He Is Risen Table Decor

He Is Risen Table Decor – Make your own Easter napkins with these simple rustic Easter decorations using a Cricut knife and a blade.

After Christmas, Easter is my favorite holiday. For Christians, the resurrection of Christ is the foundation of our faith. Without it, nothing else would matter.

He Is Risen Table Decor

He Is Risen Table Decor

That’s why I like to keep Jesus at the center of Easter. After all, He is the reason we celebrate this holiday. It doesn’t take long to add a few elegant Christ-centered decorations to your Easter table.

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With the help of Cricut, I made easy and simple He is Risen Easter napkins and tablecloths. The religious Easter table decoration is perfect with this rustic wooden Easter table decoration that I made last year.

He Is Risen Table Decor

With just a few simple steps, you can have beautiful rustic Christian Easter decorations in the form of Cricut napkins to add a true Easter meaning to your dining table.

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He Is Risen Table Decor

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Easter napkins are made with Cricut Maker. If you want to learn more about what this machine can do, be sure to read the Cricut Maker review.

You can find the Cricut napkin project in the Cricut Design Space here, or you can design one at CDS.

He Is Risen Table Decor

Also, if you’re new to CDS, be sure to check out my Cricut Design Space 101 tutorial series to get started.

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Easter Table Printables And Ideas

Insert a cross or two rectangles and weld them. Use the “draw” function font (upper left) to add text to the cross.

He Is Risen Table Decor

Use your cursor to place a square around the text and slash and click “attach” in the bottom left.

In the preview screen, make sure to move the crosshairs up and down a bit, as the cluster won’t start at 0-0. I usually put them around 1 inch and 1 inch.

He Is Risen Table Decor

Beautiful Easter Table Decor

I have a video of the next steps to cutting Easter napkins at the top or side of the post if that’s an easier way to visualize things. Be sure to turn up the volume for more instructions!

Place a piece of cardboard on a sturdy pad about 1/2 inch from each side. Tape it with blue painter’s tape.

He Is Risen Table Decor

Insert the pen into the pencil groove and the blade into the cut point. Move the white rollers to each side.

Yusdecor Easter He Is Risen With Religious Bible Verse Table Runner Home Decor For Home Kitchen Wedding Party Banquet Decoration 16×72 Inch

Select “heavy board” from the drop-down settings box. Put on your pads when prompted and let Cricut do the work!

He Is Risen Table Decor

I used glue dots to attach the crosses to napkins that I already had. Simply dab a dot of glue on the napkin.

I wanted my homemade Christian Easter decorations to look a bit dated, so I painted the edges with distressed ink.

He Is Risen Table Decor

Easy, Elegant Easter Table Decor Ideas & Entertaining Blog Tour

To make personal Easter paraphernalia, I simply cut the words “I really rose again” from vinyl on iron (mirror setup). Remove excess vinyl and apply on an individual rug.

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I used personal items I already had, but you can find some at the dollar store or make your own!

He Is Risen Table Decor

I set my temperature to 315F and pressed the front for 30 seconds, then turned it over and pressed the back for 15 seconds and they were done!

He Is Risen

If you want to learn more about EasyPress 2, be sure to watch my video review of EasyPress.

He Is Risen Table Decor

I love how all my rustic Easter decorations come together on this DIY table I created. Nothing fancy. Simple, elegant and celebrates the true meaning of Easter.

Like I said, Christ-centered Easter decorations don’t have to be expensive or difficult to make.

He Is Risen Table Decor

Green And White Easter Table Setting

I add my carved wine glasses on top of a slice of wood and use my wooden Easter cross box as the focal point.

If you need more Easter inspiration, be sure to check out my collection of 50+ DIY Easter decorating ideas.

He Is Risen Table Decor

If you’d like to save this Christian Easter decorating tutorial for later use, be sure to hover over the top left of the image below and the IT PIN now.

Simple Modern Easter Entertaining Ideas

Can this project be done on Cricut Explore Air 2? Can I use Deep Point Blade and Housing? Thank.

He Is Risen Table Decor

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