Hawaii Table Decorations

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After our trip to Hawaii with Cindy’s family a few years ago, Janie became fascinated with Hawaii. Not that we can blame her – Hawaii is beautiful and we had an exciting vacation. When we were in Hawaii, we saw some amazing hula performances that fascinated Janie. After that they offered a lesson for the boys and she was the only girl in our group who agreed to go. She spent about 20 minutes with the instructors, but every moment must have been etched inside her because she came home knowing the traditional hula dance and then loved teaching it to others.

Hawaii Table Decorations

Hawaii Table Decorations

After the trip, Janie became obsessed with Nania, the Hawaiian American doll, and the historical context they gave her, loved the movie Moana, especially the soundtrack, and asked for a shave ice machine. She proudly wore her Hawaiian shirt and necklace to school at every opportunity. When it came time to plan Janie’s birthday, throwing a luau was a breeze!

How To Throw A Hawaiian Themed Party

We used Hawaiian Luau table runners to decorate the party (I bought four of these runners to cover the mantelpiece and the table we put the TV on, plus two guest tables). These tissue paper flower garlands really add to the holiday spirit. They look like they have a mix of greens and flowers and help the room feel festive when hung over our regular living room furniture.

Hawaii Table Decorations

Each table included a disposable paper plate and a festive Hawaiian flower napkin. I gave each girl one of these coco plastic cups decorated with a straw and a paper flower (created with my Silhouette electronic cutter). The coconut bowls looked adorable, but they weren’t the most practical option. We gave them perforated glasses instead, as the lids came off easily and were easy to pour. If I had to do that party again, I would probably go for natural coconut bowls as they don’t mean much and add great texture to the party decor.

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I found some fun designs at the Silhouette Design Store (flowers, pineapples, palm trees, snow cones, tropical leaves, and hula dancers) and used my Silhouette Cameo electronic cutter to create paper craft pieces for this party. I love making paper flowers. I added a centerpiece to the various flower cutouts and found some colorful stars to add to the simple layered flower to create the hibiscus. I also played around with the hula design so my hula girl had blonde hair to look like Janie. If you don’t have a cutter, you can use ready-made designs like this Tiki Party Cutout Kit or the Hibiscus Party Cutout Kit . Party Buddy offers a printable kit for summer party decorations. This Hawaiian luau party game from Punky Prep is another adorable option for additional party items.

Hawaii Table Decorations

Decorations — Islanders Luau

I created the centerpieces using skewers and a styrofoam flower square placed in a white painted box. I glued the cutouts to both sides of the skewer and glued the end to the foam. You can also place decorated sticks in jars or glasses with weight.

We found fun Hawaiian music to play while we ate and socialized at the party. I find that with kids, especially at this age when they’re relatively new to parties, playing upbeat music at a medium volume, even a song or two they might recognize from, say, the Moana soundtrack, makes the party more engaging.

Hawaii Table Decorations

We serve pizza (including Janie’s favorite Hawaiian food), as well as a tropical fruit salad and a simple vegetarian side dish. In the older group, we may have served traditional luau food, but this menu was perfect for this group of guests.

Easy Hawaiian Luau Party Ideas

What luau party would be complete without Hawaiian ice chips!?! Janie was really obsessed with the idea of ​​serving shave ice at her party. We bought a cheap electric ice maker. At first, Janey wanted to show her friends how she can make ice chips, but with eight girls serving us, we were afraid things wouldn’t go so well. Instead, we broke ice in the kitchen and brought the girls one by one plastic bowls of crushed ice (paper cones are adorable, but more outdoorsy). Janey then helped us at her little syrup stand. It still gave it the feel of a shave ice stand, kept guests separated so they didn’t add syrups at the same time, and kept the girls a little excited (without too much of a mess!). Note: Jelly Belly syrups have apparently been discontinued by the manufacturer, but any shaved ice syrup or even fruit juice if you want to go the healthy route will work.

