Greek Table Decor

Greek Table Decor – I love the Mediterranean Sea for its warm, bright colors, cool water and the allure of the sun. When I close my eyes I can feel the sun on my face and smell the Aegean Sea! There is nothing like walking. When you can’t travel, host a party or table space to make someone feel like they’re in an extraordinary place or taking an unforgettable trip. Greet your guests at your next meal with a Greek-inspired table setting.

A combination of nature, blues, whites, gold details, bright flowers, lemon or olive topiaries are Greek elements associated with Greece and the Greek islands. Bringing this look back is easy and classic and easy.

Greek Table Decor

Greek Table Decor

Start with a nice tablecloth or table runner to anchor your design. If you want to make your own, use a clean white runner and iron on the Greek key. If your tablecloth is solid white, match it with blue or blue and white plates. A woven charger is perfect for adding a layer of natural earth. Here, my gold flatware complements the gold decoration of the Greek drinking glasses. Because of the striped pattern on the blue and white woven table runner, I chose a solid royal blue fabric with a hemstitch trim. Find a balance between solids, lines and different shades of blue.

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Although bougainvillea are commonly seen throughout Greece, they are originally from South America and were not introduced to Europe until the 19th century. The flora and fauna of Greece is so rich and wide that you can use different flowers and plants. I have several bougainvillea plants, but none have bloomed yet so I picked up a bunch of bright flowers and eucalyptus dollars from my local florist. I placed flowers in vases and scattered eucalyptus branches with votive candles in the center. The sun was blowing cold air, I couldn’t keep the candles lit. it happens. To take your party from day to night, place some candles on the table and hang bistro lights above. When the sun goes down, you’ll be transformed into an array of lights, reminiscent of Greek outdoor dining.

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Greek Table Decor

I love vintage glasses. These Jeanette Grecian water glasses were found at Goodwill. I paired them with my clear Cape Cod wine glasses. They add just the right amount of sparkle without going over the table or looking too busy. The three vases are Rae Dunn candle holders I bought on clearance last year. They had a beach bucket liner that I removed. I love their shape and the rope detailing. It connects well with chargers.

This was the setting for my Greek inspired dinner party. If you want to get ideas for some of the best Greek dishes you can cook, click here. I hope this table inspires you. Your Greek vacation may be on hold this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your own Greek Taverna in your garden or dining room. Here are tips and hints from recipe guru Sorrel to inspire you to make your own Greek Torna.

Greek Table Decor

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When we think of Greece, the famous blue sapphire peaks of Santorini are combined with the white building year. When combined with Mediterranean blue skies and cloudless blue skies, the palate is formed. White with blue-green will evoke all the emotions of Greece. Think bright, light and airy. Sea, mountains, cool clothes blowing in the wind.

A white tablecloth is a great base to dress up your table. If you have linen, go for it. But cotton alone or even a white bed sheet will do just fine. A table runner can add character and extra interest. It’s also great for protecting your table from all those delicious table dips and dips. The runner could be blue, perhaps hessian cloth or brown wrapping paper. Be creative. See what’s in your sewing pile! Haberdashers often have cut boxes so they have rummage.

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Greek Table Decor

You don’t need to use a tablecloth. A wooden table is just as charming (and saves on washing!) if you like, make it simple with napkins, placemats or table runners. Creating layers adds interest and depth of view.

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Mix and match is fine. There is only one function for each glass of water and one for wine. If you have buckets of water, add some ice cubes, cucumber ribbons and mint sprigs.

Greek Table Decor

Also, use whatever you have in your kitchen to serve your Greek feast. It doesn’t have to match. It’s all part of the rustic charm. Wood, ceramic, clay, glass and metal. Tea cups are a perfect match for many table dishes.

A wooden board was lying on some boxes. This will create more room for a table full of Greek delights. It also adds more interest and variety.

Greek Table Decor

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Why not turn your entire desk into a desk? Mark the center of the table with a few cutting boards or planks. Then mix everything on the boards (olives, dole meds, hummus, cheese, grapes, nuts, bread and salad) to create an amazing and delicious (and totally edible) base.

A personal napkin is essential to clean up greasy fingers. You can match or contrast them with your tablecloth. Also, use fabric scraps to make your own.

Greek Table Decor

Roll or fold each strip and tie with string or ribbon. Add a sprig of rosemary or oregano for color and flavor. Or how about decorating your table with carrot or radish leaves everywhere?

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How To Throw A Greek Inspired Dinner — Happy Little Homebodies

Come with us to the land of beautiful poetry, olive trees and eternal passion for our natural habitat.

Greek Table Decor

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