Harvest Table Decor

Harvest Table Decor – I love setting a pretty table, especially in the fall. Since there are so many ways to decorate a dining table this season, I wanted to share some simple ideas for setting a neutral fall table with a timeless centerpiece. It’s a great way to transition summer into fall, especially when pumpkins are still scarce!

While traditionally fall colors are reminiscent of deep oranges, reds and yellows, I believe you can easily evoke the feel of fall by using colors that blend in with existing decor. For this neutral fall table, I chose to focus on neutral linen and white tones with hints of blue and green.

Harvest Table Decor

Harvest Table Decor

While this color palette may not be common for fall, the addition of some fall elements to the table clearly speaks to the season ahead.

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I started by laying a simple linen striped placemat over a soft blue jute placemat. These colors work in my home any season, but when I add a few fall decor touches, they suddenly feel like fall colors.

Harvest Table Decor

Above the tablecloths, I placed a tall wooden basket filled with faux hips, fake pumpkins, and some fun, rustic characters. I’ve repeated the table runner color on some of the smaller pumpkins, which helps pull the look together.

Along the remaining length of the table, I placed a few extra artificial hips, two white ceramic candle holders, and a few more acorns.

Harvest Table Decor

Creating A Fall Harvest Tablescape: Beautiful & Easy

For the flatware, I also used neutral colors, including the “wood” charger, and soft white and gray plates with white cloth napkins.

A small green apple from our tree, with a leaf at the base, completes the tableware and adds a touch of colour.

Harvest Table Decor

This early fall centerpiece will continue for weeks as I wait for the temperatures to cool and the real pumpkins to appear in stores.

How To Set A Cozy Fall Harvest Table

In the meantime, I’ve pulled my fall decor out of the closet and am throwing a few things around the house.

Harvest Table Decor

Stay tuned for some additional gray decor ideas and a few more table settings in the coming weeks, which I hope will inspire you! I decided to make this harvest table knowing I had guests and wanted to do something different. I chose to work with elements and colors that come from nature. There are many different things you can do to decorate your table for fall. All you really have to do is go to your local nursery and find one you like, or go out in the backyard to find different things you can decorate with.

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For me, I like to design my tablescape based on who will be joining me for dinner. I always figure out my guests needs and then style around them. If I have family coming, I always include some of my precious heirlooms, as gathering around a table has always been an age-old tradition of coming together and sharing memories. I include items passed down to me that have mementos from days gone by and other items I’ve recently purchased that I also enjoy using.

Harvest Table Decor

Best Diy Fall Centerpiece Ideas And Decorations For 2022

If I’m having friends over, I usually put things on the table that encourage intimacy, like flowers and candles. I like to have a nice dinner with a cozy feeling. I think it encourages others to feel welcome and brings warmth to my table.

Before setting up my table, I usually choose a theme that I can build around. For me, it’s easier than putting random stuff on my desk. My theme for this table is the fall harvest. Harvest for me means pumpkins, wheat and fall colors like oranges, yellows and different shades of brown. This gives me a starting point where I can determine the colors and textures I want to use for the table. After that, I’m going to buy things I want to take back to my table!

Harvest Table Decor

Always build your table from the outside in. That means, place your plates, silverware, napkins and glasses before designing the centerpiece. The reason? You’d be surprised how many dishes fit on a table when they’re all placed on the set. Once you’ve organized them all, you’ll have a better idea of ​​how much space is left for your final centerpiece design.

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As I said, I prefer to use my heirlooms. I have little foot bowls that my great-grandmother hand-painted and sheets that my mother passed around. I use them all! I know people like to keep them for safekeeping, but I think they should be used when appropriate if you’re careful. What’s better than sharing your stories about everything with your family and friends. I assure you; It will bring conversations, good memories and laughter to your table.

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Harvest Table Decor

Along with heirlooms, I also love to bring in existing table decor that I’ve loved. As time goes by, so do your tastes in design. I love combining traditional modern design with vintage items. The combination of both brings a welcoming feeling.

Instead of flowers, I opted to use a variety of squashes I picked from the local nursery. I also went out to get some pine cones and twigs that I could use in my backyard.

Harvest Table Decor

Beautiful Harvest Decorating Ideas

I love my Warm Pumpkin Velvety Pumpkins. I have a variety of colors, but I chose to use beige and cream colors for this centerpiece. It adds texture to my table and looks just beautiful.

In keeping with the colors from light to dark brown, I chose to paint my large pumpkins with cream colored milk paint. It’s super easy to make and was a fun project I did with my daughter while she was visiting from Washington, DC. It really got him into the holiday spirit too.

Harvest Table Decor

I placed a large pumpkin on the back of a round white pedestal bowl and placed other small objects around it.

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It’s often difficult to fill a round bowl like the one I have in these pictures with things that are round or even square. Often you will have a large gap where you can see the bottom of the bowl and there is no such thing as a full view. You’ll need padding under the pumpkin to stabilize it and ensure the bottom doesn’t show through and look unfinished. I use moss or other types of greens for this purpose. It is very effective to stabilize your design and beautify your layout. You can also place it around the pumpkin for more color if you like.

Harvest Table Decor

The center of your table should be somewhat filled in without too many empty spaces. Place votives and other cute little things here and there to fill out the area and create a welcoming atmosphere. I also lined the pedestal vase with wheat straws I found at the local craft store. I just put them on the table because they were very stable on their own. After that I added extra votives and other small pumpkins.

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Choose a color theme and place it on your table and add pops of color if you like.

Harvest Table Decor

The Best Fall Table Decor And Thanksgiving Food Ideas

My decorative plates with pumpkin variations were my inspiration for this table. I used the colors of these plates and took them to the rest of the table. They were also my inspiration for my soft colors and bright colors. After establishing the color scheme, I was ready to go!

It’s really easy to create a fall-only harvest table. With just a few simple steps, you can create a beautiful table for your guests. Appreciate!

Harvest Table Decor

As with everything I post on my blogs, feel free to comment or if you have any questions, email me through my contact page. I accept any time!

Chinoiserie Harvest Table Setting

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Harvest Table Decor

So, you’ve probably guessed it, but fall is my absolute favorite season.

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