Glass Vase Palm Frond Table Decoration

Glass Vase Palm Frond Table Decoration – Looking for a simple way to add a tropical feel to your home for summer? Try adding some fake or freshly cut palm fronds. An oversized banana palm can add drama to a console table. Large finger-like fronds can add a feathery texture to a side view or dining area. Added bonus: palm leaf decorations last much longer than flowers. Freshly cut dates can last 2 to 4 weeks in a container with water. Here are some clips and ideas on how and where to use palm fronds when decorating for summer…

Palm Information: Palms, for identification purposes, can be divided into two major groups: those with palmate or fan-shaped leaves; and those with pinnate, or feather-shaped leaves. Palmate-leaved species are characterized by a leaf structure in which each leaf segment arises from a single point, similar to the structure of the human hand. Pinnate leaves are characterized by leaves on either side of the central axis, which resemble a feather in design. Learn more fun facts about palms at

Glass Vase Palm Frond Table Decoration

Glass Vase Palm Frond Table Decoration

Console Table: Save. Lamps on console: Ikea. White vase and large glass cylinder: HomeGoods. Ottomans online. Tribunal target. Frames: Mixed Household Stores. Other stuff – was a customer.

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I washed the walls apple green, brought ferns into the yard, and planted palms with turquoise glass bottles.

Glass Vase Palm Frond Table Decoration

The best part about decorating with fresh cut palms is that, especially if you live in a tropical state like Florida (or California), you can enjoy this dramatic decoration for free. Just walk around your yard, neighborhood, or keep scissors close by in your car to pull back for freshly cut fronds. To help long past palms (about 2 to 4 weeks), at least once a week: give it a fresh cut and fresh water (change if it turns or add if it is still clear).

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Glass Vase Palm Frond Table Decoration

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Hello and welcome to Focal Point Styling! I’m Lynda – sharing simple solutions for organizing and organizing your home, fashion and decor trends, smart shopping tips, market events, plus local love from places I’ve experienced. I started this blog in 2009 while living in Miami. In 2011, I moved to Phoenix, AZ and rented a house until late 2014, when I moved back east to the Triad in North Carolina – join me on my journey! There are many quick and easy ways to decorate with palm fronds and branches. . And vegetables and perhaps the vegetable treasures hidden in your own backyard will surprise you. Today, I want to share some tips and tricks for vase and container ideas that I hope will inspire you to look around your own yard for great greenery potential that will quickly (and easily) make beautiful displays.

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One of the easiest ways to create a green arrangement is with glass jars. The glass base has a narrow opening that holds greenery, leaves and branches better than traditional vases. You can use one or a group of jugs with greenery.

Glass Vase Palm Frond Table Decoration

I love all the stained glass jugs that are out right now and I found this beautiful set of three on Amazon.

Decorative Glass Bottles And Green Palm …

In my own home, I use philodendron and palmetto leaves and other branches throughout my home and glass vases for my patio greenery.

Glass Vase Palm Frond Table Decoration

Even if you don’t have access to tropical types of foliage like philodendrons, palmettos or palms, consider nice silk/artificial foliage. Pottery Barn has come out with some amazing artificial tropical foliage this spring that actually looks like this 49″ tall palmetto palm branch.

Another option is tall dried stems such as eucalyptus or willow if you don’t have access to fresh greens.

Glass Vase Palm Frond Table Decoration

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Look around your yard for trees and shrubs and cutting a branch or two full of leaves (like this magnolia below), in a glass or ceramic pitcher, is another easy way to create a beautiful display.

I don’t know what these green clippings are but again, any type of clippings from the yard and bushes can add a pop of green.

Glass Vase Palm Frond Table Decoration

If you don’t have blue and white ceramic jars, I found this tall 18″ blue and white ginger jar from Amazon that has a great mix of shapes and patterns.

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Extra tall ginger pots or garden urns are perfect for displaying palm and banana tree cuttings or large silk stems.

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Glass Vase Palm Frond Table Decoration

If you want to use a glass vase, tall cylinder vases are perfect for holding tall stems like these elephant ear clips below.

So many beautiful possibilities and you might be surprised what you have in your yard that can make the perfect pop of green and nature. If you’re saying “I do” to a tropical destination, go ahead and embrace the local flora. We love tropical flowers and foliage — palm fronds, monstera leaves, elephant ears and more — on the beach, in lush mountain landscapes, in rice paddies, and beyond. The best thing about this plant is that it can be used as a ceremony backdrop, in a flower arrangement above your headboard, or even as a fun photo prop. We found palms – and all their tropical leaf friends – as small as your hand and taller than another person. Another secret: it keeps its shape, which your florist will absolutely thank you for.

Glass Vase Palm Frond Table Decoration

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Palm leaf wedding decorations also work in many situations thanks to leafy green, a neutral color in the world of flowers. It’s the perfect base for a larger installation where you’re placing tropical flowers in pinks, oranges and yellows, joining another interesting combination – or even as the back of a bouquet. A single monstera leaf or a pair of palms can give a bridal bouquet an asymmetrical shape, fusing different textures together. And let’s not get started on the palms on wedding cakes, which can add texture in the form of sugar flowers, dimension like the real thing, or even an artistic touch in watercolor.

Needless to say, we love this trend in all its forms. Check out the photo inspiration below and start pinning what you love for your big day. And remember: you can still use this trend even if you’re not getting married in the tropics. We’ve included some pictures below that were taken at locations on the streets of New York City.

Glass Vase Palm Frond Table Decoration

We love how this hanging installation incorporates so many trends. Palms, when paired with a fun quote, make the ultimate party-ready decoration.

Event Flowers Arrangement. Great Festive Classical Bouquet With Various Flowers And Palm Leaves In Urn Vase On Table At Window In Living Room. Holiday Stock Photo

How fun are these palm chairs? A fabric chair works well with a wooden table that avoids an overkill of linen. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use a palm handkerchief as well.

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Glass Vase Palm Frond Table Decoration

We are in a garland of giant leaves above the bar. One, because it’s a bar. And two, because some of them are spray painted gold. Bonus: them

How modern is this statement cake? We are obsessed with the combination of cool circles and lush pink palms.

Glass Vase Palm Frond Table Decoration

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See, to admire the tropical wedding bouquet. An all green color palette, mixed with different textures, makes the perfect statement.

Who says you can’t use palms in New York City? The pair worked with planner Jove Mayer to transform a foundry in NYC’s Long Island City into a tropical oasis.

Glass Vase Palm Frond Table Decoration

It’s the palm-inspired table setting of our dreams, thanks to a clear base that makes the leaves look like they’re floating.

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This mega-palm altar is just perfection. To recreate, attach two large palm fronds to a typical altar structure. Add a sand and ocean background, and voilà.

Glass Vase Palm Frond Table Decoration

Invitations give the first glimpse of what your wedding will look like. That’s why these watercolor palms are perfect for a Hawaiian destination wedding.

In the Table of Eight, it’s important to think about how the conversation will flow. A high-focus setting is not only aesthetically pleasing but also serves as a focal point without blocking guests’ faces. These elephant ears – note the slim white cylinder vase – are chic

Glass Vase Palm Frond Table Decoration

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A neutral base allows the palm napkins and flora arrangements to shine as the focal point of the table. Meanwhile, pink flowers and green accents are a match made in heaven.

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