Graduation Party Table Decor Dessert

Graduation Party Table Decor Dessert – My daughter graduated from high school last month and I promised readers that I would give you a little sneak peek at her party we threw the last weekend in May. So here you will see our decorations, a bit about our menu and a fun way to serve a classic dessert!

When I talked to her to get ideas about what she thought she wanted for her party, she was pretty sure she wanted pasta for dinner, she wanted to have dessert with her favorite things, and for decorations she wanted use mason jars. . He called it “Country Chic.”

Graduation Party Table Decor Dessert

Graduation Party Table Decor Dessert

I used liter jars to make flower vases. I found a cool wide braided ribbon at Hobby Lobby, wrapped it around and added a twine bow. I bought a lot of greenery, white flowers and shades of yellow. I love Gerber Daisies, don’t you?

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I ran a burlap sack down the length of my buffet, used plate holders to support a wooden cork board frame to display some of his best paintings.

Graduation Party Table Decor Dessert

In the same buffet, in the opposite corner, we had a large glass that I found on Tuesday morning, and it had pages where he asked guests to share with him their favorite memories or words of wisdom for him. At our local Walgreens, we printed a photo book filled with photos from high school and friends, leaving room for guests to sign.

Another small table displayed his yearbook, scholarships and awards, his diploma, his scrapbook I made for him with photos of him from toddler to senior year, his cap and tassel, and a large metal box with a front panel for his cards.

Graduation Party Table Decor Dessert

Easy Ways To Throw An Amazing Graduation Party

We also added this super cute frame that she got from my dear friend Candi from Dish Dish. Yes, you guessed it, my daughter goes to cosmetology and esthetics school!

Each table had one of these candles in a Mason jar in the center. I used a quart jar, filled the bottom with butternut flavored coffee beans, and inserted a glass votive candle that I got from Hobby Lobby. I wrapped the cord and tied it into a bow. Due to the heat of the candle inside, the coffee beans release a wonderful aroma!

Graduation Party Table Decor Dessert

We ordered pasta from Big Fred’s in Omaha. They make pasta Alfredo and marinara, their house salad and all the fixings, I have Italian meatballs and his favorite Hawaiian rolls. I did not paint this part. But all the plates and napkins were tiffany blue, her favorite color. Just because it’s graduated doesn’t mean you can’t use your favorite color instead, right?

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Best Outdoor Graduation Party Ideas

Bring on the dessert! We played a kind of game called “Oprah’s Favorite Things,” and she made all her favorite things on the dessert table. My dining room table had black linens, placemats, silver tin buckets and all her favorite things!

Graduation Party Table Decor Dessert

He also wanted a chocolate bar and his favorite candies. It was fun watching the kids fill their pockets with gumbo, happy ranchers, pickle kids, miniature Hersheys, and starbursts. I ordered all the candy in bulk from Amazon.

I used my large 6’x6′ vases that I bought to make Peep centerpieces and used them in my Floating Lily centerpieces for my 50th wedding anniversary. I wrapped them in the same tape I used for the Mason flower vase. I tied big bows and added candies. I draped two identical tablecloths to add height to the table and placed some objects underneath to support some of the items.

Graduation Party Table Decor Dessert

She’s One Smart Cookie: Graduation Party Idea — Mint Event Design

The hit on the dessert table was the little things from the strawberry shortcake! I made them last year for a bachelor party and they were very well received. He decided he wanted them too!

I made a white angel food cake and my pink angel food cake. I cut them into bite-sized cubes and put them in a bowl. Off to the side are your strawberries and cans of whipped cream in a tin bucket filled with ice. I bought small clear glasses and served the cake, strawberries and cream. They were very friendly and very interesting with the guests!

Graduation Party Table Decor Dessert

Have someone help you make them or have them served to you, the choice is yours, just know that you will go through a LOT of whipped cream if you do it yourself!

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Here are some candid photos from other guests, you can see that mother nature gave us a beautiful day!

Graduation Party Table Decor Dessert

The outdoor seating even requires sunshades! A welcome change from the showers we needed last week!

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If you make this recipe, I’d love to know! Take a picture, share the photo on social media with the hashtag # – I’d love to see what you’ve done! – Michaela

Graduation Party Table Decor Dessert

The Ultimate Graduation Party Supplies Checklist

Hi, I’m Michaela! My husband and I have been married for over thirty years. I’m a mom to 6 human children and 2 fur babies, and now I’m a grandma to one sweet boy! I love giving gifts, traveling, spending time by the water and having fun. My family (and my close circle of friends who feel like family) is the most important thing in the world! I am happy and living my life as the best person I can be! Read more…

We use cookies to provide you with the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this page, we will assume that you are satisfied with OkSladica, one of the most important things in any graduation party and in life. You want delicious desserts for your party and maybe some leftovers, right? Check out these 30+ AWESOME graduation party ideas for the perfect timing for your celebration.

Graduation Party Table Decor Dessert

Just trying to get through my dessert plate…because at any graduation party, DESSERT IS IMPORTANT. The great thing about decorating desserts and putting together a graduation table is that no matter what you serve, everyone will love it. You don’t have to love dessert to appreciate a party table.

Diy Design Fanatic: Graduation Dessert Table

So, how do we go about making this delicious dessert?? Let the 30+ dessert party ideas in this post guide you!

Graduation Party Table Decor Dessert

For me, this is the dessert table at any graduation party. I have a huge sweet tooth, so I pay close attention to what kind of dessert someone has at a party. At my graduation party we had a chocolate fondue fountain and it was a party favorite! Some of the best dessert ideas are very simple. It’s as simple as turning on the machine and dipping almost anything in chocolate! For another dessert option, I’m sure we had cookies and ice cream on the side because variety is good.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the desserts you can eat at a party, but sometimes the right choice is just choosing a few main dishes. Whether it’s cake, cookies, brownies, donuts, pastries, smores, or candy, you’ve got options! You might think that dessert would be an easy decision when it comes to a graduation party, but not when everyone is looking forward to sweets and treats!

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Graduation Party Table Decor Dessert

The Most Charming Graduation Party Ideas

Other graduation related dessert or table ideas include: graduation party ideas, party food bar ideas, graduation party ideas.

When it comes to choosing and serving desserts for your graduation party, it’s good to have options and something for everyone. Here are some delicious, simple and super easy dessert ideas that your friends and family will love! Anything from crafting and candies to baking desserts, there are tons of fun ideas!

Graduation Party Table Decor Dessert

This is a great DIY dessert idea if you want to do something with cupcakes, a cupcake parfait! With a mixture of candy at the bottom and cake at the top of the glass, this elevates your dessert!

Graduation Is Sweet Party Sign Chalkboard Printable Dessert

Another great idea for desserts and cakes is to make your own beanie topper! These are perfect for a graduation party and are the icing on the cake. We love a good dessert.

Graduation Party Table Decor Dessert

Do you like recipes? What about a stick? Here is a super easy and quick dessert idea for your graduation party that everyone will enjoy. Why are things more attractive on a stick?

The favorite dessert at any graduation party, cake pops!! These are easy to make, delicious and look really cool. Make a bunch of these and add a fun construction hat!

Graduation Party Table Decor Dessert

Graduation Printables That Are Easy To Download

If you’re looking for a dessert idea on the healthy side, this watermelon basket is a must! Treat yourself to your fruit sauce with a fruity taste. This is perfect for a graduation party in the summer or if you’re out and about and need something cool to eat.

A graduation party cannot be official without a diploma and a graduation cake. If you’re a cake lover, this is a great dessert idea that’s simple but perfect for a party. Fun way

Graduation Party Table Decor Dessert

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