Flowers Wedding Table Decoration

Flowers Wedding Table Decoration – If you are considering fresh flowers for your wedding table, let us create and offer some of our in-house designs of fresh flower centerpieces as part of your wedding decoration package! As a professional florist with over 10 years experience in wedding flowers and wedding floral designs, all our fresh flowers are home made in Laceys! We source our fresh flowers and foliage from trusted, quality growers that we have carefully selected and worked with over the years, so you can be sure of the best service.

All prices below are based on a minimum order of 5 centerpieces to be ordered. A small number can be reserved, but this will affect the price of each display.

Flowers Wedding Table Decoration

Flowers Wedding Table Decoration

Our new flower bouquets in bubble pots make a beautiful display for wedding tables and can be customized to match any wedding color scheme. We create a purple bouquet of fresh seasonal flowers in the color of your choice and present them in a beautiful bubble glass filled with sparkling aqua gel.

Of The Best Autumn Wedding Flowers

Again a little different to our beautiful glass bubble display; In the pot you can choose from a selection of colored sand with candles and rolled bear grass. This is arranged with a pocket of fresh roses and seasonal flowers in a color theme of your choice. Timeless and romantic floral displays are perfect for fall and winter wedding tables.

Flowers Wedding Table Decoration

This display also works wonderfully for wedding tables and the fresh lilies are available in a range of colors to match your chosen wedding colour. I wrapped fresh lilies and lily of the valley in the bubble glass and filled the top with sparkling aqua gel. The gel is available in other colors on request and we can put a candle in the middle of the jar if needed.

Featured are 5 different tall cylindrical vases with floating candles above each and a further selection of small votive holders and tea candles. All these people are sitting among eucalyptus vines.

Flowers Wedding Table Decoration

Rustic Wedding Centerpieces That Go Beyond The Basic Mason Jar

Florists head to the original DIY center. We use a selection of jam and mason jars wrapped in hessian and precious satin ribbons. Each vase is filled with a selection of fresh roses and seasonal flowers in your chosen wedding color to create a unique and elegant centerpiece on your wedding table! All the pots are positioned over a large natural log head to create the perfect rustic wedding centerpiece.

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This fresh flower wedding centerpiece is made from 3 different tall glass cylinders filled with water and fresh seasonal wedding flowers. Everything is placed in a clean glass plate and spread with diamonds.

Flowers Wedding Table Decoration

One of my favorite vintage wedding centerpiece designs is a sturdy birdhouse with a fresh floral display. We set up one of our vintage painted birdhouses with real wax LED candles and decorated the top with pearls and ribbons and topped the birdhouse with a bunch of roses and fresh flowers and leaves.

Centerpiece Ideas For Any Wedding Style

This beautiful dome of fresh roses set on a glass pedestal is available in many different colors to match your chosen wedding theme. We recommend adding two candles or another votive candle to each display to create warm romance on the wedding table!

Flowers Wedding Table Decoration

If you’re looking for the perfect centerpiece for your romantic wedding, then a cylinder vase with fresh flowers and floating candles will be your go-to!

We use a selection of 3 different tall cylinder vases and fill them with fresh flowers submerged in water and warm love candles floating on top of each.

Flowers Wedding Table Decoration

Metal Geometric Flower Stand Wedding Table Centerpieces Stage Decor Flower Racks

A variety of flowers can be used, we recommend roses, lilies and orchids, but feel free to use many other variations to suit your wedding theme and flowers.

If you are looking for a tall fresh floral display on your wedding table, then this beautiful display centerpiece could be perfect for you. Each jar is filled with foaming decorating gel for a beautiful finish on the table. On each pot we display a selection of fresh roses or lilies of your choice and add iron grass or bear grass to the display for a complete look. We have 60cm, 70cm or 80cm vases to suit your space.

Flowers Wedding Table Decoration

To complete your beautiful wedding table, there is our large cone vase with large white lilies and lily of the valley.

Wedding Table Decoration Ideas

Other colors of lilies may be used, but this may slightly affect the price depending on the color and time of year.

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Flowers Wedding Table Decoration

Our beautiful and modern metal flower bouquets with a high quality display of fresh flowers are a big hit for weddings in 2021! These metal flower stands are available in white or gold and we can arrange a beautiful display of fresh foliage and flowers on top. This fresh floral wedding centerpiece is beautiful with vases with candles underneath and a scattering of fresh rose petals on the wedding table!

By far the most popular fresh flower wedding centerpiece design is our beautiful Fresh Flower Martini Vase. A tall display of new season flowers can be made to match the color theme of your wedding and lends itself to a variety of floral and paper options. Each display comes complete with a mirror plate and a layer of diamonds for each table.

Flowers Wedding Table Decoration

Summer Wedding Table Décor Ideas

If you prefer a large martini style display but with only flowers and no leaves then our new flower dome will be perfect for you. One of the beautiful martini vases is still on display and the vase is decorated with a sparkling aqua gel decoration , while sitting on a glass plate with scattered crystals and diamond foundation.

Your choice of our tall silver or gold Warwick style 5 arm chandeliers decorated with beautiful rings and roses of fresh flowers, seasonal flowers and leaves. This is a very romantic design that combines candlelight with fresh flowers to create a tall wedding centerpiece for the wedding table.

Flowers Wedding Table Decoration

This arrangement combines one of our tall Warwick style 5-arm silver, white or gold chandeliers and combines romantic candlelight with a low ring of fresh flowers and foliage. Flowers can be arranged in a selection of different styles to match your chosen wedding colour.

Why Dried Wedding Flowers Make The Coolest Wedding Décor

Our mini bubbles are the perfect addition to many centerpieces and high tables. 10cm clear glass bubbles filled with aqua gel decorations and fresh seasonal flowers can decorate any area of ​​your wedding venue. We use them a lot on table tops, at the bottom of the center for an added floral design, especially on cake tables, gift tables and registry tables! They are versatile and affordable!

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Flowers Wedding Table Decoration

Adding a garland down the length of your high table is proving to be a popular choice for wedding tables in 2020. Garlands are made on site to match the wedding table perfectly and are made from eucalyptus, ruscus and fresh flowers for. The perfect combination of smell and sight makes the wedding table / wedding table for both you and your guests. We can add thickness, drapes, as many colors as needed to get the exact look you want.

The fresh flower centerpieces for the table above are a beautiful traditional arrangement of tall and small flowers to support the guest table and wedding bouquets. Each of our table sprays has been specially designed for each wedding and can add garlands/candles and petals for a lovely design.

Flowers Wedding Table Decoration

Fresh Flower Centrepieces For Weddings And Events

Our paper flower stairs are very popular for weddings, especially for events at home where the bride’s door is often painted on the edge of the stairs. Our garlands are started in house and finished on site to ensure they are perfect and sized for maximum visibility.

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Flowers Wedding Table Decoration

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