Floating Candles Table Decorations Thanksgiving

Floating Candles Table Decorations Thanksgiving – An Outdoor Social Gathering can be a great way to celebrate fall and Thanksgiving with your loved ones, especially this year. Read on for more Social Decorating ideas!

How does it even fall? Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and most of us haven’t seen our parents or grandparents since February. It’s been a strange year.

Floating Candles Table Decorations Thanksgiving

Floating Candles Table Decorations Thanksgiving

More than ever, I think we all need time to connect with our loved ones… And what could be better now than an outdoor celebration of Friendship?

Creative Hospitality: How To Make A Floating Candle Centerpiece

You can create a beautiful Thanksgiving tablescape from even a humble picnic table with a few placed pumpkins.

Floating Candles Table Decorations Thanksgiving

I choose real pumpkins from the grocery store (Trader Joe’s has the best selection in my area). But if you want something that you can use year after year, there are some good fakes available.

Speaking of pumpkins, I used a floral pumpkin planter again this year (best DIY project ever!) in the middle of the table.

Floating Candles Table Decorations Thanksgiving

Valentine’s Day Table Decorations

I just used different store-bought flowers for the packaging this time. I’m looking for colors that complement the pumpkins I found as well as deep reds and purples (which may or may not match the wine perfectly 😉 ).

As a pumpkin, I love real flowers…

Floating Candles Table Decorations Thanksgiving

No outdoor table is complete without candles, IMHO. It creates instant ambiance and elegance. One day or another…

Thanksgiving Table Settings

I like to use cones because they add height to the table without blocking sight lines like tall centerpieces can.

Floating Candles Table Decorations Thanksgiving

Oh, and the food. 😉 When dining out, consider offering an appetizer platter, such as a charcuterie board. They facilitate the transportation of parties outside.

Moreover, they look very much at the table. I know this may sound overwhelming, but it was easy to choose foods like blueberry goat cheese and dried apricots that matched the colors of the table.

Floating Candles Table Decorations Thanksgiving

Gorgeous Christmas Table Decorations & Settings

Also, I think that delicious food makes for very easy Thanksgiving table settings, which are especially suitable for outdoor dining.

Of course, if you’ve been around for a while, you know I’m a string light sucker. There is nothing more magical than twinkling lights.

Floating Candles Table Decorations Thanksgiving

We were impressed with this lamp, and I have a full tutorial here if you want to hang your own.

Breathtaking Valentine’s Day Table Decor: Centerpieces & More!

And the best part is that they allow the game to continue for as long as possible… It is especially useful for the sunset in the evenings.

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Floating Candles Table Decorations Thanksgiving

But if your yard doesn’t lend itself to permanent lights, take a few small Christmas lights and wrap them around. All to create a little magic.

I hope you enjoyed this sweet Communion table. Creating this picnic spot last spring was so much fun, and using it this fall with special friends was even better.

Floating Candles Table Decorations Thanksgiving

Beautiful Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

For that special gathering of Outdoor Socials, consider some garden games like the corn hole or our recently popular lawn games.

Feel free to bring other furniture, too. Additional chairs and side tables can immediately provide an outdoor seating area for relaxing and cozy evenings.

Floating Candles Table Decorations Thanksgiving

Whatever you do, I hope you can connect with the loved ones in your life and enjoy them in new and special ways this year!

Floating Pumpkins Gems Pearls Fall Thanksgiving Vase Table Decorations

For more fun, be sure to check out these other Social media tips shared today! Special thanks to Bre at Rooms for Rent for organizing it today. We were inspired by all the natural elements of the Turkish decor that we put together for Thanksgiving, we wanted to see what other branches would bring to the table and boy oh boy did it make our hearts melt to see how beautiful they were in the centerpieces. Thanksgiving branch centerpieces are just one way to bring the outdoors inside your Thanksgiving this year. We love how many looks you can do with them. Mix it with pumpkins and pumpkins, display branches covered in berries or just branches of acorns. You can even outgrow them with floating candles, a look we just saw and be totally blown away by it! Going all natural this Thanksgiving for your decor is on trend and these Thanksgiving branch centerpieces will be the best on the table. Let’s get to this beauty!

