Greek Themed Table Decorations

Greek Themed Table Decorations – Your vacation to Greece may be this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create your own Greek taverna in your garden or dining room. Here are some hints and tips from our recipe guru Sorel to inspire you to create your own Greek taverna.

When we think of Greece, the famous Santorini with its white buildings topped with sapphire blue roofs comes to mind. It forms a bridge with the turquoise Mediterranean sea and cloudless skies Whites with a hint of blue will create a completely Greek feel Think bright, light and airy The sea, the mountains, the pillars are swaying in the cool breeze

Greek Themed Table Decorations

Greek Themed Table Decorations

A white tablecloth is a good base for dressing your table If you have fabric, go for it But a cotton or a white bed sheet will work perfectly A table runner can add extra texture and interest It’s also good to protect your tablecloth from all the delicious tablecloths that get soaked and cut. The runner could be blue, maybe a strip of hessian or some brown wrapping paper. Be creative See what’s in your sewing pile! Haberdashers often have off-cut bins so rumours

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You don’t need to use a tablecloth A wooden table is just as attractive (and saves on laundry!) ​​if you want to soften it with napkins, mats or table runners. Layers add depth and visual interest

Greek Themed Table Decorations

Mixing and matching is fine One glass each for water and one for wine is just the trick If you have a jug for water, throw in some ice cubes, chicken strips and a few mint sprigs.

Again, use whatever you have in your kitchen to serve your Greek feast No need to mix it It’s all part of the rural charm Wood, ceramic, pottery, glass and metal Tea cups are a good size for many table dishes

Greek Themed Table Decorations

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A wooden board rested on some pillars It will create extra space for a table with Greek delicacies It also adds interest with different layers

Why don’t you turn your entire table into a desk? Line the center of the table with some cutting boards or wooden boards Then arrange each class on the board (olives, dolmades, hummus, cheese, grapes, nuts, bread and salad) to create a classy and delicious (and totally edible) centerpiece.

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Greek Themed Table Decorations

A handkerchief is a must for everyone to clean up greasy fingers You can match or contrast with your table cloth Again, use fabric scraps to make your own

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Roll or fold each napkin and tie with some string or ribbon Add a sprig of rosemary or oregano for color and sweet aroma Or how about decorating your table with beautiful green carrots or radishes at each place setting?

Greek Themed Table Decorations

Come with us to the land of epic poetry, olive groves and endless feta to organic habitats. I love the Mediterranean for its warm, vibrant colors, cool water and sun-kissed appeal If I close my eyes I can smell the sun on my face and the ocean breeze! There is nothing like traveling here When you can’t travel, hosting a destination party or tablescape can create the illusion of being in an exotic location or create a memorable trip. Wow your guests at your next dining experience with a Greek-inspired tablescape.

A mix of natural textures, blues, whites, golds, bright flowers, lemon or olive topiaries are Greek elements associated with Greece and the Greek Islands. This look is so easy to recreate and is classic and simple

Greek Themed Table Decorations

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Start with a beautiful table or table runner to anchor your design If you want to make your own, use a white runner and iron on the Greek key trim If your tablecloth is white, contrast it with blue or blue and white plates A woven charger is perfect for adding an earthy and natural layer Here, my gold flatware complements the gold trim on the Greek drinking glasses Because of the striped pattern on the woven blue and white table runner, I chose a solid royal blue napkin with hemstitch trim. Find a balance between different solids, stripes and blues

Although bougainvilleas are commonly seen in Greece, they originally came from South America and were not introduced to Europe until the 19th century. The flora and fauna of Greece is rich and wide so you can experience a wide variety of flowers and plants. I have several bougainvillea plants, but no flowers at the moment, so I grabbed a bouquet of my native flowers and two dollar bouquets of eucalyptus. I placed flowers in the vase and scattered eucalyptus branches with some candles in the middle. The day was so hot, I could not light the lamp happens To take your party from day to night, place more candles on the table and add string bistro lights above. As the sun sets, you’ll be transported to more diffused light, reminiscent of outdoor dining in Greece.

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Greek Themed Table Decorations

I like old glasses These Janet Gracian water glasses were a great charity find I paired them with my clear Cape Cod wine They add just the right amount of sparkle without overpowering the table or being too busy These three bowls are Ra Don candle holders that I bought on clearance last year They had a sea bucket decal which I removed I love their shape and rope detail It connects well with wireless chargers

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This was my arrangement for my Greek Apostle dinner If you want to get an idea of ​​the many delicious Greek dishes they serve, click here I hope this table inspires you La Dolce Vita – “The Sweet Life”. After spending last week in beautiful Capri, I fell in love with all things Mediterranean This Mediterranean-themed table setting is a great way to bring a little piece of the Mediterranean to your table — and it’s super easy to create.

Greek Themed Table Decorations

For each place setting, I kept things very simple by using round hyacinth placemats and white round plates, blue and white printed napkins, a real lemon and green cardboard “lemon leaf” place cards.

The blue, white and yellow theme continued with beautiful Mediterranean inspired dishes on the table Dishes I’ve had on previous trips to Capri, however, have some similar options below!

Greek Themed Table Decorations

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In the center of the table was a delicious Mediterranean antipesto plate that made both the perfect appetizer – and the perfect centerpiece – when your guests arrived.

Antipasto plates are great so you can choose what you want and make it as small or large as needed

Greek Themed Table Decorations

And there you have it – a simple yet elegant table setting that can work for many occasions! La Dolce Vita!

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10 Aug 5 Essential Oils for Travel Aug 4 What I’ve Done: From London to Capri A wedding is one of life’s most magical events and everyone wants to remember something not just for life but for real. There is nothing wrong with a particularly traditional wedding but the fact is that more and more couples want to spend their happy day in something extraordinary. Greek wedding theme ideas will definitely give you something to dream about!

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Greek Themed Table Decorations

Greece is a wonderful country that you can fall in love with at first sight It is one of the most romantic places, isn’t it? The smell of the sea, where the water is so clear that the bottom is always visible, the bright, warm summer sun, a tan, spectacular sunsets and light meals are incredibly tempting. Is it any wonder that many couples want to go there to have a beautiful wedding?

Getting married in Greece is not always possible. However, it is possible to create a Greek wedding and you just need to be inspired by the Greek wedding theme ideas that we have selected for you!

Greek Themed Table Decorations

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Greece is a land of mythology, olives, seafood and beautiful white temples Romance, light and air – this is a Greek wedding A traditional wedding in Greece is a very lively, noisy and crowded event, with lots of music, singing and dancing. The Greek bride, like a young goddess, is captivated by her grace and beauty

Greece is rich in interesting wedding traditions Many of them, having undergone transformation, are still alive today Traditionally, Greeks celebrate three days of weddings The first is dedicated to a family celebration, the second is an official wedding and the third is a time of feasting, dancing and fireworks. Of course, when you want to create the atmosphere of a Greek wedding, you can do it with the right color theme, decorations, clothes and we will help you with some wonderful ideas!

Greek Themed Table Decorations

It is not that difficult to organize an unforgettable Greek-publication

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