Hardwood Table Serving Boards Decorative

Hardwood Table Serving Boards Decorative – Cutting boards come in many shapes and sizes. They are made of different types of wood and are not only useful pieces in the home but also beautiful pieces to look at. Today I’m excited to share 4 ways to use wooden boards in decorating. I hope the ideas inspire you.

One of my favorite tools in the kitchen is a wooden board. It not only protects your countertop when preparing and cooking in the kitchen, but it also looks beautiful while waiting for the next use. Wood countertops add a warm, rustic feel to any kitchen.

Hardwood Table Serving Boards Decorative

Hardwood Table Serving Boards Decorative

Of course, cutting boards are useful and useful, but have you ever thought about using wooden boards as decoration in your home? To be honest, I never considered it until I found out that I have a collection of tables and do not have enough space to store them.

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You see, there are some items I see at vintage stores or markets that I have a hard time not taking home. These items include (but are not limited to): wooden tables, desks, chairs, and wooden baskets. Some people say I have a problem, I say “Man’s trash is this woman’s treasure.”

Hardwood Table Serving Boards Decorative

I really like my cutting board. Not to the point where I called him or anything crazy like that. But I love them enough that I feel it’s a shame to have them hidden in the closet. Full disclosure, my closet space is pretty much at capacity so it’s not really an option.

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I found myself faced with a dilemma. How do I store my cutting board collection (call it) when not in use? I have several ideas, four to be exact, that I think I You will share with you today. Suddenly, my useful and useful table became a beautiful addition to my decoration around the farm and now I can appreciate them every day.

Hardwood Table Serving Boards Decorative

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When it comes to hanging wooden panels on the wall, different shapes and sizes make the display more interesting. I found this inexpensive and perfect wooden peg system for hanging wooden boards on the wall in our breakfast nook.

Not only does it make a great display, but these are some of my favorite tables to use because of their size and shape. They are properly displayed by the kitchen, so they are easily accessible when I need to use them. Hanging these tables on the wall is one of the most popular ways I’ve shared on Instagram and it’s also one of my favorite things to do on the farm, so it’s number one.

Hardwood Table Serving Boards Decorative

Another great way to display (store) your wood paneling is on the kitchen counter or shelf. You can use one or a few tables grouped with the wall. They make a great backdrop to display other pieces like fruit bowls, books, candles and planters.

Ash Serving Board– Chilled Indigo Lifestore

I like to use my larger cutting board as a riser or table in the middle of my kitchen island. The wood is the perfect contrast to the granite and adds warmth to the space. I usually carry a bag with flowers, candles and fruit in it.

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Hardwood Table Serving Boards Decorative

After falling in love with the warmth that the wooden table adds to the kitchen when I use it as a riser or tray, I tried to make a wooden riser and a wooden farm table. They are surprisingly easy to make and turn out beautiful!

That’s right, I said, “Do it.” I have an incredibly cheap and easy DIY wood cutting board for you. With a scrap wood cutting board, magnets I had left over from a previous project, and a hanging bowl I You slept around the farm, I made a simple woodcutter. You can make your own hanging vase with the inexpensive piece I linked here. Fill a vase with flowers for the season or fill with candles. It makes a beautiful wall decoration for the kitchen or breakfast room.

Hardwood Table Serving Boards Decorative

Giant Charcuterie Board Centerpiece Serving Board Live Edge Wood O

There are three simple pieces; A table, a cupboard or a bowl, and a hanging vase you can make a beautiful DIY cutting board. See with other cutting boards or by yourself in the kitchen and/or living room. It makes a beautiful decoration for yourself or your loved ones.

You can also make your own hanging vase using the mason jar and hanger I linked in my post.

Hardwood Table Serving Boards Decorative

I hope these ideas have inspired you to use some of your wood panels. House in your design. For more home design inspiration, style tips and beautiful simple DIYs, kill God invites you to join me on Pinterest and Instagram. I hope to see you there!

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Hardwood Table Serving Boards Decorative

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