George Washington Table Decorations

George Washington Table Decorations – After a full home renovation, this Hartford County home is ready to reveal its farmhouse table! From a piece of house shell to a home worthy of a beautiful show home, this dining room is residential chic. From painted and distressed sideboards to incorporating family heirlooms, this dining room is ready for many gatherings with friends and family. When the table setting is so beautiful, we can only imagine the delicious dishes that will be served and enjoyed here. This table measures 40 X 96, and can seat 8 people comfortably. For situations when they need a little extra space, it can be extended by 24″ with end leaves. As in the image above, there are 12 local settings. In the picture below, you can see the 2 handles on the apron…those are for the end sheets. Even family pets like to hang around the farm table! We really enjoyed working with this client. They knew exactly what they wanted their farm table to be and were able to convey it beautifully. We were so happy to make and deliver this rustic farmhouse table for their new home. And now, after the stress of remodeling and the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it might be time to pull up a chair and relax.

When we start working on the table, we are equipped with various information provided by our customers. With notes taken and samples approved, we know the color of the top, the thickness and length of the board, how many boards will make up the width. We know what legs to use and the amount of distress marks, saw marks, knots, tension joints, live edges or no live edges…but we almost never really know how the table will fit the decor.

George Washington Table Decorations

George Washington Table Decorations

When we saw this one, all we could say was “wow”! And the fact that it was sent home near Boston conjures up images of Washington and Jefferson and perhaps Sam Adams, who lingers here, debating the future of our country.

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Another close schedule. When the hang tag is attached, we know this is a wrap.

George Washington Table Decorations

And there it is, another New England Farm Table delivered and ready for many, many family gatherings. And, we’d like to think George would approve…No matter how one defines diversity, presidents have long recognized the importance of getting diverse advice from their Cabinets. Interestingly, our nation’s first president, George Washington, began appointing a diverse Cabinet when he chose four white men who came from different parts of the country, represented various occupations, and had different opinions on the pressing issues of the day. . In fact, when Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson tried to retire, Washington begged him to stay in office because “he thought it important to check my opinion in the administration to keep the matter in the right channel and prevent it going too far.” Washington knew that Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton and Jefferson disagreed on almost everything, which is why he wanted them both in the Cabinet. Today, diversity is usually thought of in terms of increasing the number of women, as well as the appointment of previously unrepresented racial and ethnic minorities to the highest levels of our government. Although the president’s responsibilities have grown rapidly, and the expansion and specialization of advisers has continued since the days of George Washington, the president’s focus on diversity has continued even as incentives have evolved to guide the selection process.

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Although presidents have chosen cabinet secretaries from diverse backgrounds since the early days of the republic, their evolving definitions largely reflect the characteristics of our increasingly democratic political system. Women, once denied the right to vote, recently celebrated the centennial of this privilege, while blacks waited until the civil rights advances of the 1950s and 60s—a rocky road that still faces access challenges. Our goal is to show how changes in society have meaningfully altered presidential cabinet selections over time. In short, we provide a “path through history” that sheds light on the changing incentives that influence the composition of the president’s cabinet.

George Washington Table Decorations

Photos: President Biden’s Redecorated Oval Office

Washington began that tradition by choosing four cabinet members to represent the different regions, economies, experiences, tribal interests and cultures of the young United States. Although we can see Washington’s cabinet as four white men, his contemporaries appreciated the president’s diversity and deliberate choice to ensure that all types of citizens (at the time) were represented in the cabinet. Jefferson was born into wealth and privilege, inherited a vast estate and dozens of enslaved individuals, spent many years as a diplomat, and championed the interests of farmers and plantations. Hamilton was born into poverty in the Caribbean, spent the Revolution working his way up the ranks of the Continental Army, settled in New York, and mingled with merchants and the business elite of the inner city. Although less well known in popular culture, Secretary of War Henry Knox and Attorney General Edmund Randolph were equal participants in cabinet discussions. Knox’s former service as secretary of war for the Confederate Congress proved invaluable to Washington as he negotiated diplomatic relations with Native American nations, and the rest of the cabinet relied on Randolph’s legal expertise and wisdom.

