February Table Decorations Using Valentine Candy Boxes

February Table Decorations Using Valentine Candy Boxes – Treat your Valentine to white chocolate-dipped fortune cookies in a china (and cute!) box. All you need are basic cooking skills and craft supplies to make this the perfect Valentine’s Day craft project for kids.

Pour the white chocolate chips into a microwave-safe container and place in the microwave. Using the lowest power setting, melt the chocolate chips while stirring occasionally. Note: Alternatively, you can use a double boiler to melt white chocolate chips. Holding one end, dip the fortune cookie into the chocolate and place it on the wax paper (photo 1). While the chocolate is still wet, press the candy hearts into the chocolate (photo 2). Continue dipping the cookies until there are enough to fill the box (Figure 3).

February Table Decorations Using Valentine Candy Boxes

February Table Decorations Using Valentine Candy Boxes

Fold a small piece of paper (or a Post-It note) in half, then draw half a heart (picture 1). Tip: You can use a Post-It note to create a design that will stick to the sentiment as you trace. On two more folded sheets of paper, draw half of the arrow’s head and tail (out) (Figure 2). Cut to create templates.

Best Mail Order Chocolates For Valentine’s Day 2022

Open the templates and trace one heart on hot pink felt, two arrowheads and tails on light pink, then cut out (pictures 1 and 2).

February Table Decorations Using Valentine Candy Boxes

Place the stick through the heart at an angle, then mark where it will go in and out (pictures 1 and 2). Using scissors, make small slits in the mark.

Pull the stick through the holes in the felt heart, then glue the double-sided arrow tip and tail together using a thick layer of felt glue or Aleene’s Tacky Glue. Note: Because the felt is very porous, regular craft glue just soaks in and doesn’t create a bond when gluing the felt. Tacky glue, fabric glue and felt glue are the best options. Set aside and allow the glue to dry well, which may take several hours; You can speed up this process by placing the heart in a slightly warm oven.

February Table Decorations Using Valentine Candy Boxes

Valentine’s Day Treat Ideas You Can Mail With M&m’s ⋆ Ruffled

Apply glue to the back of the heart and place it on top of the take-out box. Although gluing the felt requires a long drying time, the glue will set quickly when gluing the felt to the cardboard. Finally, fill the box with dipped cookies and give your Valentine a sweet surprise (photo 1). Alternative: Decorate the second takeout box with tissue paper and sticky gems (photo 2).

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Ditch the store-bought Valentines and try something new this year. Kids will love helping you make homemade heart-shaped playdough to share with friends and classmates.

February Table Decorations Using Valentine Candy Boxes

Let that special someone know how you feel with this cute turtle card that says, “You bring me out of my shell.”

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Nothing sends a heartwarming message to loved ones like a handmade Valentine’s Day. Show your favorite that you’re their “biggest fan” this year with this clever and easy-to-make card.

February Table Decorations Using Valentine Candy Boxes

The popular candy now comes in the form of keychains. Make this adorable accessory for your BFF, someone special, or yourself.

Don’t let your valentine send the wrong message! Discover the past and present meanings of today’s most popular flowers.

February Table Decorations Using Valentine Candy Boxes

Best Valentine’s Day Crafts

Skip the chocolate and roses and give handmade gifts with this retro item from The Crafty Lumberjacks.

Kids will love making these fun and easy-to-eat Valentine’s treats for their friends using licorice ribbons and gummy candies.

February Table Decorations Using Valentine Candy Boxes

Once you realize, “You don’t need to buy me anything,” is code for, “I want something to show you care,” we care.

Diy Valentine Box Of Faux Chocolates

This Valentine’s Day, trade in chalky conversation heart candies for colorful (and delicious!) vanilla sandwiches with a special message on them. Each product we feature is personally selected and reviewed by our editorial team. We may earn a commission if you purchase using affiliate links.

February Table Decorations Using Valentine Candy Boxes


Nothing says “I love you” like a box of your favorite chocolates or candies. If you want to say it in a sincere and elegant way, think about the packaging and what’s inside.

February Table Decorations Using Valentine Candy Boxes

The Best Valentine’s Day Candy, Chocolate And Other Sweets For Your Sweetheart

Surprise everyone you care about with something special – a personalized Valentine’s Day gift. Our ideas turn simple homemade products or store-bought treats into personalized gifts perfect for your loved one, friends or every child in the classroom. Chocolate lovers will love the box of rich dark tartlets. Heart-shaped boxes provide a beautiful backdrop for a rainbow of paper hearts. Make a large version for parties or minis that serve two each.

