French Country Dining Table Decor

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French style kitchens are a great way to achieve the beautiful look of French country decor with a beautiful farmhouse style. From round Louis chairs to wooden leg tables, there are so many different pieces of furniture that you can use to create a French country feel for your kitchen. Choosing the right wall decoration and lighting is also important in the decoration of your kitchen, so we decided to share with you three amazing kitchens in the French countryside to inspire you!

French Country Dining Table Decor

French Country Dining Table Decor

Let’s take a look at furniture and decorating ideas for dining rooms in the French style. Be sure to also visit our French country decor page for tips on little things to complete the look!

French Country Home

First, we have a wooden dining table surrounded by Louis side chairs. This dining table has the charm of a French home.

French Country Dining Table Decor

At the table there are two dining chairs with skirts and ruffles. Underneath all the furniture are gray and white carpets, creating a soft step for guests!

The wall is painted in a soft gray color and decorated with a large French wall clock. A French chandelier hangs in the center of the room and illuminates the space.

French Country Dining Table Decor

Elegant Rustic French Country Table Setting Ideas

This French kitchen is a little more rustic and warm. A vintage-style silver dining table is in the center of the space. The table is surrounded by a mix of dining chairs, from a French set to a Louis back chair. Barn wood paneling and hollow French framing were used as wall trim. A beautiful French bronze chandelier with crystals hangs above the table.

I’m in awe of the beautiful black and white floor tiles that decorate this French country breakfast nook and kitchen. A dining table with a round wooden base warms up the space. It is surrounded by bent wood dining chairs, a choice of classic French furniture! Finally, a wooden chandelier completes the space.

French Country Dining Table Decor

These gray side chairs on either side of the dining table add an element of everyday comfort to this kitchen design.

Rooms That Will Make You Rethink French Country Decor

This kitchen has a large Arhaus corner floor mirror that really helps expand the space and make it feel bigger and brighter!

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French Country Dining Table Decor

If you’re into French country decor like we are, don’t miss these articles too!

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French Country Dining Table Decor

Best French Country Dining Tables

For those of you following my French kitchen transformation journey, you may not be surprised. No doubt you’ve seen at least one of the changes I’m sharing today. But maybe not others. Especially considering what I added a while ago.

Let me back up a bit and talk a little about my design taste and aesthetic. I’m sure you all know that I love French country style. After all, that’s part of the motto of my blog.

French Country Dining Table Decor

Honestly, I don’t know if there is such a thing or not. But in my opinion it is very clearly defined. In fact, if you google “french country decor” and “french country modern decor” you will immediately see the difference.

Farmhouse Dining Table Ideas

It is this improvement that I recently brought to my home. In many cases, the furniture has not changed, but the general appearance, I believe, is significantly different. Imagine what the French kitchen looked like just 3 years ago when we moved into this house.

French Country Dining Table Decor

Although none of the main pieces of furniture have been changed, the room has a completely different attitude. Gone are the mixed patterns, pastel colors and fake flowers. In their place I added draped canvas window trim and vintage accents. Now it leans a bit on the French country house with an elegant rusticity that combines natural materials and neutral colors with French country furniture that wears a beautiful patina and is as at home in Paris as it is in the French countryside.

In the last post I was almost done. But there were still 3 aspects that I wanted to improve further.

French Country Dining Table Decor

Simple French Country Dining Room

The first is a carpet for the kitchen. Although I loved the rug I recently added, it was a little too dark for this wonderfully lit room, and more importantly, it was too small. I like to keep the table open with a long leaf and the backs of the dining room chairs are not on the carpet. The 8 x 10 rug was too small.

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I may not have done anything about it for a long time, but when I found this beautiful rug that was perfect for the space, I jumped at the chance. I got the 9 x 12 and the size and color is a definite improvement.

French Country Dining Table Decor

(Make sure I kept the other rug and love it in the new location. Stay tuned!)

French Country Kitchen And Dining Decor: Friday Favorite Finds 15

The second adjustment is one that I’ve been talking about for a while, and one that many of you have probably guessed. If you’ve seen my Instagram stories, you know I’ve been doing a lot of color changes around the house. The kitchen was among the painted rooms.

French Country Dining Table Decor

I actually almost didn’t paint it because the pale pink was too subtle, but I’m so glad I went for it. I used the Tapestry Beige at 50% strength and it made the room look almost complete.

I think this French kitchen reflects my idea of ​​what the modern country of France looks like. I use a lot of antiques with a patina charm and neutral washed linens in white and stone. Both crystal and gold have their place here, and the contrast of casualness and elegance is a distinct aspect.

French Country Dining Table Decor

French Country Living Rooms

A clear example of this can be seen on the table where I have mixed up some samples of silverware that I recently acquired. Just as I enjoy mixing vintage china, combining silver patterns adds personality to my decor.

So what’s the last piece of the puzzle I still want to rebuild? I’ll leave it for another day… πŸ˜‰

French Country Dining Table Decor

If someone can tell me the answer to something that is driving me crazy, I would greatly appreciate it. Should the word “country” be capitalized in French? Let me know in the comments below!

Centerpieces For Your Dining Room

Update to add: I have since painted two pieces of furniture dark. Visit Painted Cabinets and Painted Kitchen Cabinets to see these 2 updates.

French Country Dining Table Decor

To view the design, click on the items below for direct product links. Where the actual item was no longer available, I provided similar options. If an item is out of stock but can be restocked, I will list it.

Have you visited the store? Click below to shop my favorites, my Instagram, and my Amazon store. Enjoy!! I always think of summer as the simplest time of year: no school, fewer responsibilities, little vacations… but the reality of four kids and 100 degree heat doesn’t always live up to that ideal. πŸ˜‰

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French Country Dining Table Decor

Farmhouse Pedestal Dining Table Turned Distressed White Base Wood Top French Country Furniture Design Ideas For Rustic Dining Room

I’m excited to once again join my friend Christy from The Happy Housie for Seasonal Simplicity, hoping to inspire you all with some cute summer ideas.

This room also serves as our classroom, so it needed some serious cleaning to celebrate the end of the year. Get rid of the clutter and leave the space open and fresh!

French Country Dining Table Decor

I usually shop around the house, but for some reason I had so many pieces piled up in my cart that I was able to rearrange the accents without even leaving the room. Definitely a time saver. πŸ˜‰

Modern French Country Dining Room Reveal

I’ve never actually bought peonies before, but I saw them at the grocery store and I’m so glad I got them! They only got better when I photographed them for you. Even in a simple vase from Homegoods, I think they look amazing.

French Country Dining Table Decor

As you probably know, French style has a special place in my heart…but lately I’ve been especially inspired by a new book by a dear friend. You can read all about it here if you like French vintage style. And just for fun, I thought I’d break down a simple French country scene here today.

It’s obvious (and I inherited and repurposed this set from my great-grandmother, so I was ready for it), but I replaced my antique dining room chairs (which were very fragile) with these random coffee table chairs.. .and we love them!

French Country Dining Table Decor

Dining Room Table Ideas: 15 Easy Decorating And Styling Ideas

The “rustic” part of the French country is best embodied by simple accents: a canvas, a demijohn, a white vase, a basket as wall art…

As is often the case in my home, my kitchen is a mix of antique, DIY

French Country Dining Table Decor

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