Flora Farms Dinner Party Table Decor

Flora Farms Dinner Party Table Decor – Today we celebrate the beautiful June wedding at Flora Farms of Taylor and Cody Ayers. The bride and groom, along with their nearest and dearest, stayed at The Fiesta Americana Grand in Cabo San Lucas.

I LOVE doing June weddings. While it is hot during the day, from the mid 80s to 90s, the weather cools down at night. Therefore, it is the scene of an idyllic wedding in Cabo because of the beautiful and sunny days but the comfortable evenings.

Flora Farms Dinner Party Table Decor

Flora Farms Dinner Party Table Decor

Taylor and I first made contact in June 2017 and collaborated together for a year to create her magical day. Taylor came to Cabo in 2014 and visited Flora Farms. From that moment on, she had a dream to marry him. As we now know, dreams do come true.

Flora & Maple

Taylor, Cody and their guests decided to stay at the Fiesta Americana Grand Hotel. A welcome cocktail on a lawn facing the sea that is part of the hotel started your stay. It was the perfect way to start this weekend full of celebrations.

Flora Farms Dinner Party Table Decor

Taylor’s color palette for the wedding was whites and creams, green with a hint of mauve, and gold. Working with Taylor was easy because she knew from the beginning all the special details that she really wanted on her wedding day.

Pina Cate was the florist tasked with bringing Taylor’s vision to life for her June wedding at Flora Farms. The ceremony was a fairy tale dream with beautiful seating areas adorned with flowers and greenery. And the flower aisle was absolutely stunning. It was a truly magical setting.

Flora Farms Dinner Party Table Decor

Flora Farms Cabo

For the table decorations, we’ve added touches of gold and mauve, taper candles, and macrame runners that Taylor loved. These were his exact words 🙂. Also, to finish off the key touches on the tables, we had gilt acrylic menus and the bar sign was a really nice touch. We’ve even had to wear gloves to keep the clear acrylic perfect!

We made sure everything was perfect and we had no finger stains on the acrylic menus. The June wedding at Flora Farms was so much fun!

Flora Farms Dinner Party Table Decor

It also had hexagonal-shaped white marble stones with the names of the guests hand-painted in gold. This is something that Taylor specially requested from a friend so that she can bring her guests to her beautiful tables. ‘Hola’ welcome bags were left in the rooms to greet them upon arrival, complete with a map, itinerary and handmade Mexican tassels.

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Flora Farms Wedding

For the June wedding entertainment at Flora Farms, we used the amazing violinist Karina and the Mexican trio Los Nacionales to give it that fun Mexican twist.

Flora Farms Dinner Party Table Decor

The wedding was for 34 guests, so it was very small and intimate with a lot of details. It was so wonderful to be a part of this June wedding, and I loved everything from the delicious cocktails and dinner to the stunning menus and table decorations. All the perfect details were in place for Taylor and Cody’s dream June wedding at Flora Farms.

I loved that it was a June wedding, that it was at Flora Farms, and that it had all these intricate details. It was truly a magical and fairy tale day. It is so satisfying to know that we can create someone’s dream and that our beautiful girlfriend Taylor was so happy. This is the best I have ever experienced, and this is one of the reasons why I love my job. These days, there seems to be an idea that not hiring a wedding planner or day coordinator is essentially committing marital malice, but this couldn’t be further from the truth, especially considering how many decorations DIY wedding out there. If you find yourself under this umbrella of decor-savvy or budget-savvy couples who want to tackle the planning process independently, get ready to be the best temporary wedding planner your ceremony will ever see. To make your life so much easier, we’ve rounded up several DIY wedding decorations that you and your sweetheart can easily and elegantly look for on the big day.

Flora Farms Dinner Party Table Decor

Flora Farms Restaurant

To create a balanced space, start by prioritizing your DIY projects based on the big picture you want to create. This will ensure that the decoration scatter is perfectly proportioned

And, fear not, you little crafty couples – each suggestion on our list is a realistic DIY project that doesn’t require a ton of skills or experience. We’re talking about affordable flower arrangements, table runners and centerpieces to decorate the landscape of the reception table in your own hands, string lights that you can easily hang and much more.

