Flags Of The World Table Decorations

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It’s time for one of my favorite events… the Olympic Games! When the Olympics come around, I get super patriotic and semi-obsessed. I love researching sports and I feel like I’m competing. However, let’s be honest, I’m not even close to the athletic level to compete. This year I decided to make an amazing Olympic event so that all the children can look forward to the summer games. We had a day full of fun games, delicious themed treats and a gold medal!

Flags Of The World Table Decorations

Flags Of The World Table Decorations

From decorations to food and games, check out our Olympic Party and find everything you need for your own amazing party. Don’t forget to download the free printables at the end of the post! Note: This post contains affiliate links that may earn us a commission at no additional cost.

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For me, the Olympic Games are about uniting different countries. I love watching competitors from other countries compete and achieve amazing things.

Flags Of The World Table Decorations

For this party, I really wanted to bring an element of global unity to the decor. Of course I went hard and proud in the US, but I think it’s fun for a kid to experience a little bit of other cultures. I hung various flag garlands above the dining room table and had famous city signs on the door!

This sign is very easy to make. I cut rectangles from a thin piece of wood and nailed them to a wooden post that we anchored in the container (if you don’t want to cut pieces of wood, you can also use cardboard). Finally, I glued these cut-out road signs to pieces of wood. A slice of cake!

Flags Of The World Table Decorations

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When our “Olympic Athletes” entered the party, there was a welcome sign and some cute world balloons!

They then go to the “Athlete Registration” table where they signed in and collected their “luggage” to take with treats to the candy bar!

Flags Of The World Table Decorations

We set up a photo booth to capture their “athlete ID”. photos! Creating my own photo booth is easy – I had props from an Olympic event and used the American flag as a backdrop!

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The athlete’s table was decorated with flags of different countries, gold medals and some popular prints!

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Flags Of The World Table Decorations

I had fun decorating the dining room table. I used wheatgrass plants with various flags from around the world as centerpieces.

The silver tablecloth provided the perfect base after a blue sequined table runner and a paper flag on top. The placemats were actually silk napkins that I folded. It worked perfectly as the kids could tie it on their heads as they competed in our games! I glued red ribbon to the end of the gold paper plates to make gold medal plates.

Flags Of The World Table Decorations

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Of course, our little athletes had to drink some Gatorade to give them strength for the games! The other big hit was these adorable mini trophies! Every kid gets one, win or lose!

Each child received a certificate for participating in the games and a cute little bag of “gold” to nibble on while they waited!

Flags Of The World Table Decorations

The children were invited to the Olympic table with desserts. There was an American flag and a Brazilian flag at the back of the food table as this is where the Olympics are being held this summer! I had a candy for each color of the Olympic rings and even made my own tissue paper torch.

We’re Calling It: Lego Decorations Aren’t Just For Kids Anymore

My favorite part of the food table was my DIY Olympic rings. I made them with a hula hoop. I blew off the hula hoops and then fixed them with screws! They were so light and perfect for hanging with commander hooks. You can make your own Olympic rings with 5 hula hoops and some spray paint!

Flags Of The World Table Decorations

Of course, we also served silver and gold medal cookies! The children loved them and wore them around their necks before eating them.

My favorite treat was the Olympic chocolate lollipop. These turned out amazing and looked super professional! You can make these too with this Olympic mold and some melted chocolate candies.

Flags Of The World Table Decorations

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We also had a super cute cake. Half were Olympic rings with cream, the other half were toothpicks with flags.

As part of the session, we played 3 games inspired by the Olympic Games, and then there was a place where the children could decorate their own medals.

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Flags Of The World Table Decorations

We had stickers, pencils, jewels, glue and beads so they could make any medal they wanted.

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I have to admit the shaving cream game was fun and great for all ages!

Flags Of The World Table Decorations

The basic idea is that the children have to get as many cheese puffs on their heads as possible in a given time. Our last match was a relay race in which we used a bucket with holes. It was the perfect activity in 100+ degree heat!

Overall, the event was a great success. The best part was that the kids were so excited about the upcoming Olympic Games!

Flags Of The World Table Decorations

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Why not celebrate this year’s Olympics with an Olympic event! Your kids and you will love it!

Oh Leah LeatherbyHi! My name is Leah Leatherby. I graduated from UC Davis with a degree in textile marketing and science. Since then I have given birth to four babies – three boys and one girl. My life now consists of planning parties, baking cookies, and watching my kids. My husband only has 75 cousins ​​so we party almost every weekend! It keeps us busy and lets my creative juices flow. This set of 24 international world flags will make a great addition to your desk at work or as a decoration for festivals, holiday celebrations or multicultural events. Our small set of World Flags on Sticks are printed on polyester fabric and each one is attached to a plastic rod and has a base. These farmhouse decorative flags for kids are perfect for party tables or desks. Each small flag is 12 inches tall, including the base and a portion of the flag fabric, which is approximately 8.3 x 5.5 inches. This 24-pack of stick flags includes the following countries, listed from the top left of the main image to the bottom right: Finland, South Korea, Sweden, Argentina, United Kingdom and Bahrain in the top row, Germany, Netherlands, Turkey, Brazil, Italy and India in row 2, New Zealand, France, Japan, Panama, the United States and Spain in row 3, and South Africa, Mexico, Russia, Switzerland, China and Canada in the bottom row.

Flags Of The World Table Decorations

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Flags Of The World Table Decorations

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Flags Of The World Table Decorations

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Flags Of The World Table Decorations

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