Hobby Lobby Easter Table Decorations

Hobby Lobby Easter Table Decorations – See how you like jewelry and go shopping with me. I thought I would share with you my latest product for Easter lobby decor for 2021. There were so many cute new Easter items that I couldn’t help myself and probably spent more time dreaming up Easter decor ideas. But what is new! Super cute Easter pillows from Easter bunnies to Easter eggs. Consider my special Easter 2021 tour for you…

This little bunny with a blue checkered background gets me every time! It’s like he just wants to go home with me. I have found her on towels, pillows, plates and signs and she is irresistible!

Hobby Lobby Easter Table Decorations

Hobby Lobby Easter Table Decorations

Wooden bead embellishments with tassels are my jam. I love combining these colors for spring and Easter decorations throughout the house. I use candles, trays, stacks of books, vases, etc.

New Hobby Lobby Easter Spring Wood Easter Bunny Gnomes X 3 Ornaments Decor

I noticed that a few decorative pieces this year were brought over from last year. But I hope they continue to bring out the bunny spatula worth every year! Its display in the kitchen is very beautiful!

Hobby Lobby Easter Table Decorations

Hobby Lobby has more beautiful pillows than one person can decorate with. This one came out and shouted, “How beautiful am I?”

Small boards with shelves are suitable for decorating bookshelves and small spaces around the house. Yes, we can make them too, so I’d love to see all the Hobby Lobby inspiration on the shelves!

Hobby Lobby Easter Table Decorations

Easy Easter Tablescape

It is a beautiful plate that you can use to decorate the Easter table! Did you miss the 23 beautiful Easter table decoration ideas shared here on the blog? So many beautiful ideas!

Sometimes we get busy and forget to decorate the outside of the house. This metal bunny looks like a great way to add some seasonal spirit to your front door walk. You can get smiles from UPS, FedEx, USPS, and more because they enjoy your decorations!

Hobby Lobby Easter Table Decorations

Easter signs are another fun way to celebrate someone’s birthday! Consider adding space to your yard. You can also make your own day!

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Vintage Box Spring Vignette

All three of my favorite brands in one place! I can’t believe it! It’s a decorative trifecta! Buffalo, leopard and floral checks are on the move and all make me smile. The Hobby Lobby was filled with decorations shared by all three designs. I’m in love!

Hobby Lobby Easter Table Decorations

Well, what do you think? I love all things bison decor and am so glad to have an online community here where we share daily. Easter is a wonderful time to start getting bright, springy decorations. So the question is, will you be heading to your local hobby lobby or online to pick out your Easter items for 2021?

Easter Decoration Video for Hobby Lobby 2021 If you want to watch the whole decoration video, click here.

Hobby Lobby Easter Table Decorations

Amy’s Creative Pursuits: Easter Metal Tier Tray

P.S. Don’t forget to check out the deals while you’re there! I’ve shared my top 7 ways to save at Hobby Lobby in a post here. Don’t forget to pick up the Hobby Lobby cheat sheet too!

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Hobby Lobby Easter Table Decorations

Plus, if you want to see more Easter ideas, you should check out this post. After a long winter, the joy of warm, sunny days, new flowers, blooming trees, new life, and Easter celebration is “contagious”…don’t you agree!?

Hobby Lobby Christmas Decor 2023 (video Tour)

New Life ~ This was my inspiration behind this rustic vintage box design decorating project. You see, I like to bring new life to old finds, scraps, and other common and ugly things…things like construction scrap, junk. -Matching sets, etc… From storage, to decorations – rustic wooden boxes can meet any need you may have. I’ve used a wooden box as a storage box for my children’s story books, I’ve used it to add vertical display space for a coffee table, as a center table, and to store small gifts around my Christmas centerpiece! Decorative Project I will show you two different ways to create a spring themed painting design. PERFECT FOR AN ENTRY TABLE, KITCHEN ISLAND CENTERPIECE OR HANGING ON A DISPLAY WALL! Yes!…that’s right, you can hang these boxes on your walls! I hope this spring decorating idea helps you totally “think outside the box” (ha!) when it comes to giving VINTAGE FINDS new life! 🙂

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Hobby Lobby Easter Table Decorations

These pre-recorded LIVE DIY Spring Decorations are brought to you by the “My Sweet Home Group” on Facebook!

If you like this Vintage Box – Spring Vignette Project, please leave a comment at the bottom of this post and browse God with me on the Design & Create team for more inspiration to decorate your home on a budget!

Hobby Lobby Easter Table Decorations

Cozy Home Fall Decor Finds From Hobby Lobby

Tags: Classic Box, Bunny Decorations, Rabbit, Easter Decorations, Easter Decorations, Hobby Lobby, Rustic, Beautiful Decorations, Spring, Spring Decorations, Spring Colorful, Colorful Decorations, Wingate, Vintage Your Easter Breakfast Table pick up If you’re looking for cute Easter table ideas, you’ve come to the right place! Check out my Easter look below…

Easter is one of my favorite holidays to share table decorations with you all! We have thousands of recipes and ideas for decorating the Easter table in the archive, but the Easter table can be a favorite!

Hobby Lobby Easter Table Decorations

For Easter brunch, I love setting a beautiful table full of fresh flowers, pastel colors, and lots of Easter bunnies!

Fall Tables Two Ways

What I love about this Easter site is that it appeals to all ages. It’s fun for the kids and so cute to enjoy at an Easter brunch.

Hobby Lobby Easter Table Decorations

For fun (for both kids and adults), add some flavoring to each area. It can be as simple as a chocolate bunny (I did this for my rustic chic Easter table) or little pastel jelly bags like I did this Easter!

You can have bright plates and simple and clean salad plates. no problem! Mix and match and let’s add a “sparkle” or two and a color or pattern to any Easter table!

Hobby Lobby Easter Table Decorations

Beautiful Easter Tablescape

I love adding ceramic bunnies to my Easter table whenever I can. They look beautiful among the pots of spring flowers.

Add some greens (I use cuttings in my garden) to run down the center of the ceramic tiles.

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Hobby Lobby Easter Table Decorations

Place decorative Easter eggs in the open holes between your bunnies and flowers. Add candles or small votives and you have a beautiful Easter centerpiece!

Serendipity Refined Blog: Spring Flower Basket Easter Table Centerpiece

After Easter, you can simply pick up the bunnies and eggs and preserve the area until spring.

Hobby Lobby Easter Table Decorations

As you can see, I have only three vases on the table. I used vases I already had and they look perfect for Easter! You can make large arrangements or use vegetable pots for small pots.

For another Easter table decoration idea, you can decorate fruit and flowers like I did here and carry bunnies and eggs!

Hobby Lobby Easter Table Decorations

He Is Risen Cross Decor

The pink glasses are made by Mosser Glass (one of my favorite cake companies) and can be found here. They are beautiful and classy! He gave me and my mother the white glasses he found in an antique shop.

I hope you are inspired to create and many Easter table decoration ideas! I hope I’ve shown you how simple and easy it is to use things you already have along with some beautiful accessories to decorate your Easter table. Home!

Hobby Lobby Easter Table Decorations

Neil and I have dinner at our table every night, so I wanted something light. These table decorations are simple, but they just add Easter joy to our home.

The Most Obvious Easter Decorations No One Uses

I used an 8.5″ piece of natural wood block (from Hobby Lobby). I folded under the end to 41.5 inches long. I try not to cut the ax so that I can use it again and again for different purposes. I laugh!

Hobby Lobby Easter Table Decorations

I bought this cute bunny from T.J. Max I just love his sweet voice Neil was with me (on lunch) and he was actually selected from the group

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