Grinch Themed Table Decorations

Grinch Themed Table Decorations – A Christmas table with bright colors, green and red can set the mood for the day for any Grinch on your table. Set the table for children or the young at heart, this table is fun and games!

The Whoville trees in the middle of the table set the mood with a bow style. You can find small Whoville trees at florists, garden centers, and grocery stores during the holiday season. These evergreen trees (shown below) are easy to care for and, with proper care, will last long after Christmas.

Grinch Themed Table Decorations

Grinch Themed Table Decorations

To make the run for this table, I started by stringing a string of battery-operated lights around the Whoville trees. Then I added different sizes of clear glass to the middle of the table and filled the empty space around the red and green decorations.

Grinch Christmas Tiered Tray Decor Christmas Decoration Inspireds Holiday Decor Inspireds Christmas

To add to the fun, I added red, green, and white paper confetti to the glasses. Crinkled confetti sprinkled around the sides of the container gives the table a perfect Grinch-inspired table setting!

Grinch Themed Table Decorations

Instead of using an actual Grinch figure on the table, I used more traditional Grinch-green stuff. Here are some tricks you can use to represent an idea. For example, red and green represent the established Christmas colors. But add chartreuse green, and the table takes on a different mood – in this case, a moody one!

I used a Vietnamese red plate with lots of white dots on a white table. I didn’t use placemats or chargers to prevent the perimeter of the table from competing with the centerpiece. Sometimes, a small decoration can make a table stand out.

Grinch Themed Table Decorations

Birthdayexpress Dr. Seuss The Grinch Party Assiettes Plates (24)

Vietri no longer makes these dinner plates, but here are links to other Vietri dinner plates that would work well on the Grinch’s table. Then you can use it in different ways for other tables.

I found some amazing red and green paper towels that worked well for this Grinch table. If you want to use fabric, look for green polka-dotted fabric instead of fabric with numbers or Grinch faces. This chart creates a scary Grinch without using the Grinch.

Grinch Themed Table Decorations

The last thing I like to add to this table is the red cups. It’s nice and neat, and it’s the final touch to pull off a stunning table. To get this look for your table, use a clear red glass instead of a dark or dark colored one. The red Vietnamese glasses are discontinued, but there is a line to be seen.

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Diy Grinch Themed Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas Eve Christmas Table Christmas Table He saw the Grinch’s headquarters at HomeGoods and sent me a picture and I told him nothing else matched it and he moved on. But then I looked in the Williams Sonoma catalog and found these salad plates and immediately called him to see if the Grinch head was still there! Lucky for us, it was!

Grinch Themed Table Decorations

I just love the salad plate and the Grinch design, the people around the circle are so cute!

Fiesta dinner plate with colorful shamrock. I bought them at Macys a few years ago.

Grinch Themed Table Decorations

The Grinch Mason Jars, Christmas Mason Jars, Christmas Décor, The Grinch Centerpiece, The Grinch Table Décor, Holiday Centerpiece, Whoville

This stone charger or dinner plate comes from The Store. I like the plate, I have the blue one too. The design is called Cambria. It’s the perfect size to be a dinner plate or a charger plate, I like plates that have a lot of variety.

I love this beautiful green space. It is made of solid type. I bought it a few years ago but can’t remember where.

Grinch Themed Table Decorations

Milano The red material is Ginkgo International LePrix. I’ve had this set for years but I’m still sold. I’m not sure where I bought it. I bought the red table online from Amazon.

Grinch Viewing Party

I used my red Waterford Marquis Brookside cups for this table. I bought them at HomeGoods a few years ago. If you read my blog you saw this cup in one of the tables. I think when I first started entertaining at the table, a set of red cups was one of my first purchases. It can be used several times a year. I bought a green cup at Pier 1 a few years ago. I really like the design of these two cups and the colors are perfect for this table.

Grinch Themed Table Decorations

The red bell ring came from Pier 1 a few years ago and the red and green blanket also came from there.

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I bought these bubble glass card holders online last year but can’t remember where. At the back there is a small hole where flowers can be placed.

Grinch Themed Table Decorations

Grinch Punch + Party Cups

I found this salt and pepper shaker on Amazon last week. The table runner was made by someone on Etsy, I love the polka dots!

I saw this metal tree at Smith’s (a store in Salt Lake City) while I was on vacation earlier this month, it really reminded me of the Grinch and it was perfect for a Grinch themed table. Come on!

Grinch Themed Table Decorations

To see my 160+ designs including 13 more Christmas designs please click here. If you’re on Facebook, join my Tablescape Ideas group! Just click on the Facebook search box at the top of the page and type in Tablescape Comments. Don’t miss my Tablescaping How-To section at the top of this blog for more tablescape tips.Wow! Can you believe it’s day 10 of the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop? Days gone by. I don’t think I’ve ever had 12 posts in a row before and it’s been a lot of work but all these projects have been fun. Not to mention that my house looks great. This is one of my favorites and I can’t wait for my family to arrive on Christmas Day at this Grinch Christmas table.

Grinch Party Food And Drink Ideas

I had so much fun putting it together. It’s cute and colorful and includes my Grinch wine glasses and fun Grinch inspired table decorations that I put together.

Grinch Themed Table Decorations

If you want to make your own Grinch crafts and decorations then you’ve come to the right place!

Stop by every day from December 1st through the twelfth for new ideas you can use to make your season even better!

Grinch Themed Table Decorations

Super Cute Grinch Themed Party

Everyone is busy as Elves create, paint, cook and make tons of new ideas to try this holiday season!

I don’t usually set up theme settings. It’s always the same old season so I’m excited to change things up this year. These are some of the things you will need to complete the Grinch table. I have included some links for your convenience. You can read my full profile here.

Grinch Themed Table Decorations

I really wanted a green polka dot napkin and table runner and when I saw the fabric I couldn’t resist. Aren’t they full of Grinch glasses?

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The fabric ring was made with pipe cleaners and I used a sharpie pen to circle it and make the actual markings. Another added touch is a candy cane in each and a fun song on the side.

Grinch Themed Table Decorations

I added some clean pipe cleaners to the bottle in the middle. The three bottles are from the dollar store and are beautiful colors. I added the Grinch’s face in green.

The doilies under the Grinch’s glasses make it look lighter. I like the touch again and again.

Grinch Themed Table Decorations

Grinch Christmas Decorations

The golden sheen of the same jewelry matches the golden accessories. It’s fun to play with different metal sounds. There is silver in the plates but it mixes well with the gold.

It’s very interesting. I hope you like it too. What does your desk look like these days?

Grinch Themed Table Decorations

Be sure to visit our fellow 12 Days of Christmas Bloggers below for fresh ideas this holiday season!

Throwing The Perfect Grinchmas Who Ville Party

I also love the Grinch. We are actually having Christmas dinner tomorrow (years eve news) so everyone will be home. So I’m going to post it again and hope they like it.

Grinch Themed Table Decorations

I love the Grinch themed glasses. The table runners and tablecloths are a nice touch. Please share and have a great weekend. We are showing Christmas. It runs every Saturday night at 8pm EST through Friday. We would love you.

Thank you Rhonda. It was fun to make and I can’t wait to use it during Christmas. Thank you for the invitation to the event. I’ll check it out!

Grinch Themed Table Decorations

A Grinchmas Party

Your coffee table is original and different, it should win an award. I love pok-a-dots and swirlies. your table is filled with happiness and joy.

Looks like it’s ready for Wooville! I love the way it brings a sense of humor without it

Grinch Themed Table Decorations

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