Gold Urchin Table Decor

Gold Urchin Table Decor – It’s been a while since I DIY-ed, but I’m so excited to share this fun and easy DIY tutorial with you guys today! Everyone has probably seen this Gold Urchin on Target, Home Goods, and your favorite blogger’s Instagram. I know I’m sure. As much as I love these little people, I can’t spend $30 on one, let alone two or three. I decided to do a little brainstorming, and with a little help from my sister-in-law, I found a way to make over a dozen of these Urchins for under $10!!

The first step is to cut the foam ball in half so that the flat part is half of what you will be laying on the surface. You don’t need to cut the ball in half to make a perfectly round Urchin.

Gold Urchin Table Decor

Gold Urchin Table Decor

Next, cut the bamboo skewers into thirds with wire cutters or sharp scissors. You can cut it larger or smaller depending on the size of Urchin you want. I used 4-inch skewers for large Urchins and 3-inch skewers for small Urchins.

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Cut all the skewers first so you don’t have to stop to cut again in the middle of work.

Gold Urchin Table Decor

Next, dip one end of the skewer into the glue and stick it to the bottom edge of the foam ball.

Go ahead and dip each skewer into the glue and stick it into the foam. Start at the bottom and work your way up until you have a rounded shape.

Gold Urchin Table Decor

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I let the Urchin sit for about 15 minutes while the adhesive dried before moving on to the spray paint step. When the glue dried, I sprinkled it with Urchin gold.

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Spray Urchin with 2 coats of paint, let it dry for 15-20 minutes and voila! Looks exactly like the one sold in the store!

Gold Urchin Table Decor

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Gold Urchin Table Decor

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