Guest Book Table Decoration

Guest Book Table Decoration – Have you ever been to a wedding and realized you didn’t sign the guest book? Or don’t remember being drawn to the wedding guestbook table? This is not something you would want at your own wedding, so here are some tips for creating a stunning guest table that will impress your guests.

A wedding guest book table should be interactive and attract people’s attention. Simply placing a book on the table, with a pen and hoping your guests sign in is not enough to maximize your guest book table. You need to think about the touch points – including things that people need to do that can catch their attention and attract them.

Guest Book Table Decoration

Guest Book Table Decoration

Think about how people can interact and what’s in store for them. Humans like to pick things up and explore because we are curious creatures. Using things and trying things. It wants to attract something that feels exciting. So how exactly can you do this?

Skull Guest Book Sign Wedding Venue Decoration Gothic Alternative Table Decor

I know we’re talking ‘wedding guest book table’ BUT you don’t have to look for books. There are many attractive options today as an alternative. From Jenga blocks, thumbs up to sign vinyl records. Think about something you like as a partner and think about how you can use it. People are always attracted to things that they know have money. You can offer vinyl records for people to register all the songs you like as a couple. You can even get people to write out date ideas for you for your first year of marriage. Or if you are more daring – invite your guests to fill in a list of creative or daring tasks or places to visit together.

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Guest Book Table Decoration

If there is one thing that attracts people more than anything, it is food. Why not have some sweets or treats on your guestbook table to tempt your guests? You can even mix and match your dessert table with your guest book table – hitting two great touch points for your guests in one!

The best thing about this is to consider the placement of each item because you don’t want to have your fingers stuck all over the guest book. Consider sharing forks on one side and giving people a way to help themselves (spoons, napkins, spoons, etc.). You can really style this by using different pitchers or plates and using the height to make it more interesting. Then have your guest book on the other side. You can even put some small signs so people know what it is.

Guest Book Table Decoration

Customisable Guest Book Table Sign Wooden Wedding Rustic Decoration 定期入れの

One of the mistakes that many couples make is where they place the wedding guest table. Often kept in the reception room and left until after the wedding breakfast. However, placing it in the key line of sight after the ceremony is the perfect way to get attention. There is always a gap between the ceremony and the reception so it is the perfect time to give something to your guests. Think of an area where you know everyone will be at that time and post it there. It makes a difference and I guarantee that more people will sign up or write.

Top Tip – If you have drinks after the ceremony – this could be a good place to put them.

Guest Book Table Decoration

So you want to attract your guests to your table so that they come in, take photos or do whatever you like to do. Consider what else you use on the table and how you style it, along with the above, can make all the difference in impressing your guests.

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Reception Guestbook Table Styling By Patson Decor

● Start with what you want to include in the table and work from there as your base. So if you want to have a guest book or another guest book, what else do you need next to it?

Guest Book Table Decoration

● Then think about the type of table you want. Your place will have a table but you don’t have to use it. Just check on all restrictions first. Tie this in with your overall wedding theme and style so if you’re more vintage, can you dress it up? For a boho vibe, you can use a beautiful wooden table or even make your own table.

● Once you know what you have on the table and what type of table you want to use then start thinking about decorations. What does your wedding table look like? Create or add some decorations that enhance your style. Flowers in a small vase, adding some foliage or pampas if you are a boho lover can really make an impact. You want people’s eyes to be drawn to it. Gorgeous fabric can look great thrown over the table. Or if you use a closet or anything with drawers – use it.

Guest Book Table Decoration

Elegant Guest Book Table

● Use dreamy wedding tablecloths to add color to your guestbook table. You can choose pure white tablecloths and table covers in neutral colors that match the theme of the wedding. If you have a beautiful wooden guest book table, just add a chiffon table runner and some faux flowers or greenery like pampas grass stems and scatter them decoratively along with your centerpieces for a throwback look.

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It should be a lot of fun to put it together. There are many ways to style a good guest book table but ultimately you want to think about these things when styling;

Guest Book Table Decoration

● Height and placement – Use different height vases or signage on the table to build impact and create some drama.

Gold Mirror Seating Chart Sign, 3d Elegant Find Your Seat

● Touch Points – Be clear about what you want to accomplish. Use signs to let people know what they can do.

Guest Book Table Decoration

● Line of sight – Place items in an important line of sight to attract people’s attention. Don’t hide the features you want people to focus on behind something else. Decorations will help draw you in but ultimately if it’s a signed book, or an alternative – make sure it’s the center of attention on the table.

There are many ways to create a beautiful guest book table that will really grab the attention of your guests. Consider some of the ideas above and remember that people are always attracted to visual delights and interactive elements. Create intrigue and style.

Guest Book Table Decoration

Wedding Guest Book Signs For Every Aesthetic

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