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Early presidents followed Washington’s example and assembled cabinets that included geographic diversity, experience and ideology. For example, Thomas Jefferson’s cabinet included James Madison (Virginia), Albert Gallatin (Pennsylvania), Robert Smith (Maryland), Henry Dearborn (New Hampshire), and Levi Lincoln (Massachusetts). They also represent different ideological factions of the Democratic-Republican Party. Jefferson’s protégé, James Monroe, imitated this effort. He chose John Quincy Adams (Massachusetts), William Crawford (Georgia), John C. Calhoun (South Carolina), Richard Rush (Pennsylvania), and Benjamin Crowninshield (Massachusetts). In addition to their geographic diversity, John Quincy Adams was formerly a member of the Federalist Party and became an outspoken abolitionist, while Calhoun was a staunch defender of slavery. At the time, the positions of Adams and Calhoun were not as extreme as they were in later years, but their differences were very marked during their cabinet service. Although the Civil War was still decades in the future, tensions over slavery and western expansion often surfaced. By consulting both perspectives in his cabinet, President Monroe made sure he considered all sides before making any decisions.

George Washington Table Decorations

As the Civil War unfolded, geographic diversity remained important to the composition of the cabinet, but it was no longer a major factor. Abraham Lincoln also considered bipartisan interests as a factor of diversity during moments of crisis. He chose radical Republicans such as Treasury Secretary Salmon Chase (Ohio), more conservative Republicans such as Secretary of State William Seward (New York), and former Democrats such as Attorney General Edward Bates (Missouri) and Secretary of the Navy Gideon Welles (Connecticut ). ) for his Cabinet. Lincoln deliberately chose secretaries who would help him keep the Union together, and because they represented important northern and border states, but also because they came from the leading parties – Republicans, Northern Democrats, and Constitutional Unionists. The Southern Democratic Party was the only one not represented in Lincoln’s Cabinet, because most of its members voted to secede from the Union. Lincoln hoped that the native sons would encourage the states to remain in the Union, and that the members of the cabinet would provide knowledge about the unique needs and political concerns of different regions.

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A Gold And Ivory Table Setting Is Shown To The Press In The State Dining Room Of The White House In Washington, May 19, 2003. U.s. President George W. Bush Will Host

After that, there were key moments when the modern sense of “diversity” emerged. This included the nomination of Oscar Straus by Theodore Roosevelt, the first Jewish member to serve in the cabinet. In 1906, he was appointed Secretary of Commerce and Labor (in 1913, this became an independent cabinet department). Approximately three decades later, FDR made history by appointing the first woman to the Cabinet: Frances Perkins as Secretary of the Department of Labor.

George Washington Table Decorations

While that early effort was certainly historic, subsequent presidents have not embraced that practice, so the appointments of women and minorities can only be described as sporadic. After President Eisenhower appointed Oveta Culp Hobby as Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare in 1953, there was a gap of more than twenty years before the next woman was appointed to the Cabinet (Carla Anderson Hills, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 1975) . -77). Since then, presidents have appointed women regularly although not in large numbers. From FDR to Clinton, most presidents chose a minority cabinet secretary or two, but most favored white male power brokers over their own party.

Presidents, except for Lincoln and FDR, rarely made bipartisan elections, preferring to choose from prominent figures in their own parties. For example, Richard Nixon chose Eisenhower’s Attorney General, William P. Rogers, as his Secretary of State and Melvin Laird, a longtime Republican congressman, as his Secretary of Defense.

George Washington Table Decorations

George Washington Hotel Pittsburgh Wedding

The next big breakthrough came with presidential candidate Bill Clinton, who promised to assemble a Cabinet that looked like America. Indeed, his election represented the highest rate of non-white nominations to date, while President Biden nominated the most women and Latinos. (Note that our definition of Cabinet includes only members who are in the presidential line of succession, not cabinet-level appointments.)

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