisions a magical forest with boho details, while another envisions a formal event at a French country estate.

Farm Wedding Table Decorations

Farm Wedding Table Decorations

One thing everyone can agree on is that there’s nothing more beautiful than a beautiful table full of family and friends, and for that we’ve found centerpiece ideas for every style. From simple garlands of greenery to suspended installations, traditional floral arrangements to outdoor designs—some even edible!—read on to find a rustic wedding centerpiece that’s just right for you.

Say “i Do” To These Fab 51 Rustic Wedding Decorations

For a simple-yet-elegant design that works in almost any setting, choose a wide olive leaf accented with white lettering, like this pair’s woodland arrangement. The flower girls also wore crowns of olive leaves and heart-shaped crowns from the branches towards the basement.

Farm Wedding Table Decorations

This bride felt strongly about dressing her dresses for a chic, rustic look on the tables. They were topped with single flowers in vases and a variety of candle holders and sconces, while an arrangement of dried herbs above made a real statement.

You only have to visit a farmer’s market to see how beautiful displays of fresh produce can be, and how fruits and vegetables can be an attractive centerpiece for your holiday. Created for the couple’s elegant farmhouse wedding, this runner features artichokes, pomegranates and apples against a garland of cabbage and olives.

Farm Wedding Table Decorations

Outdoor Fall Table Setting

Wildflower arrangements like roses, hollyhocks and sunflowers add a fun, cheerful touch and are especially great for informal and summer celebrations. The couple’s reception party featured wooden tables with wildflowers, rattan chargers and blue-and-white tablecloths.

Depending on the fan’s style and style, fans can take on a casual or formal table look. At the couple’s reception, the picnic table featured vintage lanterns reminiscent of the Old West along with bandanas, cheerful flowers and ceramic fish. Guests tried activities like kite surfing and knife throwing in the evening, and gathered around the campfire to make s’mores after dinner.

Farm Wedding Table Decorations

Photo Les Amis Photo; Planning by Wedding Care; Design by Framberry; Floral design by Nina E I Fiori

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Rustic Wedding Table Decorations (and How To Recreate Them On A Budget)

Velvet is timeless and, when paired with the right rustic rugs, can fit perfectly into a pastoral setting. The couple’s romantic outdoor celebration at a country estate in Italy featured family-style tablecloths, antique candelabras, figs and pomegranates, as well as dahlias, roses and chocolate cosmos.

Farm Wedding Table Decorations

For a simple-yet-chic arrangement, choose a bowl that reflects your holiday style and fill it with fresh fruit. The couple, who tied the knot on a California farm in late summer, chose apples, but the concept works well with lemons, pears, oranges or pears.

An arrangement made of several small bottles and mini-bottles allows each column to stand out, is an easy DIY, and allows for flexible grouping around other decor elements such as table numbers. For their Colorado wedding, the couple created pink, white and blue floral arrangements in rose and wine glasses.

Farm Wedding Table Decorations

Budget Rustic Wedding Decorations [2022 Guide]

A small patch of greenery on the table also adds a natural element to the indoor space. For their wedding in a Pennsylvania barn, the couple wore crisp white gowns with delicate green scarves.

One way to instantly add a touch of romance to a table setting is with antique brass candles. They are inexpensive, available from most antique shops and, if you buy rather than rent, make a wonderful souvenir of the day. For their relaxed reception in Colorado, the couple paired candles with a cheese platter, an inexpensive-yet-perfect option.

Farm Wedding Table Decorations

While a simple green garland is beautiful on its own, there’s also something to be said for a suspended table runner. For the couple’s wedding in the mountains of Tennessee, the floral designer created a stunning arrangement of ranunculus butterflies, hellebores, astilbe, parrot tulips, clematis, scabiosa and white iris, accented with pillar candles and mercury glass bottles.

Burlap And Lace Country Wedding Decorations

Photo by Addison Jones; Planning by Auburn and Ivory; Catering by two caterers; Floral arrangement by Bare Roots Floral

Farm Wedding Table Decorations

For a rustic touch friends and family will appreciate (because who doesn’t love a dinner party arrangement?) place a bread and butter plate on the reception table as guests sit down like this couple.

Glass vases instantly create a design-forward moment with the simplest of flowers, and they can double as well. For an upscale reception, the couple incorporated green-and-white flowers into their festive decor.

Farm Wedding Table Decorations

Long Farm Table Decor

A nice bottle of wine doesn’t just complement a meal – it can also complement your table setting. Placing bottles of wine on the table works especially well for a relaxed, family-style reception so guests can refill their glasses. For their wedding at the bride’s family home, the couple placed glasses in a eucalyptus vase and set white taper candles in antique brass candlesticks.

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Eucalyptus is a staple of the “rustic-chic” look due to its simple beauty, charm and versatility. For their reception at a Portuguese monastery, the couple included a bunch of eucalyptus in the centerpiece and decorated cake tables and arches throughout the property with green garlands.

Farm Wedding Table Decorations

The rich reddish-brown color of terra cotta adds a natural, old-world touch to any setting. For their wedding in the mountains of North Carolina, the couple worked all day on the floor with arrangements on the reception table.

Beautiful Barn Wedding Table Settings

The tall greenery gets a romantic update when a bunch of baby’s breath is paired with uplifting vocals. The humble white flower also graced the wedding venue at this beautiful celebration in Florence.

Farm Wedding Table Decorations

On top of the table. The couple’s celebration in the Tuscan countryside featured long wooden tables decorated with flowers in bright pastel colors, while lanterns accented with eucalyptus and gold hung over a wooden pergola.

If you like the look of tapers – but don’t want your table to look old or old-world – choose a modern-style wooden chandelier. For their reception table, the couple used bare tapers and matching mango tree trunks and added a sprig of spirea.

Farm Wedding Table Decorations

Of The Prettiest Rustic Wedding Centerpieces

There is something magical about moss. Live greenery adds an element of magic to wooden floors and trees, and can do the same for your reception table. The couple incorporated a moss runner into their design scheme, decorated with understated arrangements of colorful flowers in glass vases and white tape candles.

This Aspen, Colorado wedding was full of unique ideas, including the use of paper, in this case designed.

Farm Wedding Table Decorations

Style, as a runner for a reception table. Flowers and wooden carriers added a natural look, while dahlias, roses and ranunculus added pops of color.

Rustic Wedding Table Decorations 12 Jam Style Jars For Flowers/ Tealights

Photo by Olivia Rae James; Planning by Lacey Geary; floral design by Amy Osaba; Paper products by Paper Birch Design

Farm Wedding Table Decorations

A lot of thought goes into creating your wedding favors, so why not showcase your efforts? The couple featured their table names, inspired by their favorite spots in Charleston, in dark wood place cards. The design also had a memory from each location. The cards were displayed in a garden-inspired floral, succulent and green centerpiece. This idea also works well with table numbers or menus.

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Using a variety of textures adds a lot of interest to the table. Take a look at this couple’s modern fall wedding in Charleston, which mixed custom pecan velvet tablecloths with gray tablecloths, dark marble candles and pottery. Centers were created from hellebores, scabiosa, smoke and greenery.

Farm Wedding Table Decorations

Centerpiece Ideas For Any Wedding Style

For a centerpiece that’s evocative and fragrant of a summer meadow, look no further than lavender. At their wedding at Pippin Hill Farm and Vineyards in Virginia, the couple had boxes of flowers, escort cards tucked into columns.

When you hear “tan,” “precious wedding” isn’t the first thing you think of, but this solid, lightweight metal can be transformed for special occasions or when paired with bold accents. Case in point: this couple’s wedding in Tennessee, where guests were greeted at the reception with two large galvanized trunks filled with baby scent.

Farm Wedding Table Decorations

For an unexpected way to incorporate rustic greenery and add height to your table design, choose a beautiful holder that elevates the rest of the table top arrangement. The couple’s reception at the groom’s family farm featured family-style tables decorated with eucalyptus branches mounted on gold frames.

The Most Complete Burlap Rustic Wedding Ideas For Your Inspiration

For a seasonal runner that’s both elegant and casual, mix fruits like apples, pears and figs with greens like olive branches and eucalyptus, then add tapers and bread for a romantic, candlelit touch. The couple’s boho-chic wine country reception also featured small bottles of olive oil, placed next to a stone slab and amber bar.

Farm Wedding Table Decorations

For a welcome party or rehearsal dinner, nothing looks better than a classic checkered tablecloth. For their weekend celebration at a North Carolina campground, the couple hosted a restaurant where guests dined on shrimp.

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