Farmhouse Table Decor Primitive

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Redecorating gives you the ability to change your environment, no matter where you are. Case in point: You don’t have to have a garden to enjoy the generous, elegant decor of a country house. From wooden tables to inviting back chairs, nothing says home sweet home better than the dining room.

Farmhouse Table Decor Primitive

Farmhouse Table Decor Primitive

Here’s how to add rustic charm and farmhouse-style hospitality to your dining room like a pro.

Summer Dining Table Decor

Authentic farmhouses are filled with fresh air and tons of natural light. Keep things light and airy with light wood details, bright white walls, red windows and soft details.

Farmhouse Table Decor Primitive

If your home does not have natural light, paint your walls with a warm white color, which will brighten your space and imitate sunlight.

Living on a farm certainly adds as much raw material to the home as it does to the exterior. This dining room showcases a combination of wood, metal and brass.

Farmhouse Table Decor Primitive

Primitive Farmhouse Fall Home Tour

There is nothing more beautiful than pieces passed down from generation to generation. This dining room furniture gives this modern space an old world charm that only they can.

Farmhouse style dining room chairs usually incorporate a traditional design using solid materials such as hardwood. Backseat chairs like the style featured here are an essential addition to the farm. The black finish is combined with the classic lighting of the metal dining room, while white shiplap is used on the walls to add a touch of perfection to the home.

Farmhouse Table Decor Primitive

The design style is more close to the table, which can add modern or rustic tones. The best place to find a dining room table for your farmhouse is at your local thrift store or flea market. Look for pieces that boast natural weather, or try your hand at a DIY project that mimics the same look.

Celebrate Summer Home Tour With Coastal Cottage Touches

When redecorating your space, consider balancing modern elements, such as shiplap, subway tile, or floating shelves with farmhouse influences such as industrial lighting and reclaimed wood.

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Farmhouse Table Decor Primitive

The finishing touch makes all the difference anywhere. While the farmhouse style may be the foundation of these designs, textural elements elevate the look of new spaces. Exposed wooden beams, layered table settings, long curtains, upholstered chairs, and a mix of fresh flowers make this dining room beautiful and easy to update.

Apothecary home decor can be approached in a variety of ways to create a truly unique look for any space. While some may choose to make a rainbow of colors, this achromatic technique proves to be just as beautiful. The black and white color scheme with wooden accents proves to be elegant, but still rustic in nature.

Farmhouse Table Decor Primitive

Rustic Wall Art Ideas

We’re big fans of formal dining rooms, but kitchen layouts are what home decor dreams are made of. The white marble table contrasts with the industrial-inspired chairs – just like the garden style should have been. And don’t even get us started on the amazing color of those cabinets.

While we love the bright styles of farmhouse living, this dark and moody dining room gives them a light run for their money. The green color of the walls and ceiling blends beautifully with the rich dining table.

Farmhouse Table Decor Primitive

We love how a fresh coat of paint can transform an armchair into a new addition to your garden space. This powder coating is an unexpected finishing touch that ties the entire dining room together.

Modern Country Home: How To Achieve The Look — Liv For Interiors

When browsing flea markets and thrift stores, don’t be discouraged from finding items that are part of a set. This dining room is proof that different things can still look connected in a space.

Farmhouse Table Decor Primitive

If you are lucky enough to have exposed beams in your dining room, give them the attention they deserve. Paint it a dark shade or paint the ceiling white for a touch of contrast. If you don’t already have clear lighting, they are the contractor to call.

If ever there was a perfect time to play earthy tones, it’s in a farm setting. This beautiful dining room is loaded with earthy tones from wood to twine, and concrete – and the result is no country escape.

Farmhouse Table Decor Primitive

Easy Fall Table Decor Ideas

Using the wrong chairs at the dining room table is a common garden argument. We love how this space has two types of chairs that share the same wood tone. It feels cohesive, but not too uniform. Pair your table and chairs with dining room wall decor that complements the modern farmhouse theme, like this simple white accent piece that lets the centerpiece steal the show.

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A dead giveaway in a rustic farmhouse style is probably hanging over your desk. Most homes have ceiling fans already installed in the dining room, but a simple metal switch will make all the difference. In modern country houses, dining room lamps are often combined with rustic accessories and rustic accents in different colors – think metal or wood combined with pendant lights.

Farmhouse Table Decor Primitive

The beauty of peasant style is its simplicity, as a combination of styles and patterns is encouraged. The dining room chandelier that hangs over the table is often made of precious seashell, but this rope version is just as lovely—and looks right at home in this rustic setting.

Rustic Dining Room Ideas

We love the natural materials that are often found in farm decorations, but don’t forget to remove wood, iron and steel for fibers. Full curtains, cushions on chairs, patterned rugs, and overhead lights make the space more inviting.

Farmhouse Table Decor Primitive

Mile-long dining tables are beautiful, but never underestimate what a four-person dining room can do for your space. It creates the perfect vignette for intimate meals and doesn’t have to sacrifice style.

No farm space is complete without vegetables or fruit on the table. It gives you the illusion of farm-to-table life, even if you live in a bustling city. My husband built our garden table in 1998 and I love it as much today as I did back then. This photo was taken last Christmas…and my centerpiece was a wood flour heart ornament with a swan.

Farmhouse Table Decor Primitive

Farmhouse Ladder Decor Ideas To Take Your Home To New Heights

You all know I love the “easy and simple” style…but I think something else needs to be in this gut as well. It’s obvious!….Any ideas?

I was thinking of changing the centerpiece to this one…I had an old charcoal bucket with flowers on my table and a heart hanging from the fireplace last year in February.

Farmhouse Table Decor Primitive

Then in the Spring… I pulled out a Martha Stewart pot with stems I picked up at a local thrift store for $4.00 and planted a Hydrangea in my flower garden.

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Best Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Accents

And during the summer months I put red, white and blue balls and clothes in a lamp bag with the light of the battery candles inside.

Farmhouse Table Decor Primitive

In the fall… I had a bowl of pumpkin and cornmeal, but I forgot to take a picture. There was a lot going on with the art show and work on the new kitchen.

I discovered what I would use for my center table any time of the year except winter…

Farmhouse Table Decor Primitive

Dining Room Reveal

This entry was posted on Saturday, February 2nd, 2013 at 2:52 am and is tagged Cynthia Lee Designs, Farmhouse Decor, Home Style and posted in Farmhouse Decor. You can follow the responses to this entry via the RSS 2.0 feed. I can’t wait to show you how I decorated the dining room with fall decor! A modern fall table perfect for fall gatherings.

What is your style? Farmhouse, Bohemian, Modern, Traditional? I lean towards electric, but in the summer my style turns to rustic, farm. But it always has a modern touch. And the dining room is a perfect example of this.

Farmhouse Table Decor Primitive

I love making patterns every season. My Fall table from last year was featured in the October issue of HGTV magazine! I was so happy when they contacted me and asked if they could add their issue to their fall! The important moment that you found me!

French Farmhouse Decor Inspiration Ideas: Part 1

So, to add to last year’s fall dining room decor I knew I had to get creative! Something that makes your guests want to stay and visit!

Farmhouse Table Decor Primitive

To create this neutral fall table, I started by using what I already had. After all, that’s the best place to start!

First, to create the perfect fall dining room decor, I gathered my wood. It’s an eclectic mix! Some are vintage, some are new. They differ in the ending too.

Farmhouse Table Decor Primitive

Beautiful Farmhouse Coffee Table Ideas & Designs (with Plans) For 2022

This creates a lot of interest, don’t you think? Look, there are no cookie cutters in my house. Even the dishes are a combination of French hotel funds. And

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