Fun Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

Fun Christmas Table Decoration Ideas – Let’s face it: Christmas is expensive as it is. So when it comes to decorating, I’m all about cracking cheap Christmas table setting ideas.

Last week I hosted a Christmas table styling event for my friends at Metricon with the same concept in mind. The best part? This proved my theory that you can make a fabulous festive table without spending a fortune. And if you weren’t present, this post will give you all the pearls of wisdom you missed that day.

Fun Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

Fun Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

The key takeaway here? You can replicate these inexpensive Christmas table setting ideas in your own home – all while staying on a budget. And below I will tell you how.

A Fun And Colorful Christmas Dining Room

Now the tough decision you’re going to face is which of these three looks you’re going to have at home!

Fun Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

This inexpensive Christmas table setting idea was inspired by Mary Metricon’s Scandinavian lookbook theme. This is a classic approach to the festive table. Best of all, it doesn’t cost much to pull out. Metricon’s design team provided many touches from stores like Kmart, Spotlight and Lincraft.

The general idea with all of these is that your basic pieces like the dining table and chairs are the ones you’ve invested in. So festive shopping should be as cheap as chips. If you want to change the color scheme next year, you don’t spend too much money on decorations.

Fun Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

Funny Santa Themed Décor Ideas For Christmas

I definitely recommend making this look your own, but just remember to keep the colorway to the classic combination of red and white. White is the dominant color, and red is a solid accent.

Try to keep red in the same tone. It’s very easy to go into a store and buy red, then orange red, then pink red. Before you know it, the look goes cray cray and bears no resemblance to the classic Scandi palette. You have to be disciplined

Fun Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

If you love nature, neutrals and rustic interior design, this inexpensive Christmas table setting has your name written all over it. What I love about this look is that it avoids all the usual frills. The color palette is calm, the look is diverse, and it feels very Australian, don’t you think?

Simple Christmas Tablescape On The Porch Using Red & White Tableware

This scheme is inspired by Metricon’s Nordic Elk LookBook theme. The theme itself is clean, dry and light-filled, but still maintains a comfortable and artisanal feel. That’s pretty much how I would describe the table above, so it’s good to know that your home design can influence your festive decorations every year.

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Fun Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

This is one of those inexpensive Christmas table setting ideas that you can put your own stamp on. You just have to be careful not to introduce any bright colors. It’s all about rusticity, neutrals on top of neutrals, and earthiness. Muddy olive greens would be the only tone I’d say you can work with here.

Finally we come to the most advanced form of the lot. Of the three inexpensive Christmas table setting ideas here, this one has the greatest taste of prosperity. Although it is still an accessible and convenient setting; Inspired by Metricon’s high street book theme. Don’t feel that your house has to be tall for this way, because it will fit in any black and white house.

Fun Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

Best Diy Christmas Table Decorations — Holiday Tablescape Ideas

If you like this decor style, you’ll probably like the New York hotel vibes I’ve covered in this post. It includes videos so you can tour the house and get some fancy ideas for your home.

You will notice that although this Christmas table setting is classy, ​​it is also a little earthy. We will not overdo it to make him rich. It still has a bit of a simple, relaxed, Australian vibe.

Fun Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

That’s why the roses are arranged, and the name card is brown cardboard. It looks luxurious, so you don’t feel pressured to open the throttle full of bling.

Pink Christmas Table Decorations: A Pink Wonderland Dinner

If you’ve seen these inexpensive Christmas table setting ideas and want to immerse yourself in more themes and concepts, I have three more looks for you.

Fun Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

Click here to explore three more table ideas that celebrate traditional, global and French provincial interior design styles.

This article contains photos and/or videos of Metricon homes and events, reproduced with permission. © Metricon Homes Pty Ltd 2016.

Fun Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

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I’m interior designer Chris Carroll, and at TLC Interiors we’re all about helping you create a stunning home without breaking the bank. This is designer style at its best, and we make the whole process easy and fun for clients and readers alike! Few household chores are more fun than taking your Christmas decorations out of storage and turning your home into your own winter wonderland. Every year, there are traditional holiday decorations to deal with – like trimming your Christmas tree and littering your front lawn with festive outdoor Christmas decorations – but there are other parts of your home that you may want to tackle. Forget to decorate. Take your dining room table for example. Even if you’re not hosting a big Christmas dinner party, you can still use Christmas table decorations, and we’ve got your kitchen or dining table full of holiday touches. There are many ideas to help it become a masterpiece.

Fun Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

If you’re always looking for more ways to bring the joy and celebration of the holiday season into your home, decorating your table is a great way to make the most of every available space. From DIY decorations you can make with the kids or on your own, to beautiful centerpieces you can put together without breaking the bank, there are tons of Christmas tables you can create. Read on for all the best Christmas table settings, centerpieces, and other table decoration ideas for you this year.

Best Christmas Decoration Ideas Of 2020

All you need are some winter stencils, craft paint, and a simple canvas fabric to make your own festive table runner.

Fun Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

Small, festive touches make a big difference, and these felt tree flatware wraps add the perfect elegant touch to the Christmas table.

Turn a dollar store holly into a festive piece of table decor with a simple vase and some gold spray paint.

Fun Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

Fun And Quirky Christmas Table Setting Ideas

Do you want to add a little color to your table? Create a stack of rainbow gift boxes that you can arrange in the center of your table.

Help everyone find their assigned set with these personalized clear acrylic ornaments, which your guests can take with them.

Fun Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

Scatter some of these beautiful snow candle holders around your table to give the room a warm, magical glow.

How To Decorate For Christmas: Expert Ideas From Interior Designers

Looking for a playful way to add new colors to your tablescape? Go for pink plates and a colorful bottlebrush tree, then create your own pastel colored Christmas village to serve as a table runner.

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Fun Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

Fill orchid pots and candle holders with bright red cranberries to add contrast to the white flowers and candles. Then, place your plate on a bright red table runner in the center of your table.

Create a sweet decoration behind your dining room chair using DIY ornaments and small vine wreaths adorned with evergreen branches.

Fun Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

Fabulous And Festive Christmas Table Setting Ideas

Who says Christmas table decorations have to be red and green? Take things in a more colorful direction by displaying a rainbow bottlebrush tree in the center of your table. Hang Christmas ornaments from the chandelier and brightly colored stars from the back of the chair.

Fill basic salt and pepper shakers with everything from miniature trees to reindeer to add a festive touch to your table.

Fun Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

You’ll definitely get creative points from your guests if you accessorize your napkins with a simple (but cute looking) Christmas Tree Fold Napkin.

Fun & Easy Christmas Decoration Ideas [2022

Nothing will brighten up your table like shiny gold details. Go with a simple burlap table runner, then decorate your runner with miniature gold trees, gold baubles, balls of twine, and pinecones.

Fun Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

Your kids will love helping with this DIY project. Place a small pillar vase inside a large vase, and fill the center with marbles (or gumballs!) for a festive look. Next, fill the deep container with a mixture of anemones, garden roses and evergreen branches.

For a personal touch, leave a small wrapped gift box at each place setting, which can either be filled with goodies or left alone for decoration.

Fun Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

Ways To Set Your Table For Christmas Dinner

For an unexpected centerpiece, ditch traditional flowers for beautiful wheat stalks. For style, choose your chef with ribbon and place it on top of fake ice inside a clear vase, then surround the container with almonds and evergreens for some color.

Turn your table into a giant candy cane with shades of red, pink and gold. To make, decorate with bright table

Fun Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

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