Galleria Décor Bali Breeze Round Coffee Table

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When considering the design of the living room, it is natural to think of the sofa as the centerpiece of the room. After all, it is probably the largest piece of furniture you have, taking up the most space. But maybe there is another thing that really has more aesthetic energy than that strong sofa: the coffee table.

Galleria Décor Bali Breeze Round Coffee Table

Galleria Décor Bali Breeze Round Coffee Table

Often placed in the center of the room and in the center of your seating arrangement, the coffee table becomes where the eye first travels. While it can make or break your overall look, don’t be afraid to try something out of the ordinary like a round table where popularity is growing remarkably.

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Galleria Décor Bali Breeze Round Coffee Table

Round tables can add balance to a room that is mostly upright (including sofas, windows, bookshelves and wall art). In addition, it also gives the illusion of more space. If your living room goes through a lot of round tables, make it easier to do.

Industry meets a farm. This sturdy table is made with cross brackets and a metal frame for ultimate stability. It also has a water resistant top so you can say goodbye to water stains. In addition, its brace allows it to move easily and safely for your floor.

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Galleria Décor Bali Breeze Round Coffee Table

Ocean Breeze White And Gray Savannah Round Extendable Dining Table

Elegant glass and glass edges create the perfect modern atmosphere in this coffee table from Better Homes & Gardens. The simplicity of the design allows it to be used in many living room layouts, and it is large enough to hold your favorite magazines, books, vases or other decorative items.

With a classic finish and a dilapidated design, this coffee table is bound to be acclaimed. With both the bottom shelf and the storage drawer, it keeps your living room clean and tidy as well as stylish.

Galleria Décor Bali Breeze Round Coffee Table

This mango coffee table has a large drum storage area where you can store all kinds of items such as blankets, pillows, books and toys. Practical finger cuts on each end make it easy to lift, plus the versatile material shape makes for a unique statement.

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Like the sun carved on its surface, this coffee table is a star in its own right. The milky white marble top will catch anyone’s eye and will do well when there are different bright colors. Better yet, it is closed so you do not have to worry about spills.

Galleria Décor Bali Breeze Round Coffee Table

It was a holiday feeling for us. Relax with a coffee table made of banana leaves and hardwood legs. At 44 inches, it is the perfect size for entertaining a large group of guests or just showing off your favorite beach set.

The unique look of this coffee table is derived by its ability to open, which shows the storage space hidden underneath. Marble top, swivel glass and lift for dual use as a table or tall dining area. Choose from natural wood looks, walnut or black.

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Galleria Décor Bali Breeze Round Coffee Table

Alam Puri Art Museum

If you like a modern mid-century look, this coffee table is an option for you. The four cut copper legs give the MCM a touch of elegance, while the glass top gives a new twist to the classic.

If contemporary was a coffee table, this would be it. Simple in design and uncluttered, but equally great, it can be used as an indoor and outdoor coffee table, which makes it unique. Each unexpectedly in its function.

Galleria Décor Bali Breeze Round Coffee Table

Stylish geometric bases make this coffee table a great accent in the living room and living room. The diverse material also allows it to blend perfectly with a variety of design styles. While at a smaller section compared to others on this list, it can hold its own in any size.

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Two is always better than one, and especially when it comes to table sets that include accent tables. These golden metallic beauties come together to create an elegant decor and function as they are stunning with the bottom shelf, which is large enough to hold books, candles or frying pans.

Galleria Décor Bali Breeze Round Coffee Table

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Galleria Décor Bali Breeze Round Coffee Table

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