Gender Reveal Party Table Decorations Houston

Gender Reveal Party Table Decorations Houston – There’s no better place to announce your baby’s gender than your own backyard! They did a great job with all the decorations to reflect the gender and the twinkling lights and cute blue and pink balloon arch tied it in perfectly!

How cute is this baby gender reveal party theme? We are all obsessed with blue and pink decorations. Although all the guests were in blue or pink!

Gender Reveal Party Table Decorations Houston

Gender Reveal Party Table Decorations Houston

Lisa (far left) reached out to us to be a part of this special day and we were so excited! After talking to them, we found out that the couple lives next door and are best friends! How funny!!

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It’s a girl!!! Alex (the father-to-be) was really expecting a new baby girl to join his family. He had so much fun watching it, you could feel all the excitement radiating from everyone…we even started to cry! We are so excited for this amazing couple and know this little girl is going to be so cute and spoiled!

Gender Reveal Party Table Decorations Houston

Have extra pink fun with these gender reveal smoke bombs! They make great photos and keep the party going a little longer!

The cutest gender reveal cake with a pink surprise inside! Congratulations Alex & Kristabel! We are so excited to meet our daughter! This gender reveal balloon garland is a perfect decoration idea! It’s the perfect backdrop for your gender reveal party and it’s a cheap and fun idea!

Gender Reveal Party Table Decorations Houston

Unique First Birthday Party Ideas And Themes For 2022

Who doesn’t like to celebrate a new baby? I may not have many children, but I sure love throwing a party for everyone’s child. The gender reveal party trend is so much fun, and unique gender reveal party decoration ideas are even more fun!

I made this simple balloon garland for a friends gender reveal party and it was a huge hit. It was the perfect background to find out if the baby was or wasn’t and everyone loved it!

Gender Reveal Party Table Decorations Houston

Don’t let this DIY project scare you! When I say that it is very easy to make, I am not exaggerating. It was so easy, you should expect to see balloon garlands at every party I host from here on out.

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Ice Cream Gender Reveal Party

Now it’s time to make the balloon garland. Before we begin, make sure you have large trash bags on hand. After I inflate the balloons, I separate them into each bag by size and color.

Gender Reveal Party Table Decorations Houston

Blow all the balloons first! Using an electric pump and a balloon tying tool will speed up the process. I think I blew up all my balloons in about 30 minutes. Make sure you push them all before you start. I used 30 of each for the 9in and 5in. Inflate 3 by 3 by 36. Sort your balloons by size and color.

Since this is a gender reveal party, we did one side blue and one side pink! Using balloon tape, thread the end of the balloon through the hole in the tape. Make sure that knowledge is enhanced so that it does not fall. I made sure there was very little space between each balloon. As I began to roll down the tape, I evenly spread 36 of the balloons.

Gender Reveal Party Table Decorations Houston

Pastel Blue Baby Bottle Favor Containers

Once you have the length of the blue side you want it’s time to start on the 9 inch pink balloons. Again, make sure there is no space between the balloons and that the pink and blue sides are touching. You want to make sure the bead is one big piece. Don’t forget to put a 36 inch pink balloon too!

It’s time to let your guard down! Don’t worry, I didn’t forget the 5 inch balloon. I used fishing line to hang the balloons. Depending on where you are placed, you can also use a bow hook. Whatever you use, make sure you tie or hang it on the balloon tape and not the balloon to keep it secure.

Gender Reveal Party Table Decorations Houston

Now that you have 9 inches and 36 inches of balls on your bead, it’s time to add 5 inches. There are small balloons that really add great texture and give the garland a fun look. They didn’t want the little balloons for the garland I made for my friend (I wish we’d included them) but it still looks great! Using a low temperature glue gun, just add a few dots of “hot” glue to a 5 inch balloon and place it inside the garland. I always like to group the smaller balloons into larger balloons. Add them until you feel they are enough. It’s really just your preference. You can’t go wrong!

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Fun Diy Gender Reveal Decoration Ideas

Yes! This is what I love most about this party backdrop. You can literally add any color balloons to match your party. You can also add metallic balloons, they are so pretty! It all depends on what you are trying to convey.

Gender Reveal Party Table Decorations Houston

Of course! If you want, you can use fishing line and a crochet hook to tie the balloons together. Just thread the fishing line through the needle and pierce the balloon under the knot near the end. I tried both methods and balloon tape was the easiest for me!

Yes! You can add as many colors as you want. If you want variety I would stick between 5-7 colors. Maybe it’s starting to look awkward.

Gender Reveal Party Table Decorations Houston

Creative Ideas For A Second Baby Shower

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We’ll assume you agree with this, but you can opt out if you want. Accept Read More I Can’t Believe It’s 2022! This New Year’s Eve we had a fun gender reveal party with our immediate family complete with sap, candy and sequins and we found out what baby Darnell #2 is! Scroll down to see what we’ve got, plus details on our gender reveal of New Year’s Eve sips, sweets and sequins.

We had a genre show at my friend’s awesome Sweenshots studio in Houston. It was the perfect space for our party and had everything we needed, from the backdrop to the kitchen to the natural light. It was a great place for our little gathering.

Gender Reveal Party Table Decorations Houston

For a gender reveal, we decided to have a sequin themed New Year’s Eve party. I’m not a fan of the traditional pink and blue gender reveal parties. To be honest, I’m not even a fan of pink! So we went for more greens, golds and peaches for our balloons. I found these balloon garlands (pink and

Confetti Themed Gender Reveal Baby Shower

) on Amazon and combined them to create this look. We made our own balloon garland using this nifty balloon pump and placed alpha lit Houstons for the letters OH BABY. How beautiful they turned out! We also bought $12 Happy New Year 2022 balloons and bought a helium tank to blow them up ourselves. It saved us money this way.

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Gender Reveal Party Table Decorations Houston

Since it was a small event just for close family, we decided to have food with toast and sweets. We had cakes, cookies and cake cones made by a local bakery

. It was very good! We got this gold and white cake for under $15 at Target! We gave out little champagne bottles at the party and put these cute thank you tags on them. Sibling Acrylic Sign is another $8 Amazon find! You can find our paper plates with a new theme and

Gender Reveal Party Table Decorations Houston

Unique Baby Shower Venues In Houston

How cute are these stackable baby balloon boxes? We will definitely use them again for our baby! I can’t even move myself

. We got a size seven because she will be seven in a few weeks. It was a little big but came with adjustable pants, so it worked for our gender reveal. At least I know it will get enough wear as he can grow into it.

Gender Reveal Party Table Decorations Houston

I still can’t believe I bought this sequin dress for $60 online! I wasn’t sure how it would fit or the quality, but I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived. The quality is amazing and the dress is quite flexible. She fell like a charm. If I wasn’t pregnant, I think I would have gotten an XS instead of a smaller size.

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This gold confetti balloon was a steal on Etsy for $6. We threw it ourselves and added the metallic tinsel to the garland. It was such a hit!

Gender Reveal Party Table Decorations Houston

It’s a girl!!!! Josh already guessed! Jayden thought it was a boy. Everyone else thought it was a boy except my mom and my cousin Alison. I knew it was a girl because it was different from my pregnancy with Jayden. This time I preferred sweets instead of red meat and my first trimester was definitely worse than Jade’s with morning sickness.

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