Hippie Party Decor Table Cloth

Hippie Party Decor Table Cloth – It’s crazy that Ren is the one! I always give 1 big birthday party to my kids. I want to do that. Ren’s party was difficult to moderate because of Covid (insert eye roll emoji here.) I hosted the party at our house and kept the guest list under 30 to accommodate our high risk family. So, I make it as beautiful and fun as I can. I will link where all the decorations can be purchased after the pictures. Also, at the end you will see a little photo shoot with some tie dye kids.

Originally created by myself. I used a balloon machine to fly the balloons, tie them in pairs and connect them with fishing line. I’m stuck

Hippie Party Decor Table Cloth

Hippie Party Decor Table Cloth

And it’s metallic tinsel on my fabric, layer by layer until it’s all over. I used different lengths to give a nice fringe.

A Dreamcatcher Birthday Party

Almost all the sweets are from T.J.Maxx. They always have good options when you want to do all kinds of food. Others are from Wal-Mart.

Hippie Party Decor Table Cloth

Honeycomb Balls // Vase and Lavender from Hobby Lobby // 12 Month Photo Set // Layer different lengths of streamer and decorate the fringe streamer myself

In all the chaos, I forgot to take a picture of the dye table! So, the pictures below are some kids in tie dye shirts at the park!

Hippie Party Decor Table Cloth

Retro Hippie Bachelorette Party

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