Martha recalls some of her fondest memories of Valentine’s Day as gift giving between her family and friends. After all, giving handmade, candy-filled Valentine’s Day greetings to your classmates, neighbors, and relatives is one of the nicest gestures you can make. There are many ways to incorporate classic Valentine’s Day elements into your package, from roses to chocolates to heartfelt gifts. The ideas and tips below can be created with the whole family on a February afternoon and are perfect for teachers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and neighbors.

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February Table Decorations Using Valentine Candy Boxes

And if your child has a sweet tooth in mind, we have ideas for homemade treats that go beyond store-bought candy. Try, for example, to decorate greeting cards with candy dots; or create little goodie bags and leather sleeves filled with your favorite candies. Folded pieces of cake make amazing decorations. To start your family off with heartwarming inspiration, we’ve rounded up the best ways you can give something for Valentine’s Day this year.

Easy Valentine’s Day Box Ideas + Free Printables

Celebrate your Valentine’s Day on February 14th by surprising her with a handmade box full of her favorite sweets, just like Martha does. Customize the content of each – it did for Truman; his grandson, Judah; his daughter, Alexis; and his dear friend Kevin Sharkey – and fill it with a big ribbon of courage.

February Table Decorations Using Valentine Candy Boxes

The truffle pipe is sweet but fades after a few bites. Treat your friend (or sister or babysitter) to some lovely ideas that will last longer: handmade note cards with a fancy felt-tip pen, fragrant tea with organic honey or a delicate French soap. To dress ordinary cardboard boxes, collect cakes of different sizes, fold them in half and quarters, and arrange them on top of the covers you like, securing them with double-sided tape. Fill the boxes with cut out pieces and place the gifts inside.

Shop now: Factory Direct Craft Papier-Mâché Heart Boxes, $1.03 each, amazon.com. Celebrate It Paper Crinkle, $4 for 4 ounces, michaels.com. Arpa Card Mini Set, pale pink and salmon, $15 for 6, orangeartstore.com. Marvy Le Pen Fine Point Marker, Fluorescent Pink, $1.75, jetpens.com. Bee Customer Favorite Honey, $28 for three 5.4 oz. jars, beeraw.com. Compagnie de Provence Orange Blossom Soap, 3.4 oz., $9, compagniedeprovence.com.

February Table Decorations Using Valentine Candy Boxes

Easy Valentine’s Day Decorations And Gifts

You can make these boxes in different sizes to fit together. Print heart templates. The big heart is for the eyelid; two small hearts to set the edges. Draw a larger heart twice on the mat board and cut it out with a knife. Use a marker to paint on the cut edges of the carpet board. Spray one side of the heart of the carpet board with spray adhesive and attach it to the colored paper. Cut aside with a utility knife. Repeat on the other side, then with the second heart. Place a medium-sized template on one of the paper-covered hearts, leaving about 1/8 inch across, and draw guidelines for joining the edges with a pencil. Place the smaller template on top of the other paper-covered heart, leaving about 3/8 inch around, and draw guidelines for joining the edge with a pencil. Cut the edges of the box according to the length of the template: make four pieces of 1-inch-wide watercolor paper and eight pieces of 7/8-inch colored paper. Using a marker, apply paint to the open edge and about 1/4 inch below the edges of the mat board. Working with several inches at a time, squeeze the glue along the guide and bend the side strip to secure it. Repeat for all side pieces and allow to dry. Using spray adhesive, attach the colored paper to both sides of each line, showing the colored edge of the marker. Fill with candy and close.

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Buy now: Golden State Art 4-Ply Mat Board, $19, amazon.com. Beacon’s Magna-Tac, $16 for 8 ounces, amazon.com. Martha Stewart Craft Knife, $8.49, michaels.com.

February Table Decorations Using Valentine Candy Boxes

This box is no ordinary container decorated with apricot moiré fabric, decorated with satin ribbon, elegant pink bow and many artificial jewels. This is a treasure in itself. Adding a note, photo or candy can be a great keepsake for mom or anyone who appreciates luxury.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day At Home

Making the box: Using a ruler and knife, cut four pieces of carpet board: two 1 1/8-inch pieces (for the base) and two 1-inch pieces (for the cover), to the full width of the board (32 inches). . ) Basic box and cover printing templates; Cut out. Trace two of each pattern onto the mat board; Cut out. You have two basses and two covers; set aside one base and one cover. Help me

February Table Decorations Using Valentine Candy Boxes

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