Hobby Lobby Decorative Table Top Trays

Hobby Lobby Decorative Table Top Trays – When Valentine’s Day weekend was over, I took down all of my Valentine’s Day decorations. I looked down at my now empty tiered tray and thought, “What now?” I figured even though Easter is about seven weeks away, I still wasn’t ready to get out the Easter bunnies and eggs. I would make a winter themed tiered tray but all my winter flowers are stuffed with Christmas decor and there are nothing left in the stores; Everyone has already left for spring. So, while it doesn’t make much financial sense since the decor on this tray will likely only last a few weeks, I decided to go with a farm theme for my tiered tray. And I’m so glad I did because I honestly think it’s my favorite subject ever! Although my house is “large scale”, I live on a farmland and see cows and other animals almost every day; So I think it fits my farm theme pretty well!

EVERYTHING you see on this tray, including the tray itself, was purchased from Hobby Lobby. All of this is part of the spring collection, which can usually be found at the front of the store.

Hobby Lobby Decorative Table Top Trays

Hobby Lobby Decorative Table Top Trays

The top tier of the tray has a galvanized sign that I hung on top of the tray. I also put up a small ceramic house. I only noticed when I got home that the house also lights up, I think it’s really nice!

Mason Jar Decor Centerpiece (flowers Optional) Distressed Antique Wood Tray Handles, 3 Ball Painted Pint Jars, Kitchen Table Decor, Gift

I placed a ceramic cow on the left side of the house and a stone bird on a cupcake stand on the right.

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Hobby Lobby Decorative Table Top Trays

On the bottom tier of this side of the tray I placed a ceramic pig and a miniature milk jug. I always use painted wooden blocks to hold the items on the tray.

To the left of the pig I placed another electroplated miniature and then filled it with ivy and pink flowers to match the pink pig.

Hobby Lobby Decorative Table Top Trays

Decorating With Tiered Trays

In the third and last section I have a blue and white ceramic plate that also has a cow on it. In the bowl I placed an old jello mold I already had and then filled in the gaps with ivy.

On the top step of the third side I placed a galvanized metal container and filled it with ivy and white flowers. He is sitting next to the bird on the cake stand.

Hobby Lobby Decorative Table Top Trays

You can find all of these items at your local hobby lobby store, except for the old-fashioned jelly mold. The top tray that the tiered tray sits on is from Ikea.

Rustic Wood Tray Set

I smile every time I walk into my dining room and see my pawn. I’m so glad I spent the money to decorate my tray during those last gloomy winter months leading up to Easter.

Hobby Lobby Decorative Table Top Trays

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