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Hawaii Table Decorations

The adorable shave ice bucket was something Cindy made for her kids to sell lemonade. It was made from 4 painted wooden boxes, with the addition of a table and pegs to hang the banner. Alternating the direction of the drawers gave it structure and made some large shelves to expose the syrups.

The cupcakes were just yellow glazed cupcakes ordered from our local grocery store bakery. With the addition of pineapple tops, they are instantly perfect for a luau party.

Hawaii Table Decorations

Dusty Blue Wedding Inspiration

Going into the party, Janey really wanted to teach all her friends how to hula. We were a bit apprehensive about whether he could hold the full attention of his guests or make it exciting. We couldn’t find hula lessons for the parties, and I didn’t really get a chance to lead the hula dance. We found a DVD called “Real Hula Lessons for Kids” and after Janie watched it a few times, she decided it was worth showing to her party. We didn’t play all the videos, but probably about 2/3 of the dance classes and all those 1st graders had a blast.

They looked adorable in hula ensembles that included: a grass skirt, a lei with a flower around the neck, a headband and bracelets. Each guest brought home all of their hula items in a fun and colorful tote bag with a Hawaiian hibiscus print.

Hawaii Table Decorations

Watching the girls hula dance in their hula outfits was a highlight of the party. Janie had fun playing Hawaiian luau with her friends. Even two years later, as she counts down the weeks until her next vacation to Hawaii, she remembers the party fondly.

Tropical Boho Table And Decor

I am currently at home with three children (Clara aka Scout, Janie and Cullen) from Issaquah, Washington. I love celebrating life and am drawn to party planning, paper crafting and decorating as a creative outlet. When planning parties, I try to be frugal and resourceful, with the aim of reusing as much as possible, trying to make each celebration unique. For me, it’s less about throwing the perfect celebration that costs a fortune, but finding ways to make a big impact on a realistic budget.

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Hawaii Table Decorations

April 29 Cinco de Mayo Party with Zoom April 25 Explosion at FIVE!! – Cosmic Birthday Party Planning a new party theme for the warm season? Relaxed and tropical, the Hawaiian luau is perfect for all ages. Check out some of our favorite products to help you create the perfect event.

Instantly transform your room into a tropical paradise. Includes 10″ x 4′ Aloha banner, 14″ x 4′ metal Aloha banner, 6′ palm tree, three 17″ art fabric parrots, 2 palm tree strips, three art fabric pineapples 12”, eight 16” Art-Tissues Fish Cutouts, eight 20″ Luau Cutouts, a 24″ Tropical Fish Waterfall, and twelve 17″ Exotic Bird Cutouts.

Hawaii Table Decorations

How To Throw An Outdoor Luau Party This Summer

Have a hula competition at your luau party! Hand out green grass hula skirts to everyone and start dancing! They also come with a floral belt. Waist 36″, length 32″.

Don’t forget to fill your luau with some tropical dress accessories like floral baseball caps or neon visors. They will also keep you cool and protect you from the sun!

Hawaii Table Decorations

Greet your friends with colorful leis that are easy and fun to make. Glitter paper flowers are intertwined on a plastic cord. Includes pre-cut sulfite paper flowers, plastic lace, large plastic beads and instructions. You can also view the range of prepared laws here.

Luau Party Decorations Aloha Summer Party Supplies Luau Aloha Balloon Arch Hawaii Table Skirt 9 Feet Aloha Banner And Palm Leaves For Tropical Summer Hawaii Birthday Party Decoration

Our 9-foot natural raffia table skirt is a great accent to any tropical party. Don’t forget to add a hanging flower garland for the finishing touch!

Hawaii Table Decorations

Set the mood for your luau! Assemble six individual sections for a great luau tiki column decoration over 5 feet tall. Made of durable cardboard and measures 12′ W x 5′ 7-1/4″ high.

Palm trees are the perfect addition to a luau party. to be

Hawaii Table Decorations

It’s A Luau Party🌸🌴

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