Gift Table Decorations

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The gift table is a dynamic element of the wedding day, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring or boring. We share 21 wedding gift table ideas to help you decide how to decorate yourself when the time comes, while keeping in mind the purpose of the table: to give guests a place to leave cards and gift boxes. . Read our wedding table and gift table tips below, then see our best ideas to use at your reception.

Gift Table Decorations

Gift Table Decorations

The wedding gift table and the wedding table are basically the same. The primary purpose of the gift table is to collect cards, gift boxes and other important items that guests will bring to the wedding. Wedding gift tables are often decorated with signs to welcome or greet guests as they arrive at the venue.

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If the rules of the wedding registry recommend that guests send gifts directly to your home before the wedding day, this may not always be the case. Having a gift table at a wedding is always a good idea, even if it’s a simple table with a small box to collect cards. Some guests, especially older or more familiar relatives, may prefer to present you with cards or gifts at the wedding, so we recommend that you make a reservation in advance.

Gift Table Decorations

With so many guests in attendance, it’s important to plan for the chance (but very likely) that someone will disturb your gift table. To prevent wedding gift theft or other misappropriation, appoint an event planner or trusted family member to hold gifts during the wedding.

Card boxes, welcome signs and wedding guest books are the main things that go on the gift table. You can add additional decorations to mark the table as needed, such as seating charts or escort cards, framed photos, flowers, wedding favors or candles.

Gift Table Decorations

Woodland Cards And Gifts Sign

The gift table should go in a visible place, the best place where guests are sure to pass. For security reasons, tables should be in the main event area (not the lobby) where you can easily see them. Place it near other high-traffic areas that are hard to miss, such as near the bar or dessert table, and avoid placing it near an exit.

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A luxurious velvet tablecloth is a great addition to your reception table for a fall or winter wedding. Choose a color like this beautiful fruit color to draw attention, or keep things more casual with neutral tones.

Gift Table Decorations

If you are planning a seaside or beach reception, blue tablecloths, netting (or wooden baskets) and decorative rope accents are ideas for the wedding gift table.

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Bring a lovely, sweet scent to your gift table with votive candles and simple floral arrangements. Special signs for cards and acknowledgments will let guests know where to go.

Gift Table Decorations

Add character to your reception area by customizing unique pieces of furniture, like this antique bench, into your wedding table. Find unique pieces that you can customize with florals, prints, and more.

For a simple wedding reception table, the style is better, choose a beautiful acrylic card box and a few flowers. It’s not difficult, but it’s very beautiful.

Gift Table Decorations

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Gift Table Decorations

Think outside the box (literally) by choosing something unexpected for your reception table, like these vintage suitcases. They are active

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Recreate this easy wedding favor table idea with a few taper candles, empty wine bottles (be sure to remove the labels), basic tablecloths throughout the table and small flower arrangements. Decorative signs and card boxes are fine.

Gift Table Decorations

This wedding reception table idea is really cute if you and your spouse have known each other since childhood. Remind everyone how far you’ve come by displaying some of your favorite childhood photos in matching frames.

Bird cages are a popular card box option for weddings. Such decorations will look amazing in your home long after the wedding day.

Gift Table Decorations

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Planning a rustic themed wedding? Find a barrel or wooden box that you can use to store cards and gifts at the reception desk.

Decorate your wedding gift table with glass card boxes, rattan details, leather cookbooks and fresh or dried herbs for an eclectic, boho-style setting.

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Gift Table Decorations

Add an instant camera to your wedding favor table to capture video clips and photos from the day. Guests can take a selfie while leaving a card or writing a well-wish in the guest book.

Wedding Table, Decorations And Gifts 5 Stock Photo

Simple and casual decor is the key to this beautiful wedding table. Combine glass boxes and calligraphy signs with timeless details like lace tablecloths and white roses.

Gift Table Decorations

Here’s proof that you don’t have to use a real table to collect your wedding favors and cards. This smart boat display is an instant conversation starter for your summer reception outside.

Acrylic signs and matching wedding card boxes bring a minimalist style to this reception table. A centerpiece of white and green roses completed the arrangement.

Gift Table Decorations

Butterflies Gift Table Sign Girl Baby Shower Printable

If you like a picture of your date, show it off. The wedding gift table is one of the best places to display them at the reception – guests will love the sweet and personal touch that pictures bring to your decor.

Search thrift stores and antique stores for booths or tables to use for wedding displays. After the wedding, this is an item that can be used at home. Can’t find the right part? Check with your local event rental company for other options.

Gift Table Decorations

Turn your wedding reception table into a one-stop shop for guests by displaying seating charts, cookbooks and card boxes together.

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Going for a romantic garden wedding theme? Basic woven baskets are an easy but stylish way to collect or give cards to guests.

Gift Table Decorations

If your gift table is placed on the side of the room or on the perimeter of the venue, it can be easy for guests to overlook it. Make sure no one misses the table by decorating it with a patterned tablecloth that matches the color palette.

This rustic wooden box is a simple wedding gift table idea for a rustic theme. Not getting married in the winter months? Change the pine with details each year, such as pumpkins, apples or wildflowers.

Gift Table Decorations

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Gift Table Decorations

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Gift Table Decorations

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Gift Table Decorations

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