Handkerchief Table Decorations

Handkerchief Table Decorations – It’s peak tea season, and this month we’re having an Afternoon Tea Party and you’re invited! I had so much fun putting this table together and wanted to share how I made a beautiful tea party for my friends.

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Handkerchief Table Decorations

Handkerchief Table Decorations

If you don’t know about my dinner party, I got together with some blogger friends early last year and we have a monthly dinner party.

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In case you missed them, here are some of my latest ones. You can click the link below any image to view the post.

Handkerchief Table Decorations

Also, a collection of white bowls and a set of bowls/cups that I recently found at a thrift store for $2 each.

I like to create a themed board and start with an inspiration piece that really helps set the tone for your board.

Handkerchief Table Decorations

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Using some old sewing machines and washcloths is even better since many of them belong to my grandmother.

I have a collection of white tablecloths that I have kept for years. Perfection of embroidered or lace borders, adding a great style.

Handkerchief Table Decorations

My farm table is covered with some fabric, then I put a vintage cookie table in the middle. And classic wipes are placed on the table.

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A white dinner plate, then a scalloped salad plate, topped with a cup of white tea and plates in each place.

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Handkerchief Table Decorations

Like I said, I recently found these mugs/cups at a thrift store and I love the cute floral pattern on the bottom of each cup.

And a cast iron plate from my collection is the perfect size to hold the lemon slices on each plate.

Handkerchief Table Decorations

What Is A Handkerchief And What Are They Used For?

A wine press glove is placed on plates on either side of the table, to hold a small item.

Crochet tablecloths and tablecloths have been collected over the years. They are all sold at grocery stores and flea markets at very cheap prices.

Handkerchief Table Decorations

A set of white books I got from Jamie at Books _ Jaysworld used as a cup holder. It was filled with fresh flowers in the middle of my table.

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A few small bouquets from my local shop and pansies from my garden made the perfect arrangement.

Handkerchief Table Decorations

The other three dishes served as my centerpieces. My favorite from my Emma Bridgewater collection. Others are available at the store.

The backs of the white parsons are upholstered in a vintage quilt to complement the theme.

Handkerchief Table Decorations

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And a small wine glass and sugar cup filled with oil and sugar are ready for the guests.

This is an easy and fun table for a Mother’s Day get-together or a gathering of friends.

Handkerchief Table Decorations

Brendt at She Give It A Go, behind the tour. He’s our guest this month and we’re delighted to have him join us. You won’t want to miss her classic outfit for a tea party!

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Click on the link below each photo to see each beautiful table. Lots of inspiration here!!

Handkerchief Table Decorations

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