Hobby Lobby Coffee Table Decor

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Making vignettes and displays on the 4th of July is so much fun! This is how I made my patriotic coffee table decor.

Hobby Lobby Coffee Table Decor

Hobby Lobby Coffee Table Decor

Are you decorating your home for the 4th of July? I usually make a small ornament for this holiday. We usually host a cookout followed by a great fire display on the lake. Usually, last year, these festivals were cancelled. I’m excited to be able to celebrate with family and friends again!

Diy Farmhouse Style Stenciled Hobby Lobby Buffalo Check Kitchen Linens

Usually most of my red, white and blue decorations are outside, like my 4th of July porch. This year I worked and made things that I could use inside.

Hobby Lobby Coffee Table Decor

Last week, I shared with you how to make bound bookends and a simple patriotic pinwheel wreath. I love making seasonal decorations that won’t break the bank.

Recently, I visited my local Hobby Lobby store. I was so excited when I saw this little red car!

Hobby Lobby Coffee Table Decor

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After sending Jen this picture, she confirmed it was perfect! Lucky for me – it’s the 4th of July with less decorations. By the way, on this visit to Hobby Lobby – all the fall decorations were already on display. One of the workers told me that the next day they will start putting up the Christmas decorations 😳 Can you believe it?

I picked up furniture and decorations that I thought would be good for my patriotic display. Later I used:

Hobby Lobby Coffee Table Decor

It only takes a few minutes to make a Patriotic coffee table. I hope you were inspired in some way today. Jen and I would love to see what you do!

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Patriotic Stamped Book Stack Patriotic 4th of July Porch Spring Green Coffee Table Decor Easy Patriotic Pinwheel Wreath Want to see something random?! I hate pumpkin spice lattes. It’s true, it’s true. And I know that hate is a strong word, but it’s very fair. This weekend, I was at Starbucks and everyone around me seemed to be enjoying pumpkin pie and I couldn’t get into them. No. Atty. Everything. And to be honest, I don’t like sweet things. Unless it’s pumpkin bread, but otherwise

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Hobby Lobby Coffee Table Decor

Pumpkin-y and sometimes I don’t like it. Anyway, I’m getting involved or boring you to death, so let’s move on. Today, I’m so excited to share some cute decorations in our front room. I made it this weekend and I have to say- I absolutely love it. Honestly, I don’t know if I’ve ever loved this room more than I do now, and that’s saying a lot. I think the pops of orange and black are the only thing that really makes me happy, which is a surprise for this unique love girl. But it looks nice and you know I need some comfort. I took about 4281 photos, so grab your coffee and enjoy!

You may remember the pumpkin pillow from last year. Isn’t it so beautiful? I was excited to take it out of storage and use it again this year. It just makes me happy.

Hobby Lobby Coffee Table Decor

Thrifty And Chic

I put a bunch of my old bags and that cute wicker basket in front of that old screen door to make something fun. Then I use a small clay pot (

) for a pop of fall color in this corner. And of course, I have to get some fresh sunflowers because they always remind me of fall.

Hobby Lobby Coffee Table Decor

My idea for this room is to create two focal points: one on the table and one in the corner by the door. I wanted to keep everything else simple. So for this coffee table, I just added some faux fall flowers, a small wooden pumpkin, and that old pottery. I love the dark orange in that pot – I think it’s perfect for fall.

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I’m looking forward to how this room looks in the fall and I’m so excited to put it together. I think the pops of color really bring this space to life and I want to sit here all day with a cup of coffee and a good magazine. Maybe a brownie. Can a girl dream right? But I don’t have 981,702 other things to do and three little people to look after. But in my mind, I was there. And so are you!

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Hobby Lobby Coffee Table Decor

Thank you very much for coming today. And while you’re here you can stop by these other fall posts for some more ideas: I’m so excited to share how to make a farmhouse Christmas. This is a fun activity for the holidays.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to decorate my house in Christmas style for the holidays. This is the first year I’ve decorated our whole house for Christmas and I’ve been thinking about it for months. Our home style is farmhouse and/or market square. I love chippy white vintage items and want to continue this style for the holidays.

Hobby Lobby Coffee Table Decor

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Although I knew I had to buy a lot of decorations, I dreamed of creative ideas to give our home a personal Christmas feel. I love to craft and I know where I need to go to find my holiday decorations and craft supplies. Many craft stores inspire me to create. One trip to our local craft store and my crafting and decorating dreams came true.

For this project I was able to decorate two rooms in our house; Our dining room and family room. I recently decided that I want to make beautiful things that represent our family and the year 2017. I made a list of words that I think are very important to our family and feel It’s fun to try something new… clay decorations! You can find a full tutorial on how to do it here.

Hobby Lobby Coffee Table Decor

I really enjoy making beautiful things. On my shopping trip to the hardware store, I found air-hardened modeling clay that dries in two days! I bought a package that contains 50 pieces. All you have to do is roll out the clay, cut out a shape with a cookie cutter, add a hole with a wooden skewer, and secure. a word with a small stamp.

Cozy Home Fall Decor Finds From Hobby Lobby

I wanted to create a farmhouse theme for the winter in our living room so I put up decorations. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy shopping for jewelry and crafts. There are so many that fit my theme and I’m having a hard time deciding! I went through the pages for about an hour until I picked up the supplies to make these two sticks and the pompom stick. (I bought five strings of black paper mache sticks and pompom balls to make each tree. They were less than $10.00 each!) And these wreaths are amazing.

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Hobby Lobby Coffee Table Decor

I wanted to keep my table nice and have a roll of paper printed with musical notes to use as a runner. Then I went to the faux flower section (which I had memorized by heart) and grabbed some faux eucalyptus and sheep ears. I wanted a glass jar so I went to the pottery store and bought the biggest jars they had. The last thing I got for the center were the white Christmas balls. I figured if they didn’t fit in the container I could use them anywhere in the room!

Behind each seat, I had eight pairs of lace-up shoes. I tied them with white ribbon. Don’t you think it would be fun to fill this with little things on Christmas Day?

Hobby Lobby Coffee Table Decor

How To Style A Farmhouse Christmas

I couldn’t decide what to do for the place cards, so I used some leftover clay (that I kept in a plastic bag) and made some little decorations with their names. we are family above them.

I decided to put a tree in our dining room and this is the first! I thought I would decorate it with my vintage decorations but all I needed were poinsettias, eucalyptus and white pearls from the craft store.

Hobby Lobby Coffee Table Decor

In our family room, I chose a red, white and burlap farmhouse theme. Considering our family room is all white and gray, the pink is amazing!

How To Determine Your Home Décor Style

I got the red panels first and then added the burlap charges. Can you believe that the plates are actually plastic? I loved it!

Hobby Lobby Coffee Table Decor

Then I got the red and white pieces. face

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