Flora Farms Dinner Party Table Decor

Bouquet arrangements should come from the heart and speak to who you are as an individual, so in this sense, they should be easy to create on your own. Opt for forage flowers, local greens, selections straight from the garden, or fill with loose stems from a local florist or farmer’s market to make your custom mix. For the finishing touch, wrap a ribbon around the base or leave long trails of fabric to add a bit of flow. You can also feel sentimental about a shirt cuff or strip of fabric from your grandmother’s wedding dress. Secure needles, an heirloom brooch, or a meaningful keepsake.

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Our Night At Flora Farms In San Jose Del Cabo

If you can cope with the task of assembling a bridal bouquet, you can absolutely combine one or two boutonnieres; after all, they are only small. Feel free to use the same mix as the bouquets, albeit with a slightly more masculine approach, and tie with a ribbon or string. Here, a mix of lavender sprigs and olive leaves fitting the couple’s French chateau nuptials.

Flora Farms Dinner Party Table Decor

So easy a child could do it! Refresh those carefully honed wreath weaving skills from your youth and braid a few floral wreaths for your bridal shower or little attendees. No need to get too fancy, a simple daisy chain is so cute. Or, use fresh greens, ferns, foraged flowers, garden finds, baby’s breath, chamomile, or dried flowers for an organic touch. We especially love bunny tails for their rustic elegance and youthful innocence.

And while you’re there, why not throw in some style for your furriest family member. Weave a collar the same way you would a floral wreath, but tie the ends together with ribbon so your pet can be cut and removed easily. Put in a ring pillow if they also act as a ring bearer during the day.

Flora Farms Dinner Party Table Decor

Full Service Floral Design Studio — The Barn Of Chapel Hill At Wild Flora Farm

Be the consummate hostess that you are by keeping your guests’ needs in mind. A comfort station is the perfect way to ensure they have everything they need to fully enjoy the holidays. Visualize all of your wedding plans to better understand how the day will unfold, and gather a few things that you think could mitigate any stress factors like umbrellas, blankets, flip flops, etc. Then, collect boats like baskets, barrels, and chests to artfully display these items in a stunning picture.

Self-service drinks to win! Dream up a summer-ready beverage display by premixing some of your favorite beverages and serving them en masse in glass dispensers. These, in particular, were filled with tequila-rich Palomas, but you can opt for healthier options like lemonade or iced tea. Let the glassware set the mood with mason jars creating a rustic aesthetic or champagne flutes for a more refined touch.

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Flora Farms Dinner Party Table Decor

Transform your wedding signage into estate décor pieces using imaginative canvases. Here, a vintage mirror adds opulence to a bucolic setting. Write your message with a marker or make a personalized sticker. For a more rustic, natural look, stick the decal to the plywood or use stencils to paint your wording.

Trisara’s New Farm To Table Restaurant Is Next Level

Instead of having to arrange individual escort cards for each of your guests, use an easy-to-read sign that denotes each table setting. Print it out, write it down and that’s it.

Flora Farms Dinner Party Table Decor

Including the little ones in your wedding party can be quite an undertaking. Make sure their journey down the aisle goes as smoothly as possible by providing them with a small vehicle of their own. Get crafty with paints, flowers, streamers, and signs to mold the ultimate car of their (and your) childhood dreams.

Baskets are not enough for us as wedding decoration, not only because of their rustic charm but also because of their functionality. Add with fresh flowers, dried stems or ribbons and use them as containers to bring your flower girls, to hold wedding favors, to fill with stationery, to gather floral centerpieces or to hold convenient accessories for your guests.

Flora Farms Dinner Party Table Decor

Oh Flora X California — Oh Flora Studio

DIY wedding shows don’t have to be a big undertaking. With a digital template, you can edit the design with all the information about your big day and print on any type of paper that suits your style. We especially love this sleek, minimalist style that can do double duty as a fan for your guests. Just add a paddle stick and you’re good to go.

Although nature is often the best option, and the cheapest (it’s already included in the site fee), when it comes to ceremony backdrops, we understand that sometimes your altar just needs

Flora Farms Dinner Party Table Decor

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