Guild Decoration Gw2 Table

Guild Decoration Gw2 Table – I have a small guild with a few friends of mine, and one of our favorite things to do is decorate our hall Being decorated as a small guild is a challenge, but we make it work! One thing we like to do is make small rooms and completely decorate areas. Attached is an image of the base library we started building. Unfortunately, as you can see in the picture, with 10 bookshelves, 2 plants, 3 chairs, a table, pedestal and candles, we have already maximized the number of things that can be arranged in this area.

It’s still pretty empty, I want to add more to our library but unfortunately the engine limits the number so much that if I want to put another bookshelf underneath you have to move a candle, plants or chairs etc. Sorry Guild #3, no reading for you!

Guild Decoration Gw2 Table

Guild Decoration Gw2 Table

TLDR; It would be nice if the number of items per area could be increased so that our hard work in decorating can be used to its full potential. Thank you!

Sab Highlights How Bad The Guild Hall Decoration Limit Is

Actually the decoration thing can be done much better, some games can do it in a fun and clever way, why not gw2?

Guild Decoration Gw2 Table

But I’ll leave that decoration scheme in your house instead of GH, the guild halls were a failure, every guild introduced so far is a failure of this game.

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