Floating Candles Table Decorations Thanksgiving

Emily Miller is the founder, writer, and entertainer of B. Lovely Events, a blog that covers ideas and inspiration for all of life’s celebrations. Emily loves celebrations of all kinds and everything to do with them. She writes every day to inspire you to have the best celebrations possible!

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Floating Candles Table Decorations Thanksgiving

Decorating With Holiday Candles

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Floating Candles Table Decorations Thanksgiving

Cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the website. This section only includes cookies that ensure the functionality and security of the website’s features. These cookies do not store any personal information. Keep your decorations fresh and inviting during the holiday season with our best collection of Thanksgiving decorating ideas. We’ll even give you some great tips for getting your holiday decorations from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Take a look below and let us know which of these ideas inspired you the most and why in the comments!

Interior Decor Inspiration For The Holidays

1. The tree of faith. This idea is amazing! When Thanksgiving is over, just remove all the pumpkins and leave the rest of the items on the tree for Christmas. The main idea of ​​this tree is to reuse, recycle and reuse all the unused fall decorations from years past. (via Home and Vacation)

Floating Candles Table Decorations Thanksgiving

2. Decorating the thanksgiving table. Brown velvet pumpkins, green iron pumpkins and sunflowers inspired the creation of the Thanksgiving tree pictured above. It would make a great holiday theme in your home. (via Home With Holiday)

3. Decorate your staircase with branches. Tie bunches of bare tree branches and winter berries together to your stair pins to create autumnal beauty. When Thanksgiving is over, you can add pine branches to the branches with red ribbon and Christmas ornaments for festive colors. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

Floating Candles Table Decorations Thanksgiving

Festive Fall Tablescape

4. Spiced Orange Pomander Balls. This Thanksgiving decoration will make a beautiful centerpiece and natural air freshener. All you need are fresh citrus and limes. Add them to a decorative plate with a few pine cones and some fresh pine branches. (via Simple Bites)

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5. Rustic Thanksgiving table. Mix rustic and elegant by adding natural elements to your table decorations. A burlap table runner covered with wooden pieces and pumpkins. Add candles filled with birch wrapped candles and taper candles in brass holders. Dried eucalyptus and pine cones add flavor. To turn this into a winter table, remove the pumpkins, add glitter ornaments, faux snow, greenery, and red pops – candles, taper candles, etc. (via Joyful Growing Blog)

Floating Candles Table Decorations Thanksgiving

6. Floating candles. This simple decoration is an easy DIY in a snap. If you have mason jars or glasses, just add twigs, water and small candles to make them float. The perfect setting for your centerpiece! (via Deco Aquarium)

Laat Je Inspireren

7. Simple cranberry candle. If you have a mason jar, add the greens, a handful of cranberries, and let it float. It will add a festive atmosphere to your table that can be used until Christmas. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

Floating Candles Table Decorations Thanksgiving

8. Tealight the candle in the middle. This rustic decoration will set the tone for your festive table and can be used for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Try using colored tea lights, harvest colors for Thanksgiving, and red or green for Christmas. All you need is a covered egg, some pine cones and some tea lights. (via We Heart It)

9. Painted pumpkins. A great DIY project for your party table, this is sure to add visual interest to your table. Get a complete tutorial of these rustic pumpkins at the link provided. (via Liz Marie’s blog)

Floating Candles Table Decorations Thanksgiving

Budget Friendly Thankgiving Table Decor

10. A table decorated with natural materials. Combine fruit, greenery and pinecones for a festive aesthetic. This table can easily change from Thanksgiving to Christmas. White pillar candles are placed on a beveled mirror for a beautiful look. Add a simple fall wreath and mini Thanksgiving pumpkins. As Christmas approaches, replace the fall items with pine branches, clementines and pine cones as shown above. (via Better Homes and Gardens)


Floating Candles Table Decorations Thanksgiving

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