Fishnet Table Decor

Fishnet Table Decor – What do you love most about the delightful summer season? A gorgeous display of bright colors highlighted by the bright sun above, a quiet and peaceful evening in the woods or a relaxing day at the beach with the sand between your toes? For us it is definitely the last! A trip to the beach may never be on the calendar due to the uncertainty hanging over us, but we can’t wait any longer! So we put together a beautiful beach themed tablescape that evoked a pleasant and soothing ocean vibe throughout. Are you excited to learn more about our beach themed table decorations? Read on and watch the video to learn all the secrets to creating a beachy summer themed tablescape!

When it comes to mimicking a scenic setting in themed decorations, creating a backdrop is a great place to start. Setting up a beach themed backdrop that instantly transports you to a beautiful seaside location, but is subtle enough that it doesn’t overwhelm the intricate details of beach table decorations can be a difficult feat if we don’t have the luxury of choice. Perfect curtains from the impeccable range of backdrops presented in our online shop. With a dreamy palette of blues, grays and neutrals in mind for our coastal-inspired look, we decided to bring attention to the waves of the ocean and drape floor-to-ceiling pure white curtains for an elegant appeal. The white curtain panels that we creatively mixed and matched perfectly mimicked the foamy waves crashing on the beach.

Fishnet Table Decor

Fishnet Table Decor

Considering that the beach-themed decoration should recall the blue sea and coast, we were inspired by the pale shades of sand. Thus, we placed a beige polyester tablecloth on our dinner table for a crisp look. To create the perfect contrast of beach colors, we placed our bets on a pale blue polyester table runner and it worked perfectly! A wrinkle-resistant premium polyester tablecloth gave the table a sleek finish that created the ideal understated base, while the exotic matte blue runner was the perfect canvas to display a collection of exquisite beach table decorations. If you feel your table lacks sparkle, you can use a pale blue satin table runner instead for a glossy appeal. However, we recommend that you follow our example, as it is relatively easy to work with the same fabric material, not to mention the seamless transition it provides between tablecloth and table runner.

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With the linens in place and the tablecloth ready, it was time to enhance its beauty with some major embellishments. Because we know that just one table centerpiece won’t do it justice, we decided to showcase a few different shows for the raised beach table aesthetic. Maybe it’s just us, but we think that table decorations, regardless of the theme, feel a little incomplete without a bunch of exotic flowers and flickering candles. So, we used our narrow neck glass vase that has a bright cord wrapped around it like a fishnet to display some beautiful artificial white flowers for a modern yet rustic elegance.

Fishnet Table Decor

Once the floral centerpiece is nicely centered, the tablescape needs a bright shine. So without thinking twice, we grabbed two flickering ivory LED candles and gave them a beachy focus by placing them on either side of the flower pot on round mirrors decorated with various natural shells. To soften the sharp edges of the bottom of the candles, we sprinkled handfuls of white decorative sand around the candles to nicely accent the beach themed centerpiece.

Since we wanted to create an authentic beach by recreating the coast, we decided to use some more natural shells in various earthy and rough tones. While most of them were randomly scattered around, some were arranged in beautifully clear clamshell-shaped boxes filled with white sand. To complete the beach table decoration, we also added lots of sparkling faux ivory pearls and some beach themed candles which added lots of yellow and charm. The addition of cute little seashell boxes, pearls and tealight candles brought it all together.

Fishnet Table Decor

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Once we were satisfied with the center table decorations, we moved on to the place settings. As for dinner, we couldn’t look past our gorgeous white reef charger, which contrasts beautifully with the dusty blue table runner that captures the whimsical moment of waves crashing on the reef. To further accentuate the visual appeal, we placed a white plate with a silver checkered rim along with a gray napkin with a spiral napkin ring on top of the reef chargers. So, our white handled cutlery perfectly complements the whole arrangement and color scheme.

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Since we wanted to go with a neutral color palette with pops of blue, we amped up the summer beach colors by replacing our dining table chairs with stone colored chairs. Using our dusty blue strips we embellished the back of the chair by tying a perfect bow as seen in the video to secure the sash in place. To avoid excess, we did not attach accessories to the sash, but if you want, you can hang strings of pearls or use pearl sash pins for a great beach decoration.

Fishnet Table Decor

The tablescape became a work of art, the wonderful color combination and delicate arrangement of finds collected from nature led us directly to the sandy beach. What are your thoughts on this beach themed table decor? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Find the perfect tablecloth for any occasion. Select the shape and size of your table along with the size of tablecloth you are looking for to see how it fits! A shipwreck may not seem like the most obvious theme for a wedding. However, when I started looking at the different elements of beach decor that could make up this theme, it became clear that a low-key shipwrecked wedding could be romantic, beautiful and chic. Read on to see how I used the beauty of watercolors, floating fabrics and raw natural details to create this nautical themed wedding.

Fishnet Table Decor

I wanted to hook with the subject as soon as the guest entered the room. That’s why I created a homemade nautical seating chart that includes fisherman’s nets, pretty blue ombre shells, and adorable florals. Find out how to create it here.

I used more fishing nets this time, adding some natural rope for my chair backs and my table runner. Then, along the runner, I added various greens, bluish florals, blue orbs reminiscent of sea glass, seashells, and blue shadow table numbers wrapped in white string. Finally, in the center of the table, I placed a piece of driftwood, decorated with sea greens, succulents, blue flowers, sea sponges and stars.

Fishnet Table Decor

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Place settings are simple with a clean blue and white color scheme. Plates with detailed edges and soft blue flowing napkins added elegance. Next, I added a metallic element to the place settings using silver plates, silver chocolate fish favors on each person’s plate, and silver font on white seashells for the place cards.

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Last but certainly not least, I created a delicious lemonade-based Blue Ombre cocktail that seemed perfect for my beach table. Get the recipe here.

Fishnet Table Decor

Finally, for a unique ocean-inspired wedding, I created DIY infused salts. These little bottles sat in galvanized trays filled with sand, looking like they washed up on the beach. I then placed the tray on a favor table covered with a smoky gray rag and more nautical items. These included a fancy striped sailboat main and more driftwood. Behind the favor table, I hung more fishing nets and a sign telling guests “Bun Shore to take a Favor.” You know I can’t resist a good pun! Find out how to make DIY infused salt wedding favors here.

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Guests will imagine the romance of an island getaway at this low-key shipwrecked wedding. You can get all the extra details on how I created it and check out the amazing silver and gray cake table I styled over at Fun365 at Eastern Business. Everything you need to see it, buy it and build it at the click of a button! I hope you enjoy all the DIYs and ideas as much as I do.

Fishnet Table Decor

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Fishnet Table Decor

Teleport To The Seaside With Our Beach Theme Table Decor

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