Gold Dining Table Decor

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If you love charming decor and design, these beautiful restaurants will inspire your creativity. Ornate decor has a few features that always stand out to me.

Gold Dining Table Decor

Gold Dining Table Decor

The captivating designs are known for their use of metallic surfaces, velvet fabrics and bold colors. It’s a design aesthetic reminiscent of the golden age of old Hollywood. Dining rooms are the perfect place to create a stunning look because your shiny silverware is perfect!

Gold & White Table Doilies Set Of 4 Table Decor Holiday Christmas Christmas Table Decorations & Settings Home, Furniture & Diy Celebration & Occasion Supplies

So what does a beautiful restaurant look like? Here you will find a lot of metal trim, gold framed furniture, velvet upholstered dining chairs, and more. In addition to this, you will find a room decorated in black and gold or a simple glass ornate dining table to keep the room chic. When it comes to beautiful dining room decor ideas, the possibilities seem endless! Let us help you decorate today.

Gold Dining Table Decor

How beautiful are these teal velvet chairs with gold metal frames? Black and white carpets and tropical wallpaper create a room with a bold design!

I hope this article inspires you! Looking for more glamorous home decorating ideas? Don’t miss our other articles on beautiful decor below. We have room decorating guides, furniture guides and specific decorating guides!

Gold Dining Table Decor

Christmas Table Setting Ideas

Curated Interior uses affiliate links and if you purchase from an affiliated retailer, we may charge a small commission at no cost to you. We only recommend products from merchants we know and love. As Amazon employees, we benefit from qualifying purchases. I have wanted to use pampas grass for a Thanksgiving table for several years. I love the golden feathery stalks! I decided to do it this year. I have a vision in my head and I am ready to implement it.

My friend found some wild pampas with her and brought me 2 stuffed animals. We created this beautiful centerpiece in a rectangular box. The perfect core, in line with my vision.

Gold Dining Table Decor

I pulled out my favorite Thanksgiving turkey plate and used my mom’s vintage glasses. I want the overall look to be neutral. A golden Thanksgiving table that will really wow your guests!

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Simple Christmas Table Decor Ideas

To add that golden glow, I knew I needed candles. This part makes me nervous. Look, pampas grass is very dry, I know it must be flammable. However, I started lighting a few tea lights and taking pictures.

Gold Dining Table Decor

At 20 or so after my meeting I stood at the table to get an overhead shot of the golden Thanksgiving table. I moved the middle piece closer to the plate so the grass would hang off the plate.

Suddenly the center point is on fire! I freaked out and started hitting it with my hands and arms, desperately trying to extinguish the flames! It seems that as soon as I take one piece out, the other piece catches fire as I blow with my hands and fan the flame.

Gold Dining Table Decor

Christmas Table Decorating Ideas For Holiday Cheer

At one point I thought to myself, “Okay, you have to get the fire extinguisher!”. But it was in the garage and I was afraid to leave the crime scene. My 6-year-old daughter stood in the doorway and looked at me in disgust. She thought the house would surely burn down!

After what seemed like a long time, I finally put out the fire. I stood on the chair in shock. The centerpiece and gold Thanksgiving table I’ve been envisioning in my head for months is actually on fire! The table was full of ash and soot. My hands are black and I burned some ends of my hair in the process!

Gold Dining Table Decor

I took the burnt centerpiece to the backyard and said to myself, “Okay, time to clean up and start over”. I had a beautiful afternoon light window of 45 minutes to take pictures. So, I cleaned all the plates, napkins, chair covers, and vacuumed the whole area, and reset.

Gold Brass Candlesticks

You see, I’m not a quitter. I don’t let things get down to me easily. I use it as a role model for my daughter. I told her that if things happened, we didn’t give up. We adapt and move forward! I made a second arrangement for my bar cart and used it as the centerpiece.

Gold Dining Table Decor

Later, while editing photos, I had the pleasure of taking most of this photo of the golden Thanksgiving table in front of the fire. Although I didn’t get every photo I wanted, I’m happy with the results. I am very grateful that our house is still relatively unscathed by this accident.

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I hope you got some inspiration from this post, but if you make this again, please use flameless candles!

Gold Dining Table Decor

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Hi, I’m Ashley, wife and mother of 2 young children. Here I hope to inspire you by sharing my favorite home decor ideas, easy DIY projects and simple but delicious recipes (and sometimes they’re healthy too)!

Gold Dining Table Decor

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Modern Dining Room Ideas: Love For The Monochromatic

Get a dose of GLAM in your inbox. Get entertaining tips and design inspiration straight to your inbox! I am so excited to share an elegant silver and gold Christmas table scene with you! I’ll share all the details on how I put it together below. Creating a Christmas/holiday table is always fun for me and I look forward to our family sitting around this table making special memories.

Gold Dining Table Decor

I have always loved Lenox tableware, from fine bone china to everyday dishes. When Lenox contacted me a few months ago and asked if I wanted to design them a table with their beautiful cutlery, I thought I hit the jackpot. Well, pinch me please! Yes! I saw the tableware from Contempo Luxe, so I chose this pattern, along with a few other items, to make this beautiful table!

As I said in previous posts, beauty is in the details. I started making the centerpiece of this winter wreath.

Gold Dining Table Decor

Best Dining Room Decorating Ideas

To make this I started with a layer of faux cedar branches. I laid them, laid the three branches to one side with the stem/branch part pointing in the middle, and repeated on the other side until they overlapped and interlocked in the middle.

You can see this (sort of) below. I’m sorry I didn’t take a picture before I was done. Sometimes I get so busy with a project that I forget to take a picture!

Gold Dining Table Decor

Then I repeated the same idea as above with frosted pine branches, frosted eucalyptus, mistletoe stems with white berries, and painted pine cone picks. Finally, I added some frosted white peonies to fill in all the gaps. This is done entirely with artificial flowers and greenery.

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Glam Dining Rooms You Must See

Next I added these beautiful Lenox Wintery Woods Tree Figurines. I used three sets, one for each end, the others I nested in the center wreath. After that I have some gold candlesticks.

Gold Dining Table Decor

Layers in the venue arrangement is also important, which I have found adds a lot of beauty to the table. I arrange all the cutlery and other items I plan to use and organize them on my island to make setting the table easier.

I love these placemats because they are versatile and inexpensive. They also go well with many different dishes.

Gold Dining Table Decor

New Year’s Day Brunch Table Setting Mixing Gold And Silver

After placing the placemat, I put in a gold charger, followed by the Contempo Luxe dinner and salad plate. Between the plates I put gold and white napkins.

The cutlery is also from Lenox and comes in two shades of gold and silver. It is called Vintage Jewelry Gold 5 Piece Set

Gold Dining Table Decor

One of the things I like about setting up the table this way is that it is so versatile. I can use this winter wreath all winter. After the Christmas/holiday season, I can remove the tree, change the salad plate and change the napkins to give the table a whole new look. This table will last all winter. Click here to see how I use the same garland centerpiece for multiple table tops!

Glitter And Majestic Panache: Dining Rooms Wrapped In A Golden Glint!

Here you can see more detailed overhead photos! Each level and location setting in the center of the wreath is what makes it so attractive and beautiful.

Gold Dining Table Decor

I also added some green cushions to the end chairs to add a touch of emerald green to the dining room.

Can you see why I’m obsessed with these dishes? Gold scalloped edges on this Lenox tableware

Gold Dining Table Decor

Incredible Home Decor Ideas For A Luxury Dining Room

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