Farmhouse Coffee Table Decor

Farmhouse Coffee Table Decor – Love Ikea brackets and farmhouse decor? Then this DIY farmhouse coffee table project is for you!

This project is very easy, can be done without any power tools and can be completed in a weekend. Another benefit of going the DIY route is that you can paint your wood to match your taste.

Farmhouse Coffee Table Decor

Farmhouse Coffee Table Decor

If you’ve read my DIY farmhouse decor posts, you’ll know that I’ve been slowly replacing my interior with more rustic pieces.

Rounded Diy Coffee Tables

One of the projects I had in the back of my mind was a large, beautiful rustic coffee table that would really bring our family room together.

Farmhouse Coffee Table Decor

One of the options was to buy one, but I enjoy a good DIY and saving money, so I decided to put one together – but not completely from scratch. This is where the Ikea hack comes in!

I did some research and found that the Ikea Kumi coffee table was the perfect size, easy to put together, and inexpensive. Since the coffee table is plain and simple, I can jazz it up with some beautiful wooden 1/4″ boards on top!

Farmhouse Coffee Table Decor

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Tip: We used 1/4 inch cedar fence boards and cut them to size for the table at the Home Depot store.

This hack made it super easy and quick to assemble with a table and no power tools required! I measured the length of the Ikea Lack and asked the clerks at Home Depot to cut the wooden boards to length before I left the store.

Farmhouse Coffee Table Decor

When we got home I started staining the boards with this stain. I love this vrattan stain because I still want to see the beauty of the wood grain. This stain is very thin and not as thick as others I’ve used, so I can control how grainy it looks by limiting the number of coats. For this project I used 2 coats to get a nice rich color but still be able to see the grain of the wood.

Best Farmhouse Decor

Once the boards were stained and completely dry, I used this sealer to seal the wood. If you don’t seal your wood, any moisture (think coffee or drinks) will likely corrode the wood and possibly rot it.

Farmhouse Coffee Table Decor

Sealer I used my triple thickness, so only 1 coat was needed, which definitely cuts down on drying time. I also made sure to choose a “matte” finish. There are other finishes like gloss, semi-gloss and satin, but I was going for a rustic look and that’s why I chose the matte finish.

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Since we chose not to glue the boards to the table, we used a very strong construction grade glue like this one. To ensure the glue dried with a firm hold, we used clamps like these to add tension to the boards on the table and left them overnight while they dried.

Farmhouse Coffee Table Decor

Farmhouse Coffee Table Decor Ideas

Another option is to carefully lift the table and put some weight on it instead of the clamps.

The next morning the glue was dry and the table was ready to be added back to our family room!

Farmhouse Coffee Table Decor

It’s the perfect amount of rustic and I love my wood planks. I can see the cedar grain and knots which I just love! Another great thing about the Ikea Lack table is that it has a shelf underneath that you can use to store things. I stored some of our family board games in it and now it’s easily accessible to grab and play!

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The total cost of this DIY farmhouse coffee table, including the new Ikea Lack table, was $90.

Farmhouse Coffee Table Decor

Adding a simple centerpiece to your coffee table is an easy way to add some decor to your space.

If you want to use lots of small pieces of decor as your centerpiece, using a galvanized tray really brings it all together and makes it look cohesive and clean. Which I did.

Farmhouse Coffee Table Decor

Diy Farmhouse Coffee Table: Ikea Hack Makeover

I found a beautiful stone Buddha statue at my local Walmart and wanted it in my place because it evokes a sense of calm for me.

Along with the Buddha, I also added other items that I like that had a little “audacity”: a faux eucalyptus plant, a wooden handwritten sign I made using a dollar store mini canvas/easel, DIY- wooden beads beads made with

Farmhouse Coffee Table Decor

Another budget-friendly option is to add some beautiful free farmhouse art to your coffee table vignette. Check out Lisa’s (of super cute free farmhouse printable art. Just print, frame and you have an extra coffee table decoration!

Rustic Farmhouse Rectangular Coffee Table

Choose items that mean something or that make you feel a certain way. Or things you just like.

Farmhouse Coffee Table Decor

It may take some time to collect them, but it will make a big difference in the mood and atmosphere in your space. Sajaya Life is supported by readers. When you make a purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. learn more

Farmhouse style is all about bringing different textures together to create a cozy space. Some of the most popular ideas for decorating a farmhouse coffee table include using decorative trays, covering with books and candles, and adding greenery.

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Farmhouse Coffee Table Decor

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If you’re going for this look, here are 15 great farmhouse coffee table decor ideas that you can use in your home.

For an easy farmhouse feel, add herb stems to clean jars. To keep the look interesting, use pots of different heights. You can change branches for each season.

Farmhouse Coffee Table Decor

Decorative trays are universally ideal for coffee table decoration, regardless of style. This is because they can do double duty, covering things like a remote control while still looking decorative.

Buy Mkono Mason Jar Lights Centerpiece Table Decorations For Dining Room Farmhouse Coffee Table Decor Wood Tray With 3 Jars Flowers Fall Table Centerpieces Decor For Kitchen Living Dining Room, White Online

This farmhouse coffee table tray comes in two finishes: wood and black or white and gold. The wooden version lends itself to a modern farmhouse look, while the white and gold version gives off glamorous farmhouse vibes.

Farmhouse Coffee Table Decor

It doesn’t get more farmhouse than lanterns, and these modern shutter-style options are no exception. It would look great as a coffee table centerpiece.

There are many ways to decorate with farmhouse lanterns and ways to hang them. For example, you can put a regular candle, LED candle or a plant in it.

Farmhouse Coffee Table Decor

Practical Ideas For A Square Coffee Table With Storage

Plants are beautiful as a farmhouse coffee table centerpiece, and this woven basket only enhances the plant’s beauty.

Choosing a bowl like this to serve as your centerpiece helps bring texture and warmth to the room. It will look great regardless of your color scheme and is all you need as your table decoration.

Farmhouse Coffee Table Decor

White pillar candles are simple pieces that you can add to any room for a farmhouse coffee table design.

Pieces Coffee Bar Decor Sign Farmhouse Tiered Tray Decors,coffee Wooden Sign Mini Coffee Mug

These would look great in a tray or grouped in groups of 3 or 5. If you have small children or just don’t like regular candles, you can swap them out for battery-powered LED versions.

Farmhouse Coffee Table Decor

If you like a put together look, go for a copper tray. The tray is functional and the perfect place to put your books and remote controls. However, the brass design gives it a more polished look.

It would be a perfect centerpiece for a modern farmhouse look. You can even dress it up a bit by placing a plant next to it.

Farmhouse Coffee Table Decor

French Country Coffee Tables

Flowers will always be the center of attention, regardless of the table. For a farmhouse look, try a simple striped vase as pictured.

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The vase is beautiful but subtle. It does not compete with the flowers, but enhances their appearance and creates the perfect farmhouse coffee table design. Plus, by using a vase as your centerpiece, you can change the look with new greenery as the seasons change.

Farmhouse Coffee Table Decor

For a simple look, group three of these candles and add pillar candles to them. For a more eclectic look, replace them with vintage coffee table books.

Vintage Coffee Table Rustic Solid Wood Slate Design Shelf Farmhouse Decor

Cotton Scream Farmhouse Style. And if you’re looking for an easy and inexpensive idea, it’s hard to beat. All you need is a bag of faux cotton buttons and a blooming vase, and you have the perfect coffee table decoration.

Farmhouse Coffee Table Decor

It would look great as a focal point on your table or as an accent on your end tables.

If you need to bring texture to the room, try these decorative wooden balls. You can place it in a transparent vase or bowl.

Farmhouse Coffee Table Decor

Beautiful Farmhouse Coffee Table Ideas & Designs (with Plans) For 2023

Use it as a centerpiece or mix it with old books and candles. You can also add battery-powered string lights for an extra touch of texture and ambiance.

If you like the assembled look, don’t settle for just one piece of decor. Instead, mix a few things for maximum effect.

Farmhouse Coffee Table Decor

For a farmhouse look, white candles and candles like the one above are always a good start. Then add your favorite vase, greenery and some old books. And remember, not everything has to be new. The best way to achieve this look is to mix the old with the new.

Cozy Coffee Table Decorating Ideas For Winter

If you’re looking for a conversation piece, this is it. This deer head candle holder is handcrafted from cast aluminum and finished in antique brass. It can hold six small pillar candles.

Farmhouse Coffee Table Decor

It would look great as a centerpiece in a modern farmhouse living room. It’s 33.5 inches wide, so it’s perfect for a long coffee table.

Need a farm house

Farmhouse Coffee Table Decor

Best Diy Farmhouse Coffee Table Ideas

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