Gatsby Wedding Table Decorations

Gatsby Wedding Table Decorations – Use these Gatsby-inspired wedding ideas to take you back to a time when sandals were strapped, music was for dancing, and jewelry took a leap into the future. Baz Luhrmann’s star-studded cast has nothing on that polish.

Your first tour of duty? Find your space (or honeymoon suite) in stylish separates: a Gatsby-style tie top and fancy New York skirt.

Gatsby Wedding Table Decorations

Gatsby Wedding Table Decorations

Stamp your wedding invitations with a stylish reminder of who’s in the party. This Antiquaria Collection features a Jay Gatsby style monogram.

Gatsby Inspired Wedding Table Settings

A fancy party isn’t just fancy or too much of a party, without the French buzz. Here, the festive drink serves as both refreshment and decoration. Champagne maker Veuve Clicquot created this towering tower decorated with a simple band using coupe glasses.

Gatsby Wedding Table Decorations

The Paris Apartment Lacquer Tray is perfect for serving mimosas at a bridal shower brunch or champagne cocktail hour.

Complete a dazzling shift dress with a sparkling headband. We turned a Camilla Dietz Bergeron bracelet into a hair accessory with a Hyman Hendler & Sons band.

Gatsby Wedding Table Decorations

Elegant Royal Glam Gatsby Wedding Reception Decor, White Ballroom Dance Floor With Custom Gold Monogram, Long

All men cut a dashing figure in a tuxedo, whether it’s a classic top (far left), a Victorian shawl (second from left) or a tail (far right). Even bolder. White dinner jacket.

In the 1920s, when Art Deco design was dominant, brides preferred gemstones in geometric shapes. An emerald diamond is a way to pay homage to style without going vintage.

Gatsby Wedding Table Decorations

Oyster Rockefeller was all the rage in the 1920s, but we think your party guests will love these oysters, served raw and flavored with sweet champagne, shallots and ginger.

Chilled Out Gatsby Themed Garden Wedding

For adults only, our champagne gelatin paired with freshly whipped cream will delight the young at heart and the sophisticated palate.

Gatsby Wedding Table Decorations

You don’t need to know your Art Deco from your Art Nouveau to admire the geometric Gatsby style of this cake. Buttered, piped and rubbed on sugar-coated slabs, it’s simply beautiful any way you cut it.

By the 1920s, croquet had become the most popular sport in social, literary and Hollywood circles. Set court on the pristine grass for a little cocktail hour.

Gatsby Wedding Table Decorations

Gatsby Glam Feather Centerpieces

Perfect for your registry or as gifts for handsome groomsmen, these Crystalize brass coasters can be engraved with seven different fonts, including one that echoes the Art Deco era (

A little more and serve tea after hours on a stylish stand inspired by Nick Carraway’s chunky servingware.

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Gatsby Wedding Table Decorations

Haute Papier notebooks exude an Art Deco atmosphere. Give these journals as gifts or put them in your pocket to take notes on your honeymoon.

Wedding Table Decorations Tiffany Colour Stock Photo 417950761

Recreating Jay Gatsby’s infamous party calls for a blizzard of metallic confetti. At this authentic wedding, confetti cannons created an unforgettable scene.

Gatsby Wedding Table Decorations

Cap off the evening with a wedding opening your guests won’t soon forget. fireworks shows that rival the Falcon’s transformation.

The only thing better than a Rolls-Royce getaway car is one adorned with a rich floral wreath. It continues to influence countless aspects of modern culture, even nearly 100 years after its publication. Weddings are some of the best moments that are often inspired

Gatsby Wedding Table Decorations

A Great Gatsby Themed Party At The Grove Hotel, London’s Country Estate By Amie Bone

Because the book is famous for its romance and its glamorous, unforgettable parties. what we all want on our special day, right? As we move into the next phase of our 20s, we can’t wait

The marriage issue will soon be gone. If anything, couples in the wedding planning process are more willing than ever to party and relax as soon as it’s safe to do so again. So if you are thinking of hosting one

Gatsby Wedding Table Decorations

A theme wedding is usually very bright and fancy, but not in a stuffy way (remember, you’re there to party and have fun). The idea is to capture the essence of the Roaring 20s, a period best known for flappers, bans, endless dances, the rise of jazz music and the beginning of Hollywood’s Golden Age. Some of the most common elements of wedding decoration

Black And Gold Wedding Decoration Ideas

Wedding color schemes usually include metallic gold and/or silver with black and white, but you can also add a pop of color by using bright jewel tones like red, purple or dark brown.

Gatsby Wedding Table Decorations

Marriage cannot be missed. Geometric borders, metallic gold leaf and a striking black envelope are the foundations of this stationery collection.

Start the celebration early by sipping champagne from a custom flute as you prepare for the big day.

Gatsby Wedding Table Decorations

Dark & Moody Great Gatsby Inspired Wedding With A Botanical Theme ยท Rock N Roll Bride

Abirdcage wedding veil – classic and elegant. This short veil is usually worn to the side, slightly covering one eye to achieve that iconic vintage look.

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There is not a lot of glitter. Complete your 1920s dress with high bridal heels embellished with rhinestones or beaded embellishments. One word for them: obsession.

Gatsby Wedding Table Decorations

For a themed wedding bouquet, it’s best to stay away from flowers that are too colorful or trendy. Instead, work with your wedding florist to create a timeless arrangement, like this wedding bouquet display featuring long-stemmed phalaenopsis orchids, spiraling eucalyptus, plumosa, and a touch of curly willow for drama.

Great Gatsby Inspired Wedding Ideas

Bridal style, looks are important and that includes your bridal party. Bridesmaids can wear floor-length dresses with beading or draped fabric for a Hollywood look.

Gatsby Wedding Table Decorations

The wedding is just as important as the decoration. Spend your big day in a luxurious venue, such as a historic ballroom or mansion (even better if the venue has details like chandeliers, ornate tiles and a grand staircase).

Black tuxedos are formal, but white tuxedos are as chic as you can get. We love the look of this white tuxedo jacket with black pants paired with a matching black bow tie.

Gatsby Wedding Table Decorations

Elegant Rustic Great Gatsby Wedding Reception Table Setting Decor With Long Tables, Black Chairs, Gold Plates,

If your wedding is in the fall or winter, use a fur wrap to stay warm (and look like a movie star in the process). You can get vintage furs at many retailers or faux fur wedding veils.

Follow Daisy Buchanan’s style playbook and complete your short ‘do (or faux bob) with a perfect glossy hair accessory

Gatsby Wedding Table Decorations

If you don’t want a seating chart, we love the look of these paper roll favor cards with black champagne flutes that can be used as wedding favors.

Candlestick Flowers Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

Decorate your wedding tables with items like gold charger plates, gold cutlery and personalized menu cards to make your guests feel like total VIPs.

Gatsby Wedding Table Decorations

For a long party table (like your table), add crystal chandeliers and tall black tapers with matching glassware.

Inspired wedding, serving cocktails popular in the 1920s such as the French 75, Sidecar and Screwdriver. *Leonardo DiCaprio raises his glass as Jay Gatsby*

Gatsby Wedding Table Decorations

A Colorful Great Gatsby Inspired Wedding

Cheeky cocktail napkins that say “trust me, you can dance” will add personality to your bar while serving a purpose.

Art Deco inspired medallions, black feathers and pearl embellishments on your cake tiers will add an undeniably elegant look to any wedding dessert table.

Gatsby Wedding Table Decorations

When it’s time to relax, start the dancing part of your wedding reception with a champagne tower. If nothing else, it makes for an amazing photo.

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Great Gatsby Party Decorations, Gold Table Numbers, Vintage Style Table Numbers, Art Deco Table Numbers, Vintage

At the end of the night, give your guests a final surprise with a confetti over the dance floor. 25 Art Deco Wedding Ideas for a Jazz Age-Inspired Celebration Take a page from The Great Gatsby when planning your wedding.

Gatsby Wedding Table Decorations

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Let’s be real. When you drift, some marriage topics can become difficult. And when they are repeated, they can sound boring and inauthentic. The Roaring 20s theme, which has been in vogue since 2013 when the last film version of The Great Gatsby hit the big screen, should have entered the annals of history by now. However, glitz, glamor and over-the-top arrogance endure.

Gatsby Wedding Table Decorations

Real Wedding Stories: An Elegant Wedding With A Touch Of Gatsby

That said, we hold a special place in our hearts for the timeless appeal of an Art Deco wedding. Although it is called the lost generation, the artists of that era certainly achieved something. qualities when thrown into the evening for love. If anything, Art Deco’s influence on weddings has translated into more subtle touches, often receiving a modern update that only enhances its charismatic aesthetic.

A classic black and white palette always hits the right notes, but so does smoky gray resin with rich tones or stark white, green and a little gilded sparkle and shine. Geometric decoration still attracts a lot of attention in a clean and modern palette. use it to your advantage with gold triangles or diamonds as a ceremony backdrop or hanging centerpiece to evoke the bold, bold lines of the period. Explore 1920s prints on your paper goods and signs for a realistic feel, subtle vintage accessories like bar stools or candles and your drink of choice, champagne. And don’t forget to drive at night in your vintage car!

Gatsby Wedding Table Decorations

Geometric ceremony background with floating gold

Vintage Wedding Decor: 36 Beautiful Ideas For Your